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Equinox Marsupial Pouches

Equinox Marsupial Pouch

I bring an Equinox Ultralite Marsupial Pouch on every backpacking or day hike I go on. The Marsupial is a small silnylon stuff sack with a plastic clip on one corner. I use it to store the little things that I can’t live without like my daily prescriptions, ear plugs, and car keys. I also use one  to store my passport when I travel internationally with a backpack

These tiny stuff sacks are available in three sizes:  4″ x 5″, 5″ x 6″, and 6″ x 7″, and weigh next to nothing: 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4 oz. Mine are an older model that comes with no-seeum netting to let you see their contents, while the newer model is all silnylon with a zipper. Regardless, they’re perfectly sized to keep track of your most valuable small stuff, and the clip lets you attach one to a loop on the inside of your pack or your tent so it’s always easy to find, even in the dark.

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Written 2010. Updated 2018.

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  1. Great tip ! I bought mine as a set of all three sizes a couple of years ago and would not be without them. I even bought another set of three and use all of them. Have cut the clips off from some of them as they were just in the way, but don't do so until you know you won't want to hang it. I use one of the small ones as a minimal wallet when hiking with ID, insurance card, a bit of cash and a credit card. Sorry to hear they no longer have screen on one side. I assume each size is still a different color.

  2. I got mine in a 3 pack too. It's too bad they stopped manufacturing them with the screen – it would make a good DIY project to make your own or for some enterprising cottage manufacturer to sell them. They really are a great organizer for the small stuff you need to keep track of.

  3. Are they waterproof??? I also have a daily prescription case like yours and well, somehow one of the day lids is always popping open in my pack and the last time I had laid it out on a rock in a standard small bag when we got rain and ruined a days worth of meds.. So a waterproof one would be great for my needs.

  4. The pouches are silnylon and not sealed, so no. Try a twist off bottle from REI for your meds

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