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Golite Roan Plateau 800 Hooded Down Jacket

Golite Roan Plateau Down Parka
Golite Roan Plateau Down Jacket

I am very happy with my new Roan Plateau Hooded Down Jacket from Golite which is replacing the Mountain Hardware Phantom Down Jacket that I used for winter backpacking and mountaineering last year. The Phantom is a fine jacket, but it doesn’t have a hood. I made do last season with various headgear workarounds, but ultimately decided that I’d rather have a fully integrated unit.

There’s another more esoteric reason I wanted the integrated hood. I’m beginning to get very interested in the prospect of using down quilts in my sleep system instead of sleeping bags, particularly during shoulder seasons. I’m working on a followup post on this topic which documents some of the weight savings possible, but one of the requirements of camping quilt use in cold weather is a down hood or a balaclava. Having one built into a outer thermal layer like the Roan Plateau, helps eliminate the need to carry a separate down filled balaclava, like the one sold by Nunatak, and also opens up the option to use a half sleeping bag, further reducing pack weight.

Weight-wise, the Plateau Roan is 21.7 oz in a men’s XL, just a few ounces more than the Phantom. It is tricked out with the features that you’d expect on a outer later for winter backpacking and mountaineering.

  • Insulated pockets with side zips keep your hands warm and let you stow gloves or maps for easy reach.
  • The hood system has a built in draft collar and soft fabric lining to prevent chin chafing.
  • Stretch knit cuffs and cinch cords on the hem eliminate windy gusts from penetrating to your core.
  • The external fabric is 100% Nylon Mini Ripstop with DWR to keep you dry in wet snow.
  • Internal media pocket with internal cord routing for your iPod.
  • Wide internal pocket for stashing gloves, hats, or warming a hershey bar.

In addition to the hooded version, Golite also manufactures an unhooded version.

Disclosure: Golite provided SectionHiker.com with a complementary Roan Plateau Hooded Jacket jack for this review.

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  1. How many gram of down are in the jacket, that would be interesting to know. 615 g for a XL is alright for a hooded jacket, and as you I will combine my hooded down jacket with a quilt to save weight. Where did you buy the jacket?

  2. Excellent question and I don't know the answer. Let me shoot off an email to Altrec customer service and see if I can get a quick answer.

  3. Altrec doesn't know. I posted a question on golite's facebook wall – let's see how well social media works!

  4. Here's a response from Golite via their facebook fan wall: "Hi Philip, There are 165 grams of down in the Men's med. So it's a little more than that in the XL. I hope that helps."

  5. Phil,

    Do you envision wearing this down jacket on while hiking or doing stops or just when setting up and breaking down camp?

    Last year did you need both to wear both the Mountain Hardware Phantom Down Jacket and the Gore-tex rain shell / Polarguard vest combo while hiking – stopped – setting camp?

    My winter layers have been somewhat cobbled together and I am trying to rationalize the layers:

    wicking underwear

    wool long underwear, midweight, smartwool

    hiking pants, nylon, half zip

    fleece bib pants, full zip, army surplus

    ski bibs as w/p hard shell

    wicking long sleeve t-shirt with 1/4 zip

    wool long sleeve t-shirt, midweight, smartwool

    wool sweater, hvy weight, EMS

    fleece jacket, EMS

    down vest, LL Bean

    ski jacket as w/p hard shell, Columbia



  6. I feel your pain – my layers were kind of cobbled together last year too. I plan on wearing this coat mostly in camp, at stops or in high wind. I don't think I ever combined my gore-tex shell with the down jacket last year. I also ended up not using my polarguard vest except for sleeping and then usually as a pillow!

    This year, I'm going to try to get away with two capilene 1 jerseys (worn at the same time), a marmot driclime jacket with plush liner, and the roan plateau down jacket with hood, augmented with various odd head ornaments, like a windproof balaclava and shades. For my legs it's high gaiters, compression shorts, mistral pants, capalene 1 long underwear (optional), and a pair of insulated montbell pants, mainly for camp.

  7. 165 g isn't enough for my needs.

  8. Hendrik – If you are sleeping with a quilt it will be snapped around your neck, so technically the only thing exposed is your head. In addition, one part of you will be touching a pad, compressing all of the down underneath at that point and providing no insulation value whatsoever. How can you tell if any jacket would work based on the number of grams of down it has? Just curious. Seems like something you actually need to test first hand.

  9. Besides for sleeping I also need it for the use in breaks and in camp, and also when its just too cold to walk without something warm on. I'm speaking of average temps of -20°C which can drop down to -40°C, excluding wind. And that's just in my area – if I go north, as I plan, we approach -50°C. Therefore I find the more, higher quality down in a jacket the better. It gives me peace of mind, you could say.

  10. I have a Montane Antifreeze and I have to admit that the only thing i don't like is the lack of a hood. Having said that Montane have now released The North Star jacket that does have a hood. I will have to compare and contrast that jacket with this one. I like Golite kit in general and the jacket looks pretty good. A bit of research needed I think…..! :)

  11. @Dave – the North Star looks like a sweet jacket too. Comparable weight to the Golite. It might be worth your upgrading. At $167 (US), the North Star is very affordable.

    @Hendrik – Got it. You're talking like Mountain Hardware full down suits, where you're going. Brrr.

  12. Is the Roan Plateau shell fabric as soft and silky as the Phantom's? What is the lining like in this jacket? The lining in the Phantom was actually not nearly as nice as the shell. It actually seemed like a really cheap nylon you'd find in $20 Walmart jacket. Did they actually use a nice silky lining fabric in the Roan Plateau? I have enjoyed my Phantom overall though, and like you, wished it had a hood. Maybe this is what I've been waiting for. A Phantom with a hood, with a nice lining would be perfect.

  13. Same issue with the Golite. The external shell is far silkier than the internal lining.

  14. Stupid name for a great coat.

  15. Altrec loses some reputation points for keeping the grey for sale on their site and canceling orders 2 days later saying it's out of stock. Over to Amazon for some honesty.

  16. You can also buy direct from Golite – this is a great coat. I was in some crappy hiking weather last week and it kept me very warm.

  17. Correction $153.95. Very light and comfortable; I can see myself sleeping in it. At 26*F with just a ss T-shirt under it, my torso was still warm after an hour and a half of inactivity. I can probably ditch my fleece jacket and maybe use a lighter sleeping bag. Downside was the annoying 2-way zipper that takes me numerous tries of quick ramming to insert it completely to the bottom to get it to start zipping.

  18. Just to let people know; a couple dozen cycles got the zipper loosened up and working right.

  19. Is the Roan Plateau's hood helmet-compatible?



  20. It seems big and stretchy enough to cover a helmet.

  21. You'd think. But I double checked and it's kind of a tight fit with a BD half-dome. While the hood does fit over the helmet, the zipper is hard to pull up past my chin. Probably would be fine though if you're wearing a balaclava. The Roans with hoods can be difficult to find though..but it is a very warm and light coat. I rather like mine.

  22. hi, thanks for all the good info on this jacket. i have one question that i can't find the answer to. does the golite roan have baffled or sewn through seams?

  23. Hi, I’m working on collecting the gear for winter peak bagging in the Whites and your site has been really helpful. Do you think the Roan is warm enough for climbing Mt. Washington in the winter (assuming I avoid days with terrible forecasts), or would something warmer like the Rab Neutrino be a better bet?

    • Absolutely. I have used the Roan for all my winter day hikes and overnight trips in the Whites for several years, including Washington. Make sure you get it with the hood.

  24. I’m buying my first down jacket and am wondering if this is good for three-season use. Also considering the Montbell UL parka, which is also 800-fill. This sounds like it might be more for winter – is that the same for the Montbell UL parka?

  25. I have quite a few GoLite products and I missed out on a fairly sweet deal for a 25L (75 Ramen capacity) pack for my granddaughter. I was tied up with a bunch of stuff and didn’t have time to finish up the checkout and decided to do that “tomorrow”. When “tomorrow” arrived, the message said “Sale ended.” I may just get her an REI Flash 22, a bit pricier and slightly smaller but fairly equivalent otherwise.

  26. Hi, If you had to replace the Roan now that Golite is out of business what would you replace it with?

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