Exped Schnozzel UL Pumpbag Review

Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag Review

The Exped Schnozzel UL is a large 42L pump bag and roll-top stuff sack that can be used to inflate Exped,  Sea-to-Summit, and REI inflatable sleeping pads which have a flat inflation valve. The Schnozzel Pumpbag UL is also available in a smaller 20L size. You can even buy a shower attachment for it for base camp and backcountry bathing, as well as a universal adapter for use with pads from other manufacturers.

Exped Schnozzel UL Pumpbag

Ease of Inflation
Packed Size
Pad Compatibility

Multi-use Pump Bag and Pack Liner

The Exped Schnozzel is a 42L ultralight drybag that can serve double duty as a backpack liner to keep your gear dry. But its biggest benefit is in sleeping pad inflation. You'll never have to struggle to inflate your pad again.

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The Schnozzel UL is so-called because of its long tubular appendage, that looks like an elephant’s nose. The nose has an outlet that connects to your pad’s intake valve, and a cap, that closes the outlet when you want to use the pump bag as a waterproof stuff sack or backpack liner.

For example, it takes me 25-30 breaths to inflate my current sleeping pad, which is a 4″ thick Sea-to-Summit Etherlight Insulated XT Air Mattress, at sea level. I shudder to think how long that would take at 12,000 feet. That same pad takes 2-3 bagful of air to inflate with the Exped Schnozzel UL and I’m not left gasping for oxygen at the end of the process.

The Schnozzel UL can be used to inflate Sea-to-Summit, Exped, and REI sleeping pads that have flat valves.
The Schnozzel UL Pumpbag can be used to inflate Sea-to-Summit, Exped, and REI sleeping pads that have flat valves.

But the value of the Schnozzel doesn’t stop there. It has a high enough volume that it can serve as a pack liner or a huge stuff sack to protect your gear from moisture. Weighing just 2 oz, it’s lighter weight than a white trash compactor bag and a heck of a lot more durable. It also has a roll top, which makes it easy to compress or remove any extra capacity. In fact, you can purge any extra air through the nose, before capping it closed.

For example, I’ve used the Schnozzel UL in a number of different ways, as:

  • a pack liner to keep my gear dry when it rains,
  • a food bag for carrying a week’s worth of food
  • a stuff sack to hold my clothes
  • a waterproof sack to carry a wet tent inside my backpack

To inflate a pad, you connect the Schnozzel outlet your pad, hold the pump bag open about 2 feet in front of your face, and blow gently into it. The movement of your breath pulls surrounding air into the pump bag, inflating it. Scooping air into the bag also works. Grasp the edges of the sack together like a roll top and push the resulting balloon of air into your air mattress. I can inflate most full-size air mattresses with 2-3 bag fulls or air. It’s wonderful.

Push the air in the Pumpbag into your sleeping pad to inflate it
Push the air in the Pumpbag into your sleeping pad to inflate it

What about stick valves or flat valves that are sized differently than Exped, Sea-to-Summit, or REI’s flat valved pads? Exped also sells a universal valve adapter for use with the Schnozzel.

When shopping for a Schnozzel UL, it’s important to make sure that you purchase the right Schnozzel. Exped also makes a heavier version of the Schnozzel that doesn’t have the UL suffix. I think you’re better off buying the UL version which is made with 20d silnylon and plenty durable for this application. I love my 42L Schnozzel UL pump bag (2.1 oz), which I can rationalize carrying because it can be used in so many different ways.

Disclosure: Exped provided the author with a Schnozzel UL M for review.

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  1. WHY use the Exped snozzle and NOT the better inflating bag that came with your Sea To Summit matress? That makes use of the venuri effect and is marvelous.

    • Because I can store a bulky wet tent inside or use it as a pack liner because it has 42L of capacity. The S2S pumpsack is too small. It’s a multi use thing.

  2. I love this thing. My quilt, liner, pad, pillow, and sleep clothes go inside. I seal the top and kneel on it to squeeze air out through the nozzle, with a more compressed result than I can get from a regular rolltop sack. I don’t worry about my quilt getting wet in my pack. Using the inflator keeps my moisture laden breath out of the pad. If I ever switch to a closed cell versus inflatable pad, I’ll still use this as the dry sack for my quilt.

  3. I love mine too. I have roughly 5 weeks of backpacking with it, about 400 or so miles and it is holding up strong. I use it to blow up my Exped pad and as a pack liner.

  4. I currently use a Klymit Double V pad. The only downside (I guess they could always be lighter) is it takes a lot to inflate. I use Klymit’s Rapid Air Pump which works decently well but it is longer so hard to use for double duty. It is also heavier at 3.5 oz and less volume at 18 L compared to the Schnozzel.

    Does anyone know if the Schnozzel is compatible with Klymit’s flat valve? Would it require the Schnozzel adaptor? Thanks.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s compatible. I’ve used the schnozzel with other flat valve klymit pads.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        This would be a good upgrade without much money. Lighter, faster, and double use. Excellent.

        BTW, The Double V has been a game changer in terms of comfort for myself and my wife. No more trying to strap pads together. It does give us a weight penalty.

      • For anyone else who tries this with a Klymit pad, it will not fit. The Klymit valve is just a few mm too big. This is with the new Exped UL Schnozzel and at least the 2018 version of Klymit’s Double V and the Insulated Double V pad.

        Exped does make a flatvalve adaptor but it is designed to work on Exped’s older flatvalve. I plan on reaching out to Exped to get some more specifics.

      • Just to finish this line of thought, Exped did get back to me via email very quickly. The adapter they sell fits a flat valve that is 32 mm in diameter. I have found no method to make these compatible. Oh well, back to REI.

      • I think the issue of Klymit compatibility is doubly frustrating because they use different components at different times for different products. (They do a lot of contract manufacturing since they have a week brand, i.e. the Massdrop pads)

      • I made my own adapter for a stick valve from a 2″ length of 3/4″ clear vinyl tubing. I heated the tubing in boiling water until it got quite pliable, then removed it from the water and stretched one end over the valve on the Schnozzle and the other over the stick valve. Once it cooled, it kept its shape.

        There might be something similar that can be done to fit Klymit pads. One of these days, I’ll pull my Massdrop Klymit pad and see if I can rig an adapter for it.

  5. Love mine too. I have a couple of them since I own some Exped air mats and they use to be included with the purchase. One of my bags had a seam failure so not sure I would trust one full of water for a shower, that would be a lot of weight on the snoozle area seam.

  6. I love the Schnozzle, but I would not ever put water or wet gear inside it for fear of transferring the moisture to my mat insulation!

  7. You forgot to mention that it can also used as a washing machine. Clothing and deterrent inside, close bag, hang in in the wave breakers or toss it around.

  8. I, too, love my Schnozzel. I have used for several years w my Xped synmat. I also use as a stuff sack for my mummy.

  9. did anyone find the solution for the Klymit fitting adapter or a brand of bag inflation that works with this system please?

  10. Is this in fact waterproof? I saw a review on REI website that reported at times his gear got wet because of water soaking thru the nylon.
    Any thoughts?

    • I’d treat any end-user reviews you read on the REI website with suspicion. Often they’re just user error. It might not be in this case. I couldn’t say. I treat this like a waterproof pack liner and have never had any problems with it.

    • I used one to keep my down puffy and extra clothing dry on last year’s section hike. One day, I hiked in torrential rain, which turned to sleet and then snow with howling winds. When I got to the shelter where my buddies were, other than my sleeping bag which was in its own waterproof eVent stuff sack, everything I owned was soaked EXCEPT for what was in the Schnozzel. Its contents were bone dry. I have full confidence in it.

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