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Reader Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Hiking Partner

Martin and Jon plot a bearing in the Mondaliath
Martin and Jon plot a bearing in the Mondaliath

The Question

Who is your favorite hiking partner?

  • When was the last time you when hiking together?
  • Where did you go?

Please leave a comment.


  1. Definitely my wife! We hike a lot together, especially during the summer. Last week we did a short trail at Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky with our youngest, four year old, daughter (who rode half of the trail on my back).

  2. My favorite hiking partner is Alyssa. Our last hike together was Smarts in NH last Wednesday.

  3. I have two favorite hiking partners. My newest hiking buddy is my 11 month old daughter Maya. A week and a half ago we hiked to sunset rock which is just south of Mt Abraham on the Long trail. She also loves camping though we are waiting till early fall for her first backpack to ensure we all have the most fun possible.

    My long term favorite hiking partner is my wife Liz. We have a couple thousand backpacking miles together. Our last backpack was unfortunately August 2010 (pregnancy and a newborn have slowed us down) when we did 3 days over the Bigelow Range in Maine and an overnight out and back from Lincoln Woods to Liberty Spring tent site. We have continued modest dayhikes since the most recent being two weeks ago to the Falls of Llana and Silver Lake in the Moosalamoo region of the Green Mountain National Forest.

  4. My favorite hiking partner is my friend Adam. Last last hiked in Canyonlands national park in Utah, that was last April.

  5. Who is your favorite hiking partner? My son Adam

    When was the last time you when hiking together? Last weekend of June

    Where did you go? Bondcliff

  6. My newest hiking partner is my daughter. Father’s day weekend
    W. Scott Kerr Resevior. Overmountain Victory Trail

  7. Does my dog count as my favorite hiking partner? Never said they needed to be human! She never talks back to me so our trips are always pleasant. Seriously though, favorite hiking partner for shorter day hikes is my wife. She probably came along with me about a month ago to the Brooklyn wildlife area about 15 minutes from our house for an afternoon hike. But my most memorable hikes with her were from our trip to the San Juan islands in Washington.

  8. My wife. The Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park. June 14th-15th… Or thereabouts. She was recovering from whiplash earned in a mountain bike race… So I carried everything, which led to me leaving the tent and my sleepingbag behind. A mouse chewed in my head during the night, otherwise everything was great.

  9. Who is your favorite hiking partner?
    -My youngest brother, Daniel.

    When was the last time you when hiking together? and Where did you go?
    -A month ago, we went on a four day hike of the Pemi Loop with every option. Loved it.

  10. My favorite hiking partner is my wife Robin. We always hike together. The last time we hiked together was June 17th, 2012 (Father’s Day). We hiked to Slave Falls and Needle Arch on the Slave Falls Loop Trail in the Big South Fork NRRA. It was a family hike complete with our teenage daughter, infant daughter, and our border collie.

  11. My favorite hiknig partner is my wife. Unfortunately, with 3 kids under 6 and a 4th on the way our hiking trips are less frequent now-a-days. Our last trip was last year when we loaded up the kids and went up to La Valle de las Animas en Bolivia. We’re hoping to head out this friday to another exotic destination with kids in tow.

  12. Who is your favorite hiking partner?
    My buddy Towellie.

    When was the last time you when hiking together?
    5/18/12 – 5/20/12

    and Where did you go?

    Buford Mountain, Missouri (http://bufordmountain.baxpax.org/)

    We backpack about every other weekend all Fall, Winter and Spring. Summer is a scorcher here.

  13. My favorite hiking partner is my wife, Sarah (I better say that, right?!) We are currently thru hiking the PCT and it has been the trip of a lifetime (hitting the half-way point today!). I’ve done some long distance hiking on my own, but sharing this experience with her is unrivaled. We did an end to end of the Long Trail in 2006 and this is only the second backpacking trip of her life! We have never been to the West Coast and discovering CA, OR, and WA in this way is just incredible. We got married in VT in October and this is a bit of a honeymoon, although I expect we will do many other hikes together in the years to come. We pln to live in VT and the Long Trail will hopefully be our backyard.

  14. My favorite hiking partner is also my best male friend Kevin (my best friend overall is my wife, but she rarely hikes). The last time Kevin and I went out together for a hike was in December 2011. We did a late afternoon/ early evening hike to Rainbow Falls in Jones Gap State Park, SC. We plan on going again soon, but his wife is about to have a baby and he has been real busy wife work. We both keep about the same pace and like to do trails that others may consider difficult.

    I’m a fan on Facebook and do not have a twitter account.

    Best of luck to all the contestants.

  15. My favorite hiking partner is my dog, Lobo. Hes half lab, half border collie and hes my best buddy. He doesn’t chase animals unless you tell him to and he doesn’t bother other hikers. Hes getting a little old, hes about 12 now… buts hes still a tough old fart. We last went hiking just today, on some long hunting trails near a lake not far from where we live.

  16. My favorite hiking partner is my first hiking partner, my husband, Mike. He’s always up for a hike, regardless of his level of fatigue, schedule, etc. The guy just has to be outdoors on a regular basis or he just isn’t right.
    Actually, we haven’t hiked together in over a few months but we have been taking turns hiking with our son’s Boy Scout troop in preparation for a high adventure backpacking trip to Virginia. I’ve joked with my husband that I would love to go backpacking sometime if I didn’t have to wear a carry a 30-lb. backpack!!
    Usually, we hike in the forest preserves of the western suburbs of Chicago and the restored prairies of Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory.

  17. My oldest friend of 39 years.

    The last place we hiked was the Santa Cruz mountains, near Santa Cruz, CA.

    That was about 4 years ago. He lives cross country now, so I only see him once a year.

  18. My favorite hiking partner are the trees. I know its a corny answer, but its true. The awe and mystic they give me, especially hemlock trees, are the rewards every hiker seeks.

    Last time I went hiking with them was on the full Escarpment trail including Thomas Cole and Black Dome.

    • That’s a good answer – I’ve been there myself. Know exactly what you mean. That stand of hemlock trees on Windham is amazing. The Catskills are great.

  19. Favourite partner : I actually love solo hiking/packing but when I have a partner come with me it is always my better half Kelly :)
    Last time was about 3 weekends ago (way too long gotta love work dont you lol)
    Place :was the Coolah tops national park and we only spent a day there in the middle of winter and it was fantastic

  20. Favorite hiking partner – my son…and as a result of wanting to give him an outdoor experience I ended up discovering how much I like to hike/camp. We have been on many hiking trips together – including a 10 day trip to Patagonia last year when he was 14 yrs old. Incredible Father/son bonding time. We snowshoe in the winter (including a couple of night trips) and hike locally in NH in the summer/fall. And now – we have reached the inflection point where he is faster/stronger than me and it gives me so pleasure to see him enjoy being comfortable in the outdoors.

  21. My hiking partner is my best buddy. We make about 8 trips a year, less then i’d like but that’s all our schedual allows. Our last trip was a 3 day off trail forest hike last week. We had a nightly encounter with a wild boar with cubs. But next mounth we’re of to Romenia for 12 days, to wilderness hike the region with the most bears per km in the world.

  22. My favorite hiking partner is my girlfriend Liz. We are pursuing the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks right now.. 10 down, 36 to go.

    The last time we went hiking was to camp out on Buck Mountain overlooking the fireworks on Lake George in Upstate NY on the 4th of July.

    Planning a multi-day backpack/hike over the Great Range in the Adirondacks at the end of August (we have tricky work schedules)!

  23. My favorite hiking partner is my lovely girlfriend Deanna. Our last trip was 3 weeks ago. We backpacked Sequoia National Monument. We did some off trail backpacking and found a good spot to set up a base camp and explore groves of Giant Sequoias.

  24. It is a toss up as to who my favorite hiking partner is, but truly answering the question I would have to say it is “HikeswithHannnah” and her partner Hannah (her dog). We just did an overnight hike in the White Mtns in NH two weeks ago and had a blast. We covered 32 miles and 8 summits. We overnighted at Ethan Pond shelter (on the AT). We have the same pace, communicate well and can keep ourselves laughing for miles on the most unrelenting terrain in the Whites!

  25. My son is many favorite hiking partner. Our last hike was the Tracy Ridge trail for a quick get away in June.

  26. Despite all the trips with my dad, my favorite partner was my son on Skyline-to-the-Sea. After a day and a half on the trail, he asked me “is it nice not being the Scoutmaster?” Yes, it was. It was great just being a partner on the trail.

  27. My son is my favorite hiking partner. He is 12 years old and our last trip out wrapped up all of NJ as a section hiker. Next up is NY. We left from Delaware Water Gap and went to Culvers Gap.