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Enter for a Chance to Win a FREE Granite Gear Crown2 60L Backpack

Granite Gear Crown2 Backpack
Granite Gear Crown2 Backpack

The Granite Gear Crown 2 Backpack is a roll-top, multi-day backpack with an optional top lid pocket. An upgrade to the first generation V.C. Crown 60 backpack (See Best Ultralight Backpacks), this new model includes large zippered hip belt pockets, an optional top lid, and adjustable-length hip belt. These are all improvements on the previous V.C. Crown 60 and make the Crown 2 nearly perfect for overnight and multi-day backpacking in a wide range of locales and conditions. See my Granite Gear Crown2 60L Gear Review for more details about this fine ultralight backpack.

Deadline to Enter

The deadline to enter this raffle is Monday, October 9, 2017, at midnight PST.


  • All raffle entrants will have one chance to win.
  • Raffle entrants who submit more than one entry will be disqualified.
  • The item being raffled a unisex Granite Gear Crown2 60 backpack, with an MSRP of $199.95.
  • The winner will be selected randomly from all valid entries and notified by email. Failure to respond to email in 3 days may result in prize forfeiture.
  • The winner will be notified by email and listed on our Raffle Winners page.
  • Please keep everything rated G.
  • The prize winners may live anywhere.
  • If you have any questions, leave a comment.

To Enter

To enter this random raffle for a chance to win a free  Crown2 60 backpack, answer the following question in a comment below. One entry per person only. Brevity is appreciated.

  • What extra gear, clothing, or supplies do you pack on backpacking trips, even though it is seldom used?

Note: there’s nothing wrong with carrying extra gear, I do it all the time. We just want to know what extras you bring.

Example Responses

Example 1:

  • SPOT Satellite Communicator, 4 x extra AA lithium batteries, extra headlamp, emergency blanket, first aid kit, gear repair kit, extra soft bottle.

Example 2:

  • Emergency painkillers, SAM splint, Antibiotics, Rehydration salts, ace bandage, signal mirror, whistle, extra bic lighter, wash cloth

Answer the question for a chance to win. Brevity is appreciated.

  • What extra gear, clothing, or supplies do you pack on backpacking trips, even though it is seldom used?


  1. A deck of playing cards. It’s more sentimental than anything else as I remember playing cards with my parents whenever we would go camping as a kid!

  2. Burn Gel, Knife Sharpener, Therma-Rest Patch Kit, Survival Blanket, Compass,

  3. first aid kit; extra lithium batteries (both AAA and AA) for both GPS and headlamp; pair of socks (not one that I expect to rotate into); two plastic bags, tape, rope and a few other repair utensils, survival blanket, compass

  4. I always carry a second Petzl headlamp, a second bic lighter, whistle and extra plastic spoon. Never had to use the seconds but you never know.

  5. Spare batteries. Extra set of clothes matches and fire starters

  6. Spare batteries for various devices, small signal mirror, spare lighter, sewing needle, extra bandages in first aid kit.

  7. Long pants,extra light,survival blanket,

  8. First aid kit, SeamGrip and Tenacious Tape for gear repair, Leukotape strips for blister prevention, spare headlamp batteries, compass.

  9. Spare lighter, Batteries, Extra Ziploc bags, Large trash bag

  10. First aid stuf, batteries, tick key.

  11. Hi there, here in the uk (in winter) I pack a half size hot water bottle, no cold feet in my hammock, atb veitchy 64

  12. Emergency bivy, extra lighter, extra rope, signal mirror, large lawn bag

  13. Large trash bag, water purification tablets, fire starter, compass w/ mirror, basic repair gear, whistle, bear spray (where canisters are mandated)

  14. First Aid items, pain pills, backup flashlight & batteries, trash bag, extra lighter, length of cord, duck tape

  15. Two pillows, tweezers, hand lotion, safety pins

  16. I have always carried 2 wire ties in my repair kit, spare AAA batteries that I have never had to use and a small backup Bic lighter

  17. I always seem to pack too many extra batteries, food, and way too many flashlights and knives.

  18. Always carry blister plasters and never use them – hope this continues! Also spare batteries for my headtorch, and a fire stick as backup for my Bic mini.

  19. First aid kit, extra lighter, tenacious tape and extra batteries for my headlamp.

  20. extra battery pack for electronics, backup headlamp, multitool, first aid kit, plastic bag for raining.

  21. A first aid kit with pain killer, antibiotic cream, bandaids, gauze, tape for feet or bandage, antihistamine, etc.

  22. Trash bag, med kit, 2nd lighter, duct tape, bug net

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