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Enter for a Chance to Win a FREE Granite Gear Crown2 60L Backpack

Granite Gear Crown2 Backpack
Granite Gear Crown2 Backpack

The Granite Gear Crown 2 Backpack is a roll-top, multi-day backpack with an optional top lid pocket. An upgrade to the first generation V.C. Crown 60 backpack (See Best Ultralight Backpacks), this new model includes large zippered hip belt pockets, an optional top lid, and adjustable-length hip belt. These are all improvements on the previous V.C. Crown 60 and make the Crown 2 nearly perfect for overnight and multi-day backpacking in a wide range of locales and conditions. See my Granite Gear Crown2 60L Gear Review for more details about this fine ultralight backpack.

Deadline to Enter

The deadline to enter this raffle is Monday, October 9, 2017, at midnight PST.


  • All raffle entrants will have one chance to win.
  • Raffle entrants who submit more than one entry will be disqualified.
  • The item being raffled a unisex Granite Gear Crown2 60 backpack, with an MSRP of $199.95.
  • The winner will be selected randomly from all valid entries and notified by email. Failure to respond to email in 3 days may result in prize forfeiture.
  • The winner will be notified by email and listed on our Raffle Winners page.
  • Please keep everything rated G.
  • The prize winners may live anywhere.
  • If you have any questions, leave a comment.

To Enter

To enter this random raffle for a chance to win a free  Crown2 60 backpack, answer the following question in a comment below. One entry per person only. Brevity is appreciated.

  • What extra gear, clothing, or supplies do you pack on backpacking trips, even though it is seldom used?

Note: there’s nothing wrong with carrying extra gear, I do it all the time. We just want to know what extras you bring.

Example Responses

Example 1:

  • SPOT Satellite Communicator, 4 x extra AA lithium batteries, extra headlamp, emergency blanket, first aid kit, gear repair kit, extra soft bottle.

Example 2:

  • Emergency painkillers, SAM splint, Antibiotics, Rehydration salts, ace bandage, signal mirror, whistle, extra bic lighter, wash cloth

Answer the question for a chance to win. Brevity is appreciated.

  • What extra gear, clothing, or supplies do you pack on backpacking trips, even though it is seldom used?

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  1. Delorme inreach, emergency medical kit, gear repair, rain pants,cat spade

  2. I pack moleskin, my kobo ereader, and a decent sized fixed blade knife.

  3. First aid kit, mini multitool (gerber dime), way too much snacks, 3 aaa-batteries for headlamp

  4. sketchbook and a drawing pencil, a small extra pocketknife, gear repair stuff, matches, 3 AAA batteries, an extra platypus softbottle

  5. Extra pair reading glasses–I’d be sunk if I broke or lost my regular pair.
    Down puffy, even in summer. The weather could turn cold and it makes a nice pillow.
    Extra lithium batteries, evem if I just put new ones in.
    Additional headlight and often another light.
    More cord than I need.
    More water bottles–I almost had to cut a backpacking trip short due to two leaking water bladders. Fortunately, I panhandled a couple water bottles from passing hikers.
    Microfiber cloths.
    Too many layers of shirts and a hat too many–sometimes I can’t make up my feeble mind and take both of whatever I was deciding between.
    A couple extra tent pegs.
    Too much snack stuff–I don’t snack much while I’m hiking.
    Too many plastic bags and ziplocks.

    It’s no wonder I had 9 procedures on my back and neck in two years!

  6. Shamma sandals for camp and fishing, a battery pack so I can read on my phone at night or listen to an audio book and not worry about phone dying, a fanny pack to hold my tenkara gear. Sometimes a cheap inflatable donut to floating on the lake or snow tubing in early season. Maybe a small hammock for camp. Extra cord. Delorme.

  7. Rarely used items: medical kit, duct tape, super glue, extra black diamond carabiner, extra food, and extra Lawson cordage.

  8. PLB, first aid kit, gear repair kit, 2x spare Lithium AA batteries for headlamp, fire starters, emergency bivy bag

  9. First aid kit, emergency bivy

  10. First aid kit, Beenie & gloves

  11. Richard J Schauder

    An ARC PLB, Model# PLB-350C

  12. First aid kit, Repair kit, emergency bivy, gloves, snacks, extra clothes for children.

  13. Gloves, leuko tape, and extra batteries are rarely used!

  14. Some patches of compeed. Better fitting shoes mean I havn’t had to use it on my last trip. Otherwhise I use everything.

  15. First aid kit, repair kit, puffy jacket, extra batteries.

  16. Extra socks/underwear, whistle/knife, first aid kit

  17. It’s not “extra” but a first aid kit with SAM splint. Only used once on a day hike, have never had to use on an overnight trip. Often time too much food – most of which goes unused.

  18. first aid kit, extra layer of clothing, warm hat

  19. Warm layers even in the summer, gloves, water filter.

  20. Extra reading glasses , rain pants, gear repair kit, 1 pair extra socks , bic lighter, cotton balls soaked vasaline ,spare compass , super glue in first aid kit.

  21. First aid kit, multi tool, paracord, emergency tarp shelter, extra batteries.

  22. extra food, repair kit, most of the stuff in my first aid kit, almost never use my rain pants, stuff to do in my tent before falling asleep (crossword puzzles, book, cards, etc).

  23. First aid kit, extra batteries and way too much spare food.

  24. Extra food, three AAA batteries, cord, groundcloth/footprint, extra socks, extra handkerchiefs, fire starting materials.

  25. Extras are saywer bags, and depending on the season extra socks…..sometimes I still come home with extra food. Parachute as well.

  26. Jonathan McLaughlin

    first aid kit, paracord, rain pants, GPS

  27. Swim trunks and emergency painkillers.

  28. First aid kit, multi tool (ps squirt), rain jacket, compass and puffy jacket.

  29. Fist aid kit, fire starting kit, emergency rain poncho.

  30. Delorme InReach, trowel, 2 pair of extra socks, antibiotics, spare water bottle tops, emergency blanket

  31. First aid kit, 2 packs of GU, rain pants, headlamp, ear buds, zip ties.

  32. My headlamp (I always use my Inflatable Solar Lantern) and my First aid kit (but I would never travel without it)

  33. A whistle, bear spray and my Swiss Army knife.

    Luckily never had to use the whistle or bear spray, but I always carry it.

    I carry a Morakniv as my primary tool for eating and fire starting so Swiss Army is rarely, if ever, used. I’m going to leave this home next trip.

  34. Spot, med kit, long john top and bottoms

  35. first aid kit and too many snacks- better safe than sorry!

  36. Extra contact lenses
    Medical kit
    Extra stove fuel
    Small repair kit (i.e., extra Tenacious Tape)

  37. Extra socks and underwear
    Small Medical kit
    50′ of spectra cord

  38. Inreach, FAK, Space blanket.
    I guess the Inreach isn’t seldom used as I hook up to it via my phone to text my wife each day.

  39. McMurdo FastFind PLB,
    Rain Pants
    Patagonia Down Sweater
    Repair Kit (duct tape, zip ties, shoelace, patches, need & thread)

  40. Small gear repair kit, spare headlamp batteries, bic lighter, puffy vest, epipen, mini led flashlight, compass.

  41. first aid kit, rain pants, gloves

  42. First aid kit, gear repair kit.
    On the John Muir Trail this July I carried an ice ax and microspikes and never used either one the whole trip.

  43. emergency medical kit, gear repair, cat spade, spare batteries

  44. Backup photon light, medical kit, knife.

  45. Kindle, first aid kit, and bug spray

  46. Silnylon patch + silnet tube, needle and thread, waterproof matches (backup to lighter), sleeping pad puncture kit, vaseline soaked cotton balls, imodium, wound closure strips, gauze roll, paper + pencil, wool mitts.

  47. Emergency fire starting kit, extra compass, extra flashlight.

  48. Emergency Mylar blanket; headlamp; fleece hat

  49. Aquatabs for backup water purification, extra flashlight, backup lighter

  50. Immodium, water treatment tabs, foil blanket, micro torch, spare AA batteries (for GPS), first aid kit

  51. SPOT, extra batteries, extra flashlight, emergency blanket, emergency bivy in the winter

  52. Vargo wood stove, Vaseline soaked cotton balls and spare AAA batteries.

  53. First aid kit, several plastic carrier and ziplock plastic bags, a foil space blanket, a few feet of cordage and 2 feet of duct tape wrapped around a water bottle.

  54. first aid kit, firestarting kit, gear repair kit, aquamira tabs, toilet paper (natural materials, yeah!)

  55. FAK, Water Tabs, pocket knife, rain shell gloves, Buff, bandana, matches (use lighter instead), repair kit.

  56. Stuff that gets carried but seldom used:

    Extra headlamp(s).
    Extra camp stove (small, it fits inside the tea kettle used for heating water!).
    Multiple lighters.
    Spare pair of prescription eyeglasses.
    Extra hat. Extra gloves. Extra underwear.
    Duct Tape.
    Short Pencil (duct tape wrapped around it)
    Sewing kit.

  57. rain pants, tea candle, spare AAA batteries, extra ramen packs, dried banana chips.

  58. Mylar Emergency Blanket
    Backup Water purification tablets
    Needle & Thread

  59. First aid kit, down beanie, light gloves,

  60. Gear repair kit (never used), first aid kit (seldom used), inreach (seldom used), physical maps and compass (seldom used once we got smartphones)

  61. Spare batteries, gauze pads, extra socks

  62. emergency blanket, extra lighters, large first aid kit, poison ivy kit, sewing kit

  63. Enormous first aid kit

  64. Extra batteries, travel pillow.

  65. socks, plastic bags in case of total foot water submerge, sleeping bag liner, thermacare heat wraps, headlamp batteries, underwear, mini nail file, mini nail clipper, safety pins & paper clips, space blanket, mini deck of cards, eye drops, extra contacts, mini tarp, medical kit, shoelaces, tenacious tape.

  66. First Aid, Rain pants, down jacket

  67. First Aid Kit and Gloves

  68. Extra food, extra clothing, extra batteries for headlamp and professional radio, extra knife and extra money.?

  69. First aid kit, gear patch & stitch kit, extra batteries for headlamp, extra Clif & Meal bars, extra Sawyer Squeeze pouch, cell phone.

  70. Survival kit, although I would not venture out without it.

    Canister stove.

  71. Radio, GPS, too much survival gear

  72. I use a hammock with an under quilt, but I carry a sleeping pad in case I have to go to ground.

  73. Extra socks, extra foods, first aid kit, spare batteries.

  74. First aid kit
    Emergency Blanket
    Compass (I still carry and use GPS)
    Back-up fire starter (flint & steel)
    Extra day of food

  75. First aid kit, repair kit (tenacious tape, duct tape, cubin fiber tape, air mattress repair kit, etc.), compass, extra layers (exactly what depends on the weather), extra stove fuel, small pocket knife

  76. First aid kit, extra headlamp, extra bic lighter, extra tent stake, duct tape, compass, large trash bag to use as a poncho or rain skirt if forced to hike in a deluge.

  77. Mini repair kit, Garmin InReach, and almost always too much food. I never have quite the appetite I think I will and there’s pretty much always food in my Ursack when I return home. Drives me crazy, but keeps happening :)

  78. Too much food. Every time. I always come back with like 6 extra snickers bars. Also 2 backup fire-starting methods like waterproof matches and a magnesium fire starter.

  79. Whistle, first aide, batteries, a book (I always want one when I don’t have it, and don’t read it when I have it).

  80. First aid kit including a blister kit, SPOT, spare batteries, and an extra meal.

  81. extra bandaids, extra fire starter (dryer lint), signal mirror (on compass), cell phone, extra batteries.

  82. extra batteries,kindle, extra water bottle(s)

  83. AAA batteries, extra meds, backup cooking source (use wood stove as primary), backup water purification

  84. Stomach related medicine (xantac/immodium), extra fire starter, backup water purifier (aquamira)

  85. Repair kit (needle, thread, safety pins, tenacious tape, seam grip)
    Spare headlamp batteries
    Backup LED flashlight
    SAM Splint & first aid kit
    Water purification tablets (backup water treatment)
    100′ of paracord

  86. For the most part, a FAK, gear repair kit, and small emergency kit rarely get used, but I’ll continue to bring them regardless. I’ve gotten better over the years with my “just in case” packing, but often pack extra clothes and food if I think there is a risk of needing to stay out longer than originally planned.

  87. Magnesium fire starter, camp chair, first aid kit, whistle

  88. Things that often go unused are emergency food, additional layers, repair kit, life straw, spare fuel canister, and a paperback.

  89. Gloves, batteries, garbage bag, water treatment drops, parachute cord.

  90. Extra clothes in case I fall in river or get soaked in rain storm. Never has happened, never have used. I could consider not taking those, other items I carry and seldom use I would not leave t home: first aid kit, emergency blanket, compass &map.

  91. Bandages, extra bstteries, spare glasses,

  92. Small fixed blade knife, spare headlamp batteries.

  93. Back up fire starter, sewing/repair kit, and a stove (mainly use my jet boil)

  94. Folding camp stool that tucks right behind my pack.

  95. Emergency blanket, first aid kit, compass, whistle, repair kit, extra batteries, extra meal.

  96. emergency/repair items, candle lantern, and earplugs.

  97. Pack cover, bug net, spare AAAs for headlamp, full roll of leukotape.

  98. Thermarest Compack Chair

  99. Snake bandages ( in Australia), carbon filter hydration kit r911 rescue knife and needle and string

  100. Pack Towel – Bandanna gets mostly used as towel.
    Towel gets occasional use as extra layer over torso under my quilt if i get chilly at night.

  101. I carry an 8 lb base weight, so the only thing I seldom use is my first aid kit and my repair kit.

  102. I carry lots of extra items:
    Extra batteries (AA), playing cards, dice, matches, lighter, extra meal, sewing kit, first aid kit

  103. First aid kit, rope, multitool

  104. My kindle. Never even take it out. Maps. On the the AT AWOLs guide is good enough. Pack cover. I use a trash bag as a liner so taking the cover is really dumb.

  105. Extra batteries for headlamp, pack cover, cordage, and pocket knife.

  106. My med kit gets rarely used but I always have it. Also all my repair kits rarely get used. My leather men almost never gets used. But I still bring all of this stuff.

  107. Med kit is rarely used! Battery pack isn’t always used.

  108. Everything in my 1st aid kit… I check and refurb before each hike, but I never use any of it. It’s where I also stow a little extra cord, nail clippers and tweezers… you know… just in case. I tend to carry a little bit of extra clothing because nothing is as miserable, I know from experience, as trying to sleep when I’m cold.

  109. First aid kit, got to have it but rarely need it.

  110. Extra batteries for gps, first aid kit, towel and inflatable pillow ;)

  111. My small repair kit. Always have it, but hardly ever use it.

  112. First aid kit, compass, whistle and emergency blanket.

  113. Extra energy bar, bandanna, tarp.

  114. Along with my normal first aid kit, on winter trips I take a tourniquet and clotting sponge. I’m usually doing way more wood prep on these trips so will be spending more time working with axes and big knives. Never had to use it but I figure it could give me time to activate the Spot.

  115. Survival kit and First Aid kit.

  116. Gear repair kit (needle and thread, duct tape, zip ties)

  117. First aid kit, duct tape, extra food.

  118. extra AA batteries, emergency blanket, first aid kit, fire starter (wax cotton balls), extra lighter and my ESEE-4 knife

  119. Dog leash, collar, and poop bags.

  120. first aid kit, repair kit (sewing, duct tape), sol emergency bivy, extra cordage, rain gear, extra bic lighters.

  121. First aid kit , rain gear , gloves , extra pants and socks , plus alot of what these other people are saying . Got to take it just incase …

  122. Rain pants, first aid kit, and duct tape for repair.

  123. First Aid kit, personal medication (fever, charcoal pills, antibiotics, water purification tablets), whistle, clothes (1-2 days ration, socks, hand towel, personal garments), soap bar, AAA batteries, water purifier, hat/cap.

  124. Kindle, playing cards, first aid kit, oral rehydration salts, bug net, gear repair kit, emergency energy bar, extra batteries.

  125. 3 AAA batteries for headlamp, 2 AA batteries for GPS, SPOT Gen3, 2-person survival blanket, stormproof matches, small duct tape roll, emergency whistle, swiss army knife, euroschirm light trek umbrella, during the summer usually a second pair of socks and underwear for hiking if they’re too sweaty/wet

  126. My jumbo knife, small lotion bottle, first aid kitc and emergency bivy.

  127. PLB, head net, compass, Aquamira (backup to filter), first aid kit, Firesteel (backup), extra Platypus, Fireant twig stove (backup to isobutane)

  128. I always take 2 extra AA batteries and a morakniv knife, but my headlamp has never needed extra batteries and I only ever use the pocket knife instead of the morakniv.

  129. Sunscreen, sunglasses, duct tape, whistle, signal mirror, rain gear, mylar emergency blanket, small first aid kit.

  130. First aid kit, Vaseline, extra amsteel, sometimes a backup water purification method.

  131. first aid, back up water purification, imodium, whistle, extra day of food

  132. 2x Extra CR2032 batteries, duct tape, extra bic lighter, medication, bandaids, whistle, water purification tablets, extra food

  133. Rain Pants (Having said that, on one occasion I did not pack them, thinking that I never use them … and wish that I had .. I had to wrap my tent footprint around my waist as a skirt in order to stop getting my hiking pants completely soaked through). Sigh!!!

  134. My first aid/repair/survival kit

  135. Extra batteries, eye drops, contact lenses (use glasses instead), liner socks, whistle, Swiss army knife (never used leather punch), headnet, duct tape.
    Learned the hard way that I need gloves, even in summer Yosemite.

  136. DeLorme InReach, first aid kit, repair kit, 1 additional meal, 2 oz extra fuel (HEET).

  137. Everything in my first aid kit, except leukotape and ibuprofen
    Gear repair kit
    Folding knife
    Extra Sawyer water container
    Aquamira droplets
    Emergency whistle

  138. Blister first aid kit, whistle, compass (rarely use it), spare matches and lighter, some birch bark for fire starting,

  139. My seldom used stuff is primarily in the “emergency supplies” category: first aid, backup fire starters, repair kits, survival kit, batteries.

  140. I usually have some athletic tape. Hardly use it but it is clutch when blisters happen.

  141. Kindle, first aid kit, tweezers.

  142. Emergency pain killers and other items in the first aid kit. I’ve got some extra pain killers from when I had my knee replaced. Who knows. Besides. I do things that other people don’t. Like chainsaw

  143. First aid kit and repair kit.

  144. lightweight camp chair. The more I keep my knees off the ground, the more years of backpacking I have ahead of me.

  145. My Kindle. I always think I will have extra time in camp before bedtime, but I’m always so tired I just fall asleep. Also my wallet, which I am afraid to leave in the car. Bear spray, although one might contend that it is indeed used because it keeps my wife from worrying.

  146. Emergency blanket, first aid kit, leatherman mini multi-tool, matches (in addition to lighter), signal mirror, whistle, back-up water purification pills, extra food.

  147. Extra flashlight, rope, fire starter, emergency blanket, repair kits, and a comb.

  148. umbrella

  149. Extra food..

  150. I often pack my Montane Minimus rain pants, even though I basically never wear them. (They’re especially unnecessary on warm-weather trips.)

  151. Extra jerky, clif bars, and peanut butter; extra meds; battery charger; firestarter; water purification tabs. Since my hiking partner carries most of the tent/gear (and I have all the food) I usually have an extra cheap tiny stove in case his breaks.

  152. KT tape, Band-Aids, new skin, Vitamin I, batteries, repair tape, wall charger.

  153. Spare light, matches, pain-killers, and duct tape.

  154. Extra batteries for head lamps, multiple matches and lighters , and 2-3 pocket knives.

  155. Rain pants, rain mittens, wind proof jacket and too much food.

  156. Zip Ties, Duct Tape, SamSplint in addition to 1st Aid Kit, Contractor Bag, Batteries, Paracord, Playing Cards, small candle, whistle.

  157. Comfy-womfy slippers for lounging in camp at the end of a hike.

  158. Extra batteries (for headlamp), duct tape, sewing kit, extra shoe lace/cord, harmonica.

  159. Small tea candle, xtra packet of tuna fish, small trauma pad to stop bleeding

  160. These aren’t really “extra” because I use them every day: but my comfort items are always Injinji toe socks and flip flops for camp. I don’t care how many miles I am doing or not doing. Even if I were slingshotting the PCT I would have toe socks and camp sandals.

  161. Pack towel, multi-tool, gear repair kit, all first-aid except moleskin, rain pants

  162. Most of my first aid kit items, extra knife, small flashlight (in addition to a headlamp), GPS, rain gear, extra cordage.

  163. Extra Fuel Canister & food
    Water Filter
    Emergency matches, first aid kit are rarely used
    All these items are “just in case”

  164. Extra food – Cliff bars, gorp

  165. Garmin GPS locator; tent and pack repair items; emergency first aid items; wind screen; IPhone (turned off); one extra dehydrated meal; fire starters.

  166. extra long pant and t-shirt, socks, duct tape, one instant noodle.

  167. Extra batteries for the headlamp, first aid kit, duct tape, more matches than absolutely necessary.

  168. extra shirt, gym shorts, batteries, first aid kit

  169. A plastic folding “bucket” which I most often use to take a sponge bath with my bandana.

  170. Aquamira tabs for really bad tasting water, extra platy bottle, duct tape, whistle.

  171. My rain pants would qualify as seldom used gear. I’ve skipped on them before too, but they usually end up in the bag. Too much stove fuel and extra food are dead weight, but I think of it as insurance.

  172. -eyeglasses repair kit (tiny clear plastic tube with multi driver, screws and nose pieces from zenni optical)
    -extra tarp ridgeline with loop aliens

  173. I carry extra batteries for my headlamp and an extra heavy weight top.

  174. Too many things in my first aid kit. Too many extra batteries and recently I went on a solo overnight hike with 3 lbs of Trader Joe’s food in addition to my regular power bar and noodles. Ha! 1 lb each of almonds, licorice and caramel corn. Was thinking maybe I’d meet a lost hiker or really hungry squirrel.

  175. A pathologically overstuffed first aid kit, extra batteries for my headlamp, too much clothing (just in case), extra stove fuel and duct tape. But of course, the minute I leave one or the other out, that’ll be the trip that demands them.

  176. Extra pocket knife, fire starter, extra food and cookware, too many layers,

  177. My first aid kit and compass. Really, everything else I bring I use off and on during the hike.

  178. Extra headlamp, magnesium fire starter,

  179. 2X AAA extra for headlamp, FAK though all I ever use are bandaids, battery backup, contractor bag, an extra sun hat (either ball cap or boonie cap and wear the other)

  180. Pretty much anything I pack that is seldom used is for emergency purposes: glow sticks, signal mirror, whistle, mylar blanket, aquatabs, first aid kit, batteries, backup penlight and small roll of seam tape.

  181. First aid kit, sewing kit, extra headlamp batteries.

  182. A simple pocket knife. My standard item is a multi-tool, which includes a knife blade. The simple pocket knife I carry isn’t necessary since the multi-tool technically has the same functionality, but something about a backup cutting tool is comforting.

  183. long underwear, and extra bic lighter

  184. first aid kit, small multi-tool and extra cordage

  185. I always bring 2 cheap carabiners and paracord to make suspenders. I used them doing the W circuit to keep my pants up.

  186. Marie-Josée Morier

    Mainly extra reading glasses, 2 cheap plastic pairs for a total of 3. 1 extra plastic spoon, a small cycling lamp that weighs 16 g, extra Bic lighter. I’ve never needed to use anything from my repair kit but always have it.

  187. first aid kit, umbrella (sometimes), compass

  188. Anker battery, Xero sandals, small pocket knife and occasionally extra tarp tie-outs.

  189. Extra batteries and multi-tool

  190. Wash cloth, Light My Fire Swedish fire knife, Sawyer mini filter, first aid kit, extra lighter, extra layers/shirts.

  191. Extra batteries, headlamp, rain pants, and a coffee dripper, I like fresh coffee but end up getting a few cups along the way or not using it because it takes time and I’m too impatient.

  192. Extra batteries, drink mix, extra ziploc bags

  193. I’ve made a very conscious effort *not* to carry my fears on my back. When backpacking, I carry very few things that I don’t use. In my perfect world, I use everything in my pack and return to the trailhead with no extra food. The only things I can think of that I carry that are not often used are – a secondary fire source, a paper map and compass, and extra water (I live in the desert). I also carry an Inreach which I use for posting tracks — I hope I never need to hit the SOS button, but I have it just in case.

    However, when I am going out for a long day hike, I often carry things that I don’t use. For example, I always have a tarp, an emergency bivy and some extra food — just in case I need an unplanned night outdoors.

  194. I take a small lantern for the tent, a small weather radio and back up batteries. Depending on the weather i will bring a tarp and an emergency blanket, just in case…….

  195. spare batteries and repair kit.

  196. Repair kit, first aid kit, extra batteries, extra lighter. layers (weather depending)

  197. gauze roll, Esbit stove, signal mirror, zip ties, duct tape

  198. A second flashlight (which even as a backup isn’t really necessary as I have a phone) and a spare Sawyer bag.

  199. emergency blanket, first aid kit, and garbage bags (for rain protection, garbage, etc.). I could use a new pack to hold a few more things!

  200. I always carry too many gas canisters, afraid I will run out, and my first aid kit for emergencies, although I have never had to use it.

  201. I tend to go overboard and really focus on safety and security. The items that get the least use in my pack are:
    SOL traverse survival kit, even all I have items that make it redundant.
    REI backpacker weekend first aid kit. A must and I am glad it gets very little use.
    A snake bite kit. Because I encounter way to many rattlesnakes in the summer in the backcountry.
    My Sig Sauer P320. Because frankly you never know what you will encounter in the Oregon Backcountry sometimes.

  202. I often bring a camp chair and the plunger to back flush my sawyer mini.

  203. More stakes than I ever use at once, medicine to alleviate a kidney stone flare-up (The regular pain meds I carry aren’t extra even though I rarely use the “serious” ones), that one trail meal I never eat, a second trash compactor bag (really should stop bringing that second one…) and that one extra stuff sack I always look at come hike’s end and say “why’d I have this one again?”

  204. First aid kit, extra batteries for my headlamp, 10ft of rope

  205. Megan Giacomantonio

    I often carry twice the amount of socks I actually need (must avoid wet feet) and tons of carabiners even though I only use one for my bear bag

  206. Probably too much food, though I have done much better at minimizing it lately…… :)

  207. I always bring an axe which is seldom used. Also a lot of extra electronics that i rarely use (cameras, battery packs, etc).

  208. Duct tape wrapped around hiking pies, a few Voile straps.

  209. Flashlight and extra batteries

  210. Para cord, backup solar powered light in addition to headlamp.

  211. Long Underwear bottoms and first aid kit.

  212. Great Question! Leaving to do PA in three days so I’ve got all my gear laid out and weighed… so, I asked myself the same question.

    Extra clothing: extra pair of shorts/shirt/socks; base layer… just never know how cold it might get
    Extra water bag for my Sawyer

    I don’t consider my 1st kit as extra, I just hope I don’t need it.
    So my pack is complete with five days of food; 1 liter of water and it weighs 26lbs and I just don’t see anything extra.

  213. Bits of paracord, compass, sewing kit

  214. I always feel compelled to bring my swiss army knife. The thing has everything I will never use and weighs a hefty 7oz. But I have carried it on every outdoors adventure for the past 15 years. Even though I have honed my skills and learned to lighten my load over the years, I still bring this boat anchor with my. At this point I think its more of a good luck charm.

  215. FIrst Aid Kit, Sleeping Pad Patch Kit, Extra Batteries, Extra Camera Lenses

  216. Extra food, batteries for headlamp and soft bottles.

  217. Food and batteries

  218. I’ve never used my first aid kit *knocks on wood* and I always bring extra rope for my tarp(s).

  219. washcloth
    pot cozy

  220. I carry a whistle, matches in a waterproof container, sun screen, and aquamira drops. Also carry Tylenol but that’s now in the used more often catagory.

  221. Head lamp, tiny soap bottle, water drop treatments, SPOT, and jacket

  222. Extra batteries for headlamp, painkillers, phone battery, waterproof matches, lip balm, and rope.

  223. too many camera lenses and tripod

  224. Virtually all of my first aid kit is unused. I dole out Spenco Second Skin from it, but almost never use anything else. Everything else is stripped down to stuff I actually use.

  225. Extra flashlight, extra gas canisters, emergency blanket and 2 lighters and matches in a waterproof case. Also first aid pack that has never been used (thankfully).

  226. Aquamira drops, asthma inhaler, rain kilt.

  227. 550 paracord, 10’ of duct tape and a full sized camp towel

  228. Extra batteries, first-aid kit(knock on wood),Packtowl, and misc cordage.

  229. First aid kit, maintenance kit, extra light, extra medication.

  230. first aid kit, repair stuff (duct tape, tenacious …), rain pants, extra garbage bag for emergency warm/wet protection.

  231. Extra rope, extra batteries, bear spray, and I always bring too much food. Usually because I lose my appetite.

  232. Iodine purification tablets, lifestraw, rain pants, extra food, medical sutures, extra shirt, bathing suit

  233. The items I always carry but don’t use are an eyeglass repair kit (tiny screwdriver and spare screw) and an old pair of eyeglasses, because I am highly near-sighted, and if I drop glasses, I have to find them by feel.

  234. The idea of not being able to make a cup of tea fills me with such horror I always bring far more teabags than I could possibly use.

  235. I always have an emergency pair of socks, an ace bandage, 3 extra AAA batteries for my headlamp & Aqua Mira tablets

  236. Rain pants, extra bic lighter, first aid kit

  237. First aid kit, extra pair of socks, batteries for headlamp and 2 bic lighters

  238. first aid kit, extra boot lace, batteries for head lamp, lighter, fire steel, pack buckles, meal, socks.

  239. Extra socks, extra batteries for phone and headlamp, extra food.

  240. Extra laces, earbuds, antiseptic spray

  241. Fenix E-05 flashlight, mini bic lighter x2, first aid kit(except for my vitamin I, I usually take a couple every trip), spare Velcro patches for my Dirty Girl gaiters, extra instant coffees because you never know when you might want a second, a plethora of spare cordage because one day it could come in handy.

  242. First aid kit, extra pair of socks, lighter, rain jacket, and paracord.

  243. Extra socks, paracord, batteries, and lighter

  244. batteries, emergency blanket, paracord, duct tape, pen and paper pad

  245. First aid kit, rainfly, ear plugs

  246. Garmin inReach, first aid kit

  247. Rain pants that I have never used in rain but have provided a warm layer at camp at night, a couple of strawberry oatmeal packets that can be used as emergency rations for me or others, at least three methods of starting a fire, 50ft (2 hanks) of cordage that I can’t recall ever using.

  248. Extra AA lithium batteries, first aid kit, extra food

  249. Too many clothes, too much food, too many first aid supplies, extra flashlight and extra batteries.

  250. First Aid kit. Compass.

  251. More than the basic first aid stuff, extra lighter, extra batteries

  252. So many things. hahahha. Let’s see. A Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife, a Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier (in addition to my Sawyer mini that I use all the time), gloves, flashlight (I always use my headlamp instead but can’t stop packing my flashlight also), extra clothes I don’t need, first aid kit, stupid stuff like the caps to my hiking stick and the baskets that I take off, but don’t leave in the car, garbage bag.

  253. Extra AAA lithium batteries for my headlamp. Never used them in two years, but I carry them, just in case, at some point, my current headlamp batteries die out. Extra spoon, because once, I forgot mine. A swedish fire steel. A whistle.

  254. Rain pants. Carried for years and never have used them

  255. First Aid supplies, extra layer/sleep clothes, Katahdin micropure

  256. First aide kit, extra bic lighters, emergency mylar blanket, extra fire starting kit, emergency mirror, pencil and paper.

  257. What everyone else said, plus extra underwear, you never know.

  258. First aid kit, whistle, emergency blanket, extra food.

  259. 2 water filters, way to much rope, double emergency blakets

  260. Extra headlamp with extra rechargeable batteries, Goal zero nomad solar charger, backup GPS (I wear the Garmin Epix as primary), First Aid Kit, extra pair of socks, gloves, beanie, extra knife and a lighter.

  261. GPS and pistol.

  262. Puffy. Always an extra insulation layer.

  263. I always pack Buffs and playing cards!

  264. Extra socks, rain pants (for warmth less than the rain), batteries

  265. Extra first aid supplies, socks, extra food, scared I will go hungry and I know this isn’t supplies but my Kindle always to tired to read at night!!

  266. Rain pants, duct tape, extra flashlight with batteries, miscellaneous first aid supplies, multi-tool.

  267. A bushcraft knife that is completely more then I would ever need, a harmonica and always a bit of whisky (although, I guess, I usually do use that).

  268. Batteries, compass, tick remover tool

  269. Camera gear, sometimes a tripod.

  270. Emergency SOL bivy, extra lithium batteries, compass, Swiss Army knife, extra socks

  271. Nancy Leatherbarrow

    My pack cover, pocket knife, and first aid kit are rarely used when I backpack.

  272. Deck of cards, note pad/pen, compass, whistle, pocket knife, extra meds.

  273. Photon headlamp, tiny saw, Mora knife for splitting sticks, sewing kit, extra caps for Platypus.

  274. Jimmy Vaillancourt

    I bring extra clothing. Usually extra underwear and wool socks

  275. My weeklong trips into the BWCA always include
    packing a first aid kit in the lid pocket of my pack. Whether its as simple as a band-aid or the need for butterfly sutchers, I dont want to be caught without it. I add in extra painkillers and a sewing kit, in the same box, just in case. Luckily I’ve never had to use any of it. There’s no chance I’ll go a week in the wilderness without it though.

  276. Jeffrey Lippincott

    My dog Finley. It’s nice to have your 4 legged companion to share your adventures with.

    • Extra water and Gatorade,crunch bars,Mag-lite,rain gear,extra socks OD ,pepper spray,K-Bar,extra shirts towel,bug spray and head gear/gloves.

  277. Lighter, whistle, safety pins, extra hairband, Tylenol, dental floss, biodegradable soap, Benadryl, Qtips

  278. Extra food, extra batteries, small cook set to make coffee but I never do

  279. Extra…… clothing , food and water . That said I’ll do again again and one of these trips I’ll use it .

  280. Headlamp Batteries, and TP

  281. More food and water than needed, nearly a full med kit even when I’m only going 6 miles.

  282. Matches, rain pants (even when it rains) and duct tape wrapped on my trekking poles.

  283. First aid kit and an extra set of clothes (lightweight) in a ziploc bag, just in case I unintentionally go swimming.

  284. 2.5oz collapsible water bucket for washing and water replenishment. 1.0# first aid kit with SAM splint and enough supplies for two people over five days. Small flashlight to backup my headlamp.

  285. Lighter, whistle, safety pins, extra hairband

  286. extra socks, first aid kit,

  287. Gun, beef jerky, more jerky, bullets.

  288. Extra clothing, and my Garmin GPS (I use paper maps primarily)

  289. 10 essentials-ish. Headlamp, Leatherman, food, water, raincoat, insulation, signal mirror/compass, water treatment, zip ties, duck tape, mini med kit

  290. Extra food, small backup knife, extra stove fuel

  291. Extra snacks. I ALWAYS over pack food. The day I need to use a bear canister is the day I need help planning my food more carefully!

  292. Extra pair of pants, first aid kit including epipen, emergency bivy, extra day of food, water purification pills (backup if filter fails), sweater or fleece, rain pants.

  293. First Aid Kit for different injuries, small DIY survival kit, life straw, 2nd lighter, 2nd knife, 2nd signaling device, 2nd compass, 2nd headlamp/flashlight, extra batteries, foldable solar panel, handgun w/ chest harness and extra mag.

  294. first aid kit, a deck of cards, repair kits, extra days food, spare socks. orange whistle.

  295. Hacky sack with a face on it….Aka light weight Wilson

  296. Extra Headlamp, Hammock, warm slippers

  297. First aid kit, seldom used, but always necessary

  298. Rain pants.

  299. I carry several boxes of wind proof matches, first aid supplies like large bandages, triple antibiotic ointment and alcohol wipes. Also, I rarely use the extra underwear, even though I refuse to go without it. LOL

  300. First aid kit, matches, fire starter dryer fluff and space blanket just in case.

  301. emergency mylar blanket, extra dyneema cord (3mm, 30 ft.), DIY alcohol stove & denatured alcohol, leg gaiters, lightweight rain jacket, tent repair kit, whistle, and extra eyeglasses.

  302. I always have a disposable poncho and emergency blanket. Total cost 2$. Of all my times out I’ve only used the emergency blanket once when my buddies sleeping bag zipper broke. It was 5 degrees out and we were in a lean-to shelter. We used the emergency blanket to help seal out the draft.

  303. Base layer bottoms, extra headlamp batteries, spare fuel canister, first aid supplies.

  304. Back-up water treatment tablets
    Emergency fire starting kit
    First aid/Repair kit

  305. A whistle my grandpa gave me, an extra pair of sunnys.

  306. Personal Locator Beacon
    More repair stuff than I need (sewing items of different types, repair tapes, spare buckle), UCO stormproof matches, extra fero sparker, spare lighter, rubber tips for my trekking poles, More first aid stuff than I need (I sometimes hike with scouts and god only knows what they will do next).

  307. back up water filtration pump.

  308. I carry a repair kit consisting of a few metal tube pieces (pole repair), some thread, a needle, tent fabric and mesh, a D-ring, a zipper head, some safety pins, some shock cord, and a few other odds and ends. I’ve used it exactly twice in the last 15 years – once to repair a broken fiberglass pole, and once to repair my pants.

  309. Luci lantern but I end up near the fire, battery backup and I never need it I’m too busy hiking for technology. And last but not least my compass , I have never used it ever.

  310. A battery backup in case of emergencies – better to be ready that not..

  311. Extra batteries for important electronic equipment.

  312. I always bring A striker flint which is rarely used., and weirdly a roll of black electrical tape I rarely hide it but everyone in a while it’s super handy

  313. More food than I need, first aid kit, tiny ax.

  314. I never use my repair kit and always pack too many socks

  315. I usually carry a 2 meter ham radio on my peakbagging missions. Doesn’t get used much since it’s really there more for emergency or weather updates, but sometimes it’s fun to see who I can hail from a mountain top!

  316. I always pack a set of long johns (base layer) even in the middle of summer

  317. I carry a pair of thick sleep socks, but have found I sleep warmer without socks. I still can’t give them up.

  318. I always pack too much food and clothes.

  319. I always have a complete 2nd set of clothing.

  320. Steve "Crocamole" Babler

    Minimalist first aid and foot repair kit, SOL bivy, tenacious tape, seam sealant, extra lighter, one or two extra bandanas.

  321. “seldom used” the vicodin.

  322. Two extra sets of AAA batteries for an overnighter. Buck Wood saw, extra water pouches. Way more Paracord than one should have. 2 additional meals. Far too many snacks. (I like the options).backpack Rain cover, second hiking pole.

  323. An extra set of clothes so I have something dry to wear in camp, a warmth layer for my torso, a headlamp, compass, whistle, and 1st aid kit, and a squeeze water filter.

  324. First aid field kit, extra socks, extra head lamp in the event the first one fails, paracord, and a extra bush craft knife

  325. Space blanket,
    flint fire stater
    sewing needle
    snake bite bandage
    extra food 1packet of noodles
    spare pair of socks

  326. First Aid kit, extra clothing such as thermal wear, socks, long sleeve shirt and pant, food, nutritional snack, water compass, 29 in 1 survival kit, knife, flashlight and extra batteries solar charger, lighter and flint fire starter and some toilet paper or tissue. All in a light backpack and my trekking pole and also bear spray just in case. Is better to be well prepare just in case something happen. 20 years or so I went hiking and went off the trail to pick some mushroom and I lost my way out and spend the night in the woods with nothing with me, so I learn my lesson.

  327. Bivvy sack; more first aid than is probably necessary; always too much clothing

  328. 1/3 pound First aid kit, fix-it kit, whistle, 3 garbage bags, extra matches, space blanket, balaclava, gloves and water proof liners, I always have extra food (through overestimation) and extra stove fuel (alcohol or white gas), typically I have 2L of water more than I need because of fear of running out or not finding water where I expect it.

  329. 25 feet of paracord! I never hand my food honestly because I’m lazy, but I carry it anyway so I feel good about myself.

  330. too much food, rain pants, pack towel, extra socks, emergency blanket

  331. i see, lot of answers include first aid kit. This ?sti not an extra, this is must have.
    As for me – extra knife, extra paracord, extra firestarter kit. But sometimes- too few socks.

  332. I always carry a emergency fire starter kit and a cheap foil survival blanket. 1 extra pair of socks and spare set of batteries for the headlamp.

  333. Second lighter, second light source, gear tape, iodine tablets, first aid kit.

  334. Extra headlamp, batteries, wool hat, merino underwear, gloves, socks, first aid kit, lighter, stove fuel and always an extra meal or two.

  335. Swiss Army Knife; can’t remember the last time i used it. Repair kit (bit of picture wire, few inches of duct tape, safety pins, etc.). Back-up water purification in addition to the Sawyer. Will still probably continue to take all these, though. I don’t use my vehicle insurance much, either.

  336. I carry a combat knife, never pull it out and never do anything with it… but always have it.

  337. I pack a ridiculous amount of socks. Lesson learned the hard way, better too many than too few.

  338. Sea-to-Summit pillow, and prescripton muscle relaxers. I tend to use more of the latter as I age!

  339. I carry a fairly extensive 1st aid/survival kit that rarely gets used. Also I’ve always carried a mid layer fleece that could really stay at home.

  340. Extra Fleece/long johns, AAA batteries, Rain gear (unless it rains), Cribbage board (should be used more), First aid kit/survival kit (thank God), E blanket, extra map.

    I always take Fly rod and box – I use those though!

  341. extra underwear….in the winter time I generally just dont change, so they never get used

  342. I always pack athletic tape and an ankle brace as I am prone to turning ankles. I bring sleep socks, long johns, and a silk sac. I always pack a super charged prescription painkiller that I have never used myself but I know it is there. ACR locator beacon.

  343. deck of card! I always pack them, but forget (or are too tired) to use them. :)

    • A deck of cards is a great piece of survival gear. If you get lost, sit down and start a game of solitaire. In no time someone will be looking over your shoulder telling you which cards to play.

  344. I overkill the first aid, luckily I guess, I have never needed it.

  345. A one way valve so I can transfer gas between cans

  346. I always have extra food. Also, most of my first aid kit, my pack towel, my compass, and my extra headlight battery go unused. The only first aid item I ever use is ibuprofen.

  347. Base layer top and bottom, extra food, and first aid that never gets used, which is likely a good thing.

  348. A extra pouch with molle system. It’s similar like a 24 hours backpack with essential survival kit: little aids kit, emergency food, survival items…

  349. i carry a goal zero solar charger and water filter

  350. Bandages, bear spray in the Smokies, emergency blanket, bootlaces and a 10 day supply of antibiotics on long hikes.

  351. My gear is quite streamlined. One thing I always bring that is seldom used is extra stakes for different grounds and extra paracord. If there is a storm or I need to pitch my silnylon poncho as tarp etc.

  352. I usually carry too many spare batteries , spare clothing, fire steel and bushcraft knife. Also spare tarp. None of which I have used.

  353. I carry spare clothing and foods, extra lighter

  354. Sawyer MINI Water Filter, Gaters, Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho and First Aid Kit.

  355. Usually it’s compass, repair kit, sunglasses and long johns in the summer. I also carried my headlamp above the arctic circle in the summer.

  356. Always Water filter, extra batteries, extra merrino t-shirt, med Kit, poncho and gaters

  357. Gloves. It needs to get truly cold. I find my hands stay warm as I bike. However, they are nice to have when needed!

  358. Bic lighter, knife, 550 cord, extra set of batteries for headlamp and Steripen, and a beanie.

  359. A spare torch as well as my first aid kit: bandages, painkillers, saline solution etc.

  360. Spare clothing, first aid kit, water purification straw, flash light, matches and extra lighter. There are loads of other things I take but rarely use.

  361. Extra water filter; one of each Sawyer and Katadyn, extra headlamp, extra food, extra medical supplies.

  362. Painkillers and first aid– I don’t consider it extra but others might, food extra days worth, always carry one more top layer. Camera battery.

  363. Sawyer mini, fire-making accessories.

  364. Extra clothing and fire making materials

  365. Spare pair of socks and tee-shirt, micro flashlight, Vargo hex wood stove, extra compass, one extra meal.

  366. Migraine pain killers, simple first aid kit, extra batteries and lights, solar panel, and always some hot cocoa mix.

  367. I carry Spot satellite comunicator, SAM splint, water color pencils and drawwing book, leather work goves and pruning saw (9″ Corona).

  368. emergency mirror and full first aid kit

  369. I carry extra light and batteries, poncho liner, benadryl, Ibuprofen.

  370. I carry a poncho, extra boots, lighter, map, compass, jerky, aid bag(IV fluids, sam splint, ace wraps, combat gauze) and extra water.

  371. Compass, sometimes an old fashioned filter called Milbank filter bag.

  372. Always have extra batteries for my lights, alternate water purification method and fire starting gear. A few things that can save you!

  373. I carry one extra set of batteries for my petzl e-lite, backup water treatment and fire starter that I’ve never use.

  374. As a hiker with T1 diabetes I take like over a month’s supply of insulin and supplies for like a overnight hike. Not a lot of weight but way overkill.

  375. I always bring a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s in case I’m feeling extra dirty but I’ve never used it. I also bring a pack of lifeboat matches in case my lighter gets wet or runs out, never used them.

  376. A home-made First Aid kit !

  377. Sewing Needles to use with Dental Floss for Emergency Gear Repairs !

  378. Sawyer Mini, Extra Lighter, First Aid Kit

  379. First aid kit, emergency blanket, fire making supplies, glow sticks, extra clothing, water purification kit, Gu.

  380. petzl e-lite, GPS, emergency blanket, extra lighter, steripen (backup to sawyer water filter)

  381. Spare pair of Glasses (I’m blind without them), FitBit, first aid kit/repair kit, water purification tablets (backup to my filter).

  382. First aid kit, water, lighter or matches, flashlight, spare clothes, compass,

  383. I always carry extra batteries for my headlamp. Also an extra soft water bottle just in case. I carry my buck knife, but have never needed it for anything.

  384. Socks a twice of them.

  385. The only “ten essentials” item I carry that I’ve never used is a space blanket for an emergency overnight bivy.

  386. Lighter, extra ziplock bag with kindling, bivy and space blanket. Have really never needed the extras, but they’re there.

  387. I usually carry a battery pack, lighter, spare underwear an extra pair of socks.

  388. I carry a net bag with wire, line, needle and dental floss, as well as duck tape and nylon cloth patching material as a gear repair kit. An extra flashlight, (Small button) and an eyeglass repair kit go in there also, inside an altoids tin with other things, like fishhooks, more line, nail, electrical tape, etc. This gets wrapped together with a folded mylar blanket, which is about the same size. I did one time have to stitch up a strap on a pack after it came undone, but it is doesn’t get used very often. Kind of a “have it and not need it vs need it and not have it” mentality. It is part of my 10 essentials, and it weighs about 6-8 ounces.

  389. Extra clothing layers, gloves, warm hat, full first aid kit w/SAM splint & extra batteries.

  390. First Aid Kit, extra backpacker pantry dried food. Everything else gets used :)

  391. First Aid Kit. Emergency Clothing & Layers for the worst.

  392. An extra lighter always travels with me. Gotta have more than one way to start a fire.

  393. Always keep an extra meal and an emergency gear repair kit with me. I also bring a pair of down booties in the winter in case my feet freeze.

  394. In bear country I carry an emergency road flare that I keep next to me in the tent at night. I don’t know if it would actually scare away a bear, but it makes me feel a bit more secure. And yes, I take all the other precautions I should.

  395. I always carry a washbag with me with stuff I usually don’t need like foldable wash basin, clothes line… and extra pair of socks.

  396. First aid kit, spare batteries, additional lengths of guy line, repair tape, extra spork, and fire starting kit

  397. Extra flashlight, extra batteries, emergency blanket, first aid, pain killers, bit of small cordage, lighter, small towel, and an extra pair of underwear and socks.

  398. First aid kit I’ve fortunately never needed to use. Also sometimes I bring a hammock which I don’t use much.

  399. A Gerber machete with a saw on the back edge in a hard case. Those who don’t go camp somewhere else always laugh at it, and then stop laughing to stand around my fire on winter evenings. The rest of the year it just scares off day hikers. (Please never cut living trees or people.)

  400. First aid kit, extra batteries for headlamp, extra clothing

  401. Snow Peak DW 450 Mug, 3 pairs of Socks, Tequila in a folding Flask

  402. An extra meal.

  403. More clothes than I need, extra pants, more than 2 pair of socks, etc. (why?).

  404. A silk bag liner in case I get a bit chilly, a short line of climbing rope, quick dry towel, first aid kit, a kerchief.

  405. Extra batteries and extra food. Always.

  406. Tiny sewing kit

  407. I would carry essential oils, my peak flow meter, a small book & or NT Bible, last but not least a journal.

  408. Extra batteries, siltarp, whistle, pepto, benadryl, and bear spray.

  409. I usually bring an extra soft bottle in case I want to mix up an electrolyte drink. Fortunately, I almost never have to use my first aid/repair kit. Also bring whistle and signal mirror.

  410. eno hammock, BG hatchet, bug net, and I always have too many tech layers!

  411. Nathaniel G Rankin

    French Press from MSI with some coffee; a book, even though I probably won’t read it.

  412. Extra batteries for my headlamp, a heavy journal and fountain pen and more tape that I have ever needed.

  413. My outdoor research bug net and extra batteries.

  414. More clothes than I need, Our daily bread devotional, journal, extra food, too much stove fuel, and extra batteries

  415. I always bring a couple extra meals, AA Batteries, reflector oven, too much first aid and repair gear.

  416. Pocket knife, compass, bandana, fleece hat. A lot of times there are things leftover from a previous trip and I forget to take them out.

  417. A battery pack to recharge my phone. I usually keep my phone on airplane mode while on a hike so my battery lasts a while, but it is nice to have the backup just in case.

  418. I bring enough extra food, bivvy sack and warm clothing in order to be able to survive at least one night, and a Spot Messenger.

  419. A first aid kit (thankfully I rarely have to use that), navigation tools beyond just a map, and a cribbage board.

  420. Game of Farkle. I always bring a first aid kit but luckily I almost never need it.

  421. What extra gear, clothing, or supplies do you pack on backpacking trips, even though it is seldom used?

    I always carry a First Aid kit even though I thankfully seldom use it, also at least one extra meal and an empty water bladder/bag even though I use bottles, just in case I find a need for a large quantity of water, I can fill it up.

  422. I always carry an additional water bottle, a larger first aid kit than what I need, an extra meal, and a battery pack.

  423. Food. While it is good to carry a little extra, sometimes I carry too much. Maybe something I did not want to eat.

  424. A whistle, first aid kit, duct tape, rain pants.

    • In my bundle of insecurities ie repair kit I have a signal mirror, whistle, rolling fire flint and a few tinders
      I’ve never needed any of them but they’re always there

  425. I always bring a handheld mini flashlight and a repair kit. I don’t really need the flashlight bc of my headlamp, but I always seem to pack it.

  426. A Gransfors Bruks Wildlife hatchet. Crazy, I know, but it’s one and half pounds of I’m ready for anything. (And the craftsmanship speaks for itself…)

  427. pocket knife, usually a few too many clothes, air pad

  428. To be exact it would be batteries and my whistle. If stored propperly they won’t get in the way.

  429. Sometimes a spare small flashlight, in case I lose or break the headlamp.
    Gear repair tape, glue and needle/floss
    Sometimes a pipe and tobacco. Because I like the smell. Nice if it’s mosquito season.

  430. i always carry the ten essentials but the only item I always bring but never needed to use is a mylar space blanket.

  431. Soap. I always have way more than I need, mainly because I use lots of hand sanitizer.

  432. I always bring an extra, extra pair of socks. If I think the absolute most I’ll need is two pairs, I’ll bring three anyway. I also usually bring a paper book, although I’ve been looking into an ebook for weight. Other than that, I don’t consider things like a first aid kit and simple repair tools extra, even if I almost never use them: ten essentials and all that.

  433. Third pair of socks, spare eye glasses, matches in addition to lighter, anti fungal cream, handheld flashlight in addition to headlamp.

  434. I always pack a full set of extra clothes in case of an emergency but I have never used them. I guess I don’t mind being a little stinky and don’t feel like getting clean clothes dirty.

  435. Honesty… a book or kindle paperwhite. I get in my hammock, and fall asleep before every reading a word.

  436. Extra underwear. One time I was eight days out and decided to trust what I thought was a fart. Turns out it wasn’t a fart, and the nearby streams we’re dried up.

  437. First aid kit, emergency blanket, and pills for almost every ailment that a hiker can encounter. I take them with me and hope I don’t have to use them!

  438. First aid kit, emergency shelter, extra headlamp, a pair of extra-warm socks.

  439. lightweight sewing kit
    patch/repair kit
    most of my first aid kit
    fire starter/matches
    a bit too much food

  440. Over sized first aid kit – too many spare batteries –

  441. PLB, first aid kit, spare AAA batteries, whistle.

  442. * Small mesh bag full of Granpa’s Pine Tar soap slivers.
    Could leave one of three (headlamp,flashlight, sleeping hat with built in light) behind.

  443. My leatherman and first aid kit

  444. Small flask of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. For ‘medicinal’ use….

  445. I always bring the warm clothing. Even if it might be hot.

  446. Extra AAA batteries, 2nd compass (in case i doubt my main one), extra food.

  447. First aid kit, extra headlamp batteries, backup aquamira tablets, extra TP, repair kit

  448. 4 x extra AA lithium batteries
    Rain pants
    3rd pair of socks

  449. Emergency blanket, tenacious tape, sewing kit, rain pants, extra AAAs, compass, extra 500ish calories.

  450. Emergency blanket, 3 AAA batteries and caffeine mints in case I don’t have time for coffee.

  451. Mini espresso pot, two enamel espresso cups, sanitabs

  452. Playing cards. I rarely use them, because someone else usually brings them too.

  453. Playing cards or some kind of game, bug spray (optional for many), leatherman (vs light blade), crocs, ‘treat’ foods that are not UL, full feature GPS (Rino 755t)

  454. Amiththan bittergoat

    A second pair of Merino base layers & dental floss and various grades of sewing needles (though seldom used) both have got me out of bad situations when I actually needed them.

  455. I work in healthcare and fortunate enough to have access to suture/needle material that I bring with me, along with a hobby craft quality instant glue. They both serve a dual purpose for serious first aid in the event of a major open wound, and for repair of gear and/or clothing.

  456. PLB,petzel e-lite,stuff sack,first aid kit, aquamira, whistle

  457. Headlamp, rain gear, repair kit, first aid kit

  458. Extra t-shirt. I have it ‘just in case’, but I usually just keep my stinky one on until I get back to the car where, for the sake of the other passengers, I change into a clean shirt.

  459. A pair of socks, a novel, a small survival kit & usually too much food!

  460. Extra underware. More often than not I am to tired to change into them after a log trip.

  461. For 20 years we have carried a star chart not once have I looked at it

  462. Extra cord, camp shoes. I’m thinking about ditching both…hard not to bring a few feet of p-cord…my younger Boy Acout self can’t let it go.

  463. I’ve not used my sewing kit and guaze from my first aid kit. I also carry a spare bandana and spare lighter which I’ve never needed.

  464. Button compass, sternum strap whistle, small package of quickclot, tampon (I’m a man), Benadryl, Aleve, headnet for bugs, gorilla tape, tenacious tape, tiny scalpel blade, moleskin, and a small roll on stick of body glide.

    Everything else gets used every trip.

    • Josh, good one on the sternum strap whistle. I forget it’s there, hope I never need it, if I do, I hope I remeber it’s there!

  465. Some duct tape, and usually more food than I need.

  466. I’m just starting my backpacking adventures, so I have no idea, yet. I imagine I would want to bring an extra phone battery and probably too much food.

  467. Paracord, Emergency blanket, Leatherman multi-tool, emergency fire kit, first aid kit, spare batteries. Oh, and I keep forgetting to eat a can of sardines that I’ve had for about 3 years.

  468. extra clothing, wind pants and silk long sleeve T, poly gloves. Never used in 5 years.

  469. There is a small ziploc filled with all kinds of emergency stuff: extra batteries, needle and yarns, cord, basic medications like aspirin and diclofenac creme, nail clippers, blister treatment, mattress repair kit, extra velcro for the gaiters. Sometimes it’s needed, but most of the time just a safety measure.

  470. First aid kit
    Extra batteries for headlamp / flashlight

  471. Emergency kit – patches, tape, sewing kit, spare meal

  472. My cellphone, for the camera. I hate taking photos, and seldom remember to break it out.

  473. A kindle, an extra pair of socks and some “medicinal” alcohol.

  474. My uh-oh kit, with Tenatious Tape, spare bottle cap, thread and needle, mattress patch, etc. Also, a length of tree surgeon rope, spare glasses and a useless camp towel.

  475. Sewing kit, emergency whistle, and re-hydration salts. I’ve never needed them on the trail — I’ve never split my shorts, been unrelievedly lost, or run out of salty food to eat — but not having the never-used items seems like a bad idea if a trip goes off the rails.

  476. Compass (I am never off trial… ), way too extensive medical kit, extra socks, glow stick and bug net.

  477. I carry to many socks.

  478. Four flashlights, five if you count the one in my phone. Three extra pair of underwear for a weekend outing.

  479. 50 feet of paracord. In case I need to let my gear down a cliff or ford a heavy stream. It hasn’t happened yet.

  480. A lighter

  481. I always carry to headlamps.

  482. Extra AAA batteries (for my headlamp, back-up flashlight, and amateur radio handheld), and a first aid/trauma kit; thankfully I’ve never needed more then band-aids and some OTC medication from it.

  483. Spare eyeglasses, extra batteries, first aid kit, spare soft water bottle, extra water bottle cap, emergency blanket, whistle, sewing kit, duct tape, emergency matches, Sawyer mini filter (backup for Aquamira)

  484. FAK, compass, 3 AAA batteries, 10′ duck tape, 50′ paracord, mid weight wool top and bottoms, spandex bottoms, fire starter, firearm.

  485. I always carry a small, very small First Aid Kit, but hardly ever use it. Also, My gear repair kit sees little use. I also have a habit of bringing too much food. I always get home with almost a pound of unused food.


  486. Everything I pack I use, including a good malt whisky.

  487. Tenacious tape, paracord, the two extra lighters, Mylar blanket, most things in my standard first aid kit except ibuprofen and small bandaids. I’ve also yet to use the camping towel.

  488. A backup headlamp. Even though I carry my phone, which has a light, I still carry a spare headlamp. Never once have I used it.

  489. Too much emergency gear, fire starter, paracord, beefed up first-aid kit, repair kit.

  490. Space blanket, first aid kit, extra food, iodine tablets, compass.

  491. QuikClot, antibiotic, Benadryl; 2x AAA Lithium batteries, needle, thread; Spark-Lite Firestarter, Tinder-Quik, Esbit tablet; signal mirror, whistle, Personal Locator Beacon.

  492. Delorme InReach, spare AAA batteries for headlamp, extra socks, extra underwear, compass.

  493. Needle and thread, tenacious tape, compass, whistle, and running shorts.

  494. An excess of spare clothing, paracord, and I always tend to pack multiple full water bottles, even though I pack a Sawyer Mini.

  495. First aid kit and a notebook

  496. My cool Esse 2.5 inch knife.

  497. Spare t-shirt, spare socks, mini microfiber towel, common sense.

  498. A small, 10-ounce point-and-shoot camera. I usually feel foolish for bringing it as I generally just end up taking pictures with my phone. However, I occasionally use it in very bright conditions since it has a separate viewfinder for framing shots.

  499. Claritin or Benadryl, Imodium or Pepto chewables, Extra socks – Dry feet happy feet happy hiker, Whistle, Bug Net, AA small flash light and a Headlamp and a cut down shammy

  500. Way too many fire starters. I don’t even have a fire often, but I could light, like, 14 simultaneously if I wanted to.

  501. A frame that goes around my sleeping pad to convert it into a camp chair with a back. The best part is that I can lean back in it. Feels so good!

  502. I always carry my Kindle with me. You can’t find better place to read than the open wild.
    And when it’s cold, I really like to bring my pyjamas pants, because the morning chil isn’t the same fun without it isn’t the same.

  503. I carry a ton of stuff that is rarely ever used including a multi tool and a large heavy knife.

  504. Extra water bladder, contact lenses, fire starter

  505. Extra pair of ExOffico Give-n-go underwear, extra bladder-type water bottle, water purification tablets, a fire starter

  506. Almost always it’s my first aid kit but still it’s probably the first thing I pack.

  507. Gear carried but rarely used:
    PLB, first aid kit, spare AAA batteries, beanie and gloves.

  508. ResQLink PLB. Hope I never need it.

  509. A compass, reflective blanket, and a flint stick. I’ve never had to use the flint stick.

  510. Contact lenses, fuel cube, too many items in first aid kit, AAA spare batteries (3), extra supper and lunch, spare water filter replacement, whistle, cell phone (I leave it off and take pics with camera), pack cover, 50′ paracord, tenacious tape, extra pair of socks, compass, garmin extrex, 5×9 tarp.

  511. 4 each AA & AAA batts, sewing kit, small flashlight (extra), extra socks

  512. A book. I always bring a book, but very rarely actually read, as I am so tired when I finally crawl into my tent!

  513. Tenkara rod and tackle, emergency reflective P.E.T. blanket, duct tape and 10 m of 2 mm parachute cord. This is in excess of normal UL gear suitable for the trip undertaken.

  514. Bearspray

  515. I always seem to carry to many extra clothing articles especially cold weather stuff, like I’m going to the south pole.

  516. Extra food, EPIRB, emergency blanket,.

  517. Although I would never go without it, extra things in my first aid kit are Emergency blanket, sewing kit, mirror and 2 electric ties.
    On 1-2 overnights I always take an extra fuel can

  518. Small first aid kit, small survival kit(fire starter, whistle, signal mirror, etc) in a water tight box , emergency blanket, hatchet, para cord, large fixed blade knife.

  519. I take a rather complete first aid kit with me, although it’s seldom used.

  520. Extra blanket, extra food and communications gear

  521. Extra headlight and cutting tool.

  522. Extra AAA batteries, a third source of firestarter

  523. Living in Australia with our share of the most venomous snakes in the world my first aid kit always includes extra long compression bandages. These take up bit of room, but are not heavy and so far I haven’t had to used them.

  524. ARC PLB !! I’ve never had to use my beacon, but won’t even do a day hike without it. Best money I’ve ever spent.

  525. Extra socks and base layers , extra light and fire source. 1extra mountain house than needed if going for more than 3 days.

  526. I always carry a book and a journal. Also and extra knife (Just in case!!).

  527. First aid kit, 50′ paracord, spot.

  528. Leatherman multitool.

  529. A satellie phone and a personal locator beacon (PLB). I carry them because I hike alone and my wife throws a fit if I don’t take them.

  530. First-aid kit; seldom used, but when I needed it, I was glad to have it!

  531. First aid kit, extra batteries for headlamp

  532. Extra head lamp and small flashlight, at least one extra days of of under wear and shirts, and an extra fuel canister though I’ve never used it!

  533. I pack an extra t shirt and 1 pair of underwaer. They don’t get used but somehow it makes me feel cleaner. Weird I know but ????

  534. A hat and wool gloves in the summer time

  535. A number of small, lightweight flashlights along with my headlamp. These are easy to carry but seldom used. Also a paperback book that I rarely read.

  536. Bear spray, anti-diarrheal medication, whistle, compass, and the 74 flies that I don’t ever use, but bring anyway.

  537. Actually, my backpack itself is too large for the hiking I do.

  538. Extra light, spare AAA batteries, first aid kit, extra fuel, extra shirt and pair of socks

  539. Delmore InReach SE personal locator beacon
    Extra underwear
    small amount of duct tape
    second fire starter
    bear spray (rarely)
    Water purification tablets
    Soft bottle or two.
    batteries for headlamp etc.

  540. Duct tape ,zip ties , pack cover , whistle, extra gloves , the best for last COMMON SENSE yes it’s not object but people need to use it a lot more than they do !!

  541. A change of clothes and extra aaa batteries.

  542. Extra food and clothing for a drastic weather change.

  543. I carry an EXTRA headlight, emergency kit including whistle,mirror, blanket. EXTRA rope/paracord

  544. Charles Jennings Woods

    Zip ties, small sewing kit, safety pins, and some 1.5mm cord.

  545. A fix blade knife, a small manual chain saw, to many extra batteries extra clothing, signal mirror,

  546. First aid kit, whistle, compass, extra bic lighter, and cell phone charger (battery)

  547. Ankle brace, wound pad, whistle, spare eyeglasses.

  548. Rain jacket ,my extra flashlight,extra batteries,first aid kit,a small tarp and always to many snacks/food

  549. Tent repair patches, zip ties, a 32″ gear tie, and an extra squeeze filter.

  550. I carry an emergency blanket, puffy jacket, esbit back up stove.

  551. I carry a book, read at breaks and at night … unless too tired.

  552. Ronnie Kerley
    mini multi tool,first aid kit

  553. Sewing kit, fire starters, two extra lighters.

  554. I’d never consider a first-aid kit as an extra. I consider them necessities but always carry three ‘extras’. I carry two sources of light, a headlamp and a mini-flashlight. One set of back-up batteries between the two would also be an extra item but I consider them kit. I carry redundancy in my fire starting kit. I always carry a lighter, striker and matches with tinder. Finally, I always carry two analog compasses – three compasses if I count the digital function in my watch.

  555. I always pack 2 back up battery packs for charging my headlamp and/or phone. For some reason I also carry 2 forks?

  556. Space blanket….you know the silver thing for around $2.99. I bought it like 20 years ago and it’s still in the original packaging somewhere in the bottom of my backpack.


  557. Mostly first aid and emergency related stuff like a Tick Twister, ace bandage, whistle & matches. Also extra bandana, plastic bags for my feet in case my boots get wet, sunglasses, cell phone.

  558. Inflatable pillow, fire steel and lighter, sometimes 2-3 forms of light, power bank, diy cannibalized frying pan, pot grabber, GSI mini spatula, ultralight collapsible fishing rod and reel, coffee and tea.

  559. Space blanket sleeping bag, lighter matches and flint, flashlight and head lamp and lantern for tent, solar charger and 2 sets extra batteries.

  560. An xtra meal. Tea and coffee. Socks.
    Prescription pain meds and first aid supplies.
    Maybe a little liquor too!

  561. 1st aid kit w signal mirror, extra lighter, space blanket, larger knife, aqua mira, sawyer mini.

  562. Extra disposable ponchos for anyone traveling with me.
    Leatherman multi-tool
    Huge bottle of ibuprofen
    Safety pins
    Extra hat, socks, and underwear.

  563. Always bourbon. Matches and lighter. Inflatable pillow that I recently added. Knife and small multi tool that has a blade. Dessert.

  564. Backup lighter, small flashlight, Imodium, spare batteries

  565. Chair, extra flashlight, first aid kit, inflatable pillow, space blanket

  566. Fortunately, ive never had to use my first aid kit. I carry a small knife and scissors i havent needed. I also take a bit of extra food i end up carrying back.

  567. sleeping bag liner, couple pieces of fat wood, pillow.

  568. Multi-tool, head lamp, hard shell rain pants.

  569. Spot, repair kit, signal mirror, and a whistle.

  570. Extras regardless of single or multi-day trips; thermarest z seat pad, Bible, grabber/weather blanket, multi tool, extra 1gl & qt ziploc, 55gl 4mil liner, extra small & med drybag, drybag with; hat, leather gloves, buff & a pair of socks. I also always carry a shemagh.

  571. Emergency bivy with a space blanket, extra first aid supplies and batteries, small bug spray, an extra lighter & matches, a mini mirror and extra medicine.

  572. Nano Heat Blanket, NanoStriker XL Firestarter & a picture of Elvis.

  573. Down hoodie., whistle,, compass, bandaids, extra lighter

  574. 4 light sources, 3 extra bic lighters, 4 water borrles, 2 water purification methods, extra clothes.

  575. I carry a snake bite compression bandage and though I’ve seen plenty of snakes, I have never used it but I don’t begrudge the weight. Reasonable weight penalty for bushwalking in Australia.

  576. Space blanket, augmented first aid supplies

  577. Tiny little multi tool. Keep thinking I might need it some day!

  578. Large first aid kit including suture materials and local anaesthetic, multitool, belt knife; spare batteries (AA and AAA)

  579. I always carry an emergency bag that contains extra first aid gear, back up fire starter items, small amount of rope and small roll of duct tape plus few other items.

  580. lightweight first aid kit, Leatherman, a couple of repair items esp. tenacious tape and pole splint, backup fire lighting method (extra wp matches or lighter)

    fairly standard, can’t think of any others ATM

  581. Extra batteries to charge cell phone!

  582. Neck warmer, extra thermal base layer,black electrical tape

  583. I carry spare food, batteries, in summer. In winter spare clothing, lighting, food and fuel. When ever packing for a trip I look at the weather forecast and my kit and think, “what if” ?

  584. an extra torch,jacket and a good pair of uv protection shades.

  585. Always two ways to start a fire and 2 light sources and batteries

  586. First aid kit, fire starter kit, gloves, balaclava, multi tool, electrolytes, Mylar blanket, puffy coat, bear spray

  587. Bug headset, minitool, bandages, ace wrap, xtra pack buckle , batteries, second gas canister

  588. My ACR ResQLink Satellite emergency beacon.

  589. Backup filtration, multiple fire starters, insulated beverage cup

  590. Compass,emergency blanket.

  591. First aid kit, rain poncho, pocket knife.

  592. old cd for signaling, work gloves, electrolyte powder, rubber bands, binder clip

  593. Extra headlamp, extra Sawyer water filter, two clothespins, rain pants, and two extra lighters

  594. Backup water purification tablets, extra batteries, duct tape, bear spray (sometimes).

  595. Mylar emergency blanket, steel/flint firestarter, dryer lint, sewing/gear repair kit, extra bandana/buff, small pack towel, rain pants, tick key, compass, whistle, FAK.

  596. I carry a survival kit in a Ribz Pack which includes extra fire starting kit comprised of a tin of vaseline soaked cotton balls, a Lightning Strike fire starter, a butane converted Zippo lighter, a titanium straw, a orange bandanna with survival information, a 50′ hank of Titan paracord, a first-aid kit, extra Anker 10,000 ma battery for charging electronics, a Sol survival bivy, a compass, a Leatherman, an extra headlamp with extra batteries, an extra hand-held flashlight, nature-break kit with trowel, knife sharpener, signal mirror, extra water filter, and other small sundries…

  597. As a diabetic on a pump, I carry a full change of pump site, bottle of insulin, fire kit, extra headlamp and extra set of aaa batteries.

  598. my husband brings everything for our 4 hr day-hikes: space blankets, military tourniquet, ace bandage, Ibuprofen, immodium, toilet paper, lighter, matches in waterproof bag, sparklite, birch bark, bear bell, signal mirror, compass, maps, work gloves, knifes, flint, rope, reflective arm bands, strobe emergency light, headlamps, carabiner, extra food, electrolyte tabs, cell phone and extra power pack (duplicates are in our other packs)

  599. I have a tendency to over pack, but my worst examples would be: emergency blanket, hammock (I tent camp) to lounge around camp, too many extra clothes, and a lucy light.

  600. pepto-bismol, sudafed, immodium and fire starter!

  601. Chair and hammock

  602. Energy, usually in the form of extra batteries, battery pack, and fuel canister.

  603. Extra socks, first aid kit, cheap rain poncho, magnesium fire starter in case my lighter doesn’t work, and extra flash lights.

  604. Too much clothing, a field guide I never open

  605. Mirror, extra batteries, extra fuel, mole skin, other first aid items, hammock and tent but end up only using one or the other.

  606. First Aid kit but every trip it gets smaller and smaller

  607. bear spray, first aid kit, extra fuel, extra rope and pegs

  608. Poncho, fire starter, batteries

  609. CAPT G M Andres, USN (ret)

    I carry emergency fire starter….and a compass (again, for emergencies).

  610. First Aid kit. Duct tape. Extra batteries. Backup water purification tabs.

  611. Rain jacket, lighter, ace bandage, compeed blister second skin, batteries for head lamp, extra tent stakes.

  612. I always end up carrying more bug juice than needed. I wear the clothes from railriders that are treated but still haven’t become efficient in reducing the amount of bug juice that I use. I always bring two small containers of ultrathin = 2oz each and I never (Anymore) finish one container. I could lose at least 2 oz in my pack!

  613. First aid kit, emergency blanket, satellite position communicator, extra batteries

  614. First Aid Kit, firestarter, extra food,

  615. Back-up water purification tablets, extra light, emergency blanket, emergency fire starter, whistle – all never used but more comfortable to have available.

  616. Extra light, eye drops, snake bite kit!

  617. I bring an extra pair of sunglasses, especially when hiking/climbing on snow is a certainty. Ibuprofen, water purifier in case my Steripen fails, extra pair of socks on multiday trips.

  618. Always an extra layer of clothing

  619. Deet, extra caribiners, coffee, TUMs, excedrin, extra glasses, backup water purifier tabs. extra headlamp

  620. I always overestimate the amount of GORP that I’ll need….

  621. Michael Schlesselmann

    First aid kit, duct tape, rain jacket, extra bars, extra cheap spoon, backup water tablets.

  622. I always bring a camp chair. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, but I understand that its not a necessity. However, its nice to sit and kick my feet up at the end of a long day

  623. Rain pants and duct tape

  624. Magnesium Fire Starter, zip ties, whistle, cash, bandage, and I always pack too much food.

  625. I have an extra flashlight that I hang from the ridgeline of my hammock. This allows me to
    read my semi-monthly copy of Asimov’s magazine before sleep.

  626. Depends on hike terrain and distance to civilization.
    Extra gear for long distance hike (+300 miles)
    Sawyer/MSR water purification
    Puffy/Long sleeve shirt
    Two extra tent stakes
    One extra day of food
    One extra pair of socks (total 2)
    One extra bic lighter (total 2)

  627. extra batteries, gorilla tape, mini maglite, paracord

  628. First Aid kit, extra AAA batteries, tent pole splint, extra tent stakes and guylines, extra trash compactor bag.

  629. Extra sawyer squeeze bag, repair kit, rain pants-jacket is usually enough, extra AAA batteries for headlamp, fire starters.

  630. I always carry a set of replacement contact lens. And knee braces. And a small white replacement cap. ?

  631. A deck of playing cards. It’s more sentimental than anything else as I remember playing cards with my parents whenever we would go camping as a kid!

  632. Burn Gel, Knife Sharpener, Therma-Rest Patch Kit, Survival Blanket, Compass,

  633. first aid kit; extra lithium batteries (both AAA and AA) for both GPS and headlamp; pair of socks (not one that I expect to rotate into); two plastic bags, tape, rope and a few other repair utensils, survival blanket, compass

  634. I always carry a second Petzl headlamp, a second bic lighter, whistle and extra plastic spoon. Never had to use the seconds but you never know.

  635. Spare batteries. Extra set of clothes matches and fire starters

  636. Spare batteries for various devices, small signal mirror, spare lighter, sewing needle, extra bandages in first aid kit.

  637. Long pants,extra light,survival blanket,

  638. First aid kit, SeamGrip and Tenacious Tape for gear repair, Leukotape strips for blister prevention, spare headlamp batteries, compass.

  639. Spare lighter, Batteries, Extra Ziploc bags, Large trash bag

  640. First aid stuf, batteries, tick key.

  641. Hi there, here in the uk (in winter) I pack a half size hot water bottle, no cold feet in my hammock, atb veitchy 64

  642. Emergency bivy, extra lighter, extra rope, signal mirror, large lawn bag

  643. Large trash bag, water purification tablets, fire starter, compass w/ mirror, basic repair gear, whistle, bear spray (where canisters are mandated)

  644. First Aid items, pain pills, backup flashlight & batteries, trash bag, extra lighter, length of cord, duck tape

  645. Two pillows, tweezers, hand lotion, safety pins

  646. I have always carried 2 wire ties in my repair kit, spare AAA batteries that I have never had to use and a small backup Bic lighter

  647. I always seem to pack too many extra batteries, food, and way too many flashlights and knives.

  648. Always carry blister plasters and never use them – hope this continues! Also spare batteries for my headtorch, and a fire stick as backup for my Bic mini.

  649. First aid kit, extra lighter, tenacious tape and extra batteries for my headlamp.

  650. extra battery pack for electronics, backup headlamp, multitool, first aid kit, plastic bag for raining.

  651. A first aid kit with pain killer, antibiotic cream, bandaids, gauze, tape for feet or bandage, antihistamine, etc.

  652. Trash bag, med kit, 2nd lighter, duct tape, bug net

  653. My fire starter. Super cool to test out, but haven’t used it yet.

  654. I always carry pantiliners! Reduces the need for multiple pairs of underwear. Clean underwear is important to me. And a good first aid kit with superglue, never know when you need to glue that cut closed

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