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Enter to Win a $500 Gift Certificate from Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Enter to Win a 500 Gift certificate from Hyperlite Mountain Gear

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I have the best job in the world, hiking and writing for, now in its 16th year of operation

As a gesture of thanks to my readers, I’m raffling off a $500 gift certificate to Hyperlite Mountain Gear this month so you have time to gear up for winter hiking and backpacking before the season starts.

Hyperlite is one of the few smaller backpacking companies that makes backpacks and camping gear that’s optimized for winter hiking and backpacking, ski mountaineering and backcountry skiing, and ice climbing. Their ultralight Dyneema Headwall 55L and Crux 40L backpacks are optimized for self-powered travel in the toughest winter environments and are a great choice for any kind of multi-sport winter adventure.

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  1. I’d love it Phil!

  2. Not too shabby! Good luck to all the SectionHiker readers!

  3. That is very generous of you Philip. I probably won’t be the lucky winner. My luck seems to go in the opposite direction but someone will and will have a happy day.

  4. Thanks for doing this. I always read your columns & learn something new!

  5. Awesome idea ! This for sure is my “Go To” for hiking in the Whites and gear ideas ! Cheers !

  6. And what became of Phillip Werner’s HR supervisor? THAT is the unanswered question.

  7. Best of luck everyone!
    Thanks for all the helpful articles and the website too!

  8. Thanks for doing this Phil!

  9. I love the gear reviews and hiking info – now a give away? Awesome!

  10. Thanks for the generous offer…cheers!

  11. Congratulations on 16 years. I recommend your site all the time, especially when responding to questions by newbies. It is the best, all-around backpacking blog that I’ve seen. Thanks for doing all this work.

  12. Thanks! This is great!

  13. Like others who responded, I thank you for this newsletter. It has been invaluable in guiding me as I return to backpacking in retirement.

  14. I learned a lot here and had a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll win a sleeping bag for my son. Thanks Phil! Just a minute while I get out my calculator….

  15. Hi Phil,
    16 years of pleasure in reading your great reviews.



  16. Congratulations on the 16 years! Thank you for all the hard work and invaluable information!

  17. Hi, Canadians allowed to enter? Appears not, but nice opportunity! Merci!

  18. Thanks, Phil; my outdoor equipment is sooo dated but still functional; I could use new inventory.

  19. Thank you for the opportunity. At 55 yrs old I am a new hiker. I love hiking and being outdoors.

  20. Thanks Phil,
    What a golden opportunity to have some newer better equipment.

    Honest John

  21. Thanks Phil! Long time listener, first time commenter. Your permethrin application guide was invaluable advice for me in prepping for a 10-day stint in the Winds this summer. Keep up the great blog! I recommend you over the Trek, Adventure Alan, or really anyone else.

  22. Happy to finally see the SD Flex Capacitor pack recently reviewed. Having always wanted to contribute (former regional outdoors journalist here and 48 years of backpacking under my feet) and so appreciative of your reviews, your site is at the top of my list when friends ask for recs. I send them here and tell them to use your links! The Flex is so far my favorite pack, next to Granite Gear. Hyperlite is the only major brand I have not yet field tested

  23. Was a winner chosen?

  24. The winner of the Hyperlite Mountain Gear $500 gift card raffle on is John Viola of Franklin, Mass. Congratulations John! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about our next gear or gift card giveaway!

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