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Ex Officio Amphi Convertible Pant

Ex officio Amphi Convertible Hiking Pants

When I’m backpacking, I usually hike 9+ hours a day with a 25 lb pack, pretty much non-stop, and it’s not unusual for me to complete a half-marathon of mileage per day.

So, when I’m shopping of new hiking pants, I looking for pants that are comfortable even when I’m drenched in sweat and that have the right kinds of pockets to hold water filter caps, maps, and root beer candies. Ex Officio Amphi Convertible Pant looked like they’d fulfill my requirements when I saw them online, plus they were on sale. Don’t get me wrong. These are perfectly fine pants for casual everyday use. They have good pockets, boot zips, low weight (11.7 oz.) and they’re convertible which adds to their flexibility in hot and cold weather. But they fail my requirements for comfort because they have built-in mesh underwear that rubs the top of your thighs raw when you start to sweat. Bad. This “feature” wasn’t clear in the product description when I bought them.

However, if you’re not the type of person who is good at returning mail order products, you can easily remove the mesh underwear with a sharp pair of scissors (be careful not to cut out the back pocket which is lined with mesh). After you cut the mesh out, these 100% nylon pants feel great and can be worn with your normal wicking underwear.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.


  1. Glad to know they didn't work for you. I am looking for pants myself but haven't found anything I like yet.

  2. The Ex Officio pants that I picked up (Paragon,NYC)had no mesh inside (they're listening)and the zips have held up well. My only problem is they don't advise re-treating them.

  3. I assume you mean retreating with permethrin. I can't imagine how that would be a problem.

  4. I love the Amphi pants & convertibles. I wear them under waders when fly fishing, hiking … anything. I cut the mesh out of them as soon as get them. Joe, the amphi series are not part of Ex Officio insect shield series and are not treated with permethrin. You probably have a different pair of pants.

    – David

  5. Those (useless) mesh underwear were removed at the same time I removed the tags.

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