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Guided Trips and Instruction

Hiking up the Tunnel Brook Trail
Hiking up the Tunnel Brook Trail

I lead many hiking trips in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for the Appalachian Mountain Club. If you’d like to sign up for one of my trips or instructional classes, please register using the links provided below. You don’t have to be an Appalachian Mountain Club member to join one of my trips or classes, but you will be asked to sign a liability release waiver beforehand. Most of the trips I lead are free, but the classes often require a modest fee, well worth the money.

After you register for trip or class, myself or one of my co-leaders will contact you by phone to make sure you have the required experience and fitness to participate, so registering doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get on one of my trips. The size of the groups I lead also tends to be quite small which further limits availability.

Trip Ratings

All of the trip and event listings below have a difficulty rating, appended to the end of the event name, such as B3B or A3B. See the key at the bottom of this page for a more detailed explanation of what these ratings mean.

Key to Trip Ratings

For example, a trip rated as an A3B, requires 9-13 miles of hiking per day, at a moderate 1.5 to 2.0 mph pace, over strenuous terrain.

First letters indicate mileage

  • AA = 13 mi and over
  • A = 9 to 13 mi
  • B = 5 to 9 mi
  • C = under 5 mi

Middle number indicates pace across “average” terrain:

  • 1= very fast (2.5 mph+)
  • 2= fast (2 to 2.5 mph)
  • 3= moderate (1.5 to 2 mph)
  • 4= leisurely (0.5 to 1.5 mph)

End letters indicate terrain

  • A= very strenuous
  • B= strenuous
  • C= average
  • D= easy