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How Many Pairs of Underwear Do You Bring on a Backpacking Trip?

Hiking in Hot Weather on the Maine, AT

How many pairs of underwear do you take when backpacking?

While some people (like myself) only bring one pair, no matter the length of the trip, most SectionHiker readers bring two pairs on multi-day trips, one to wear, and one to wash while hiking.

The vast majority of SectionHiker readers prefer Ex-officio underwear for backpacking trips because it’s synthetic, moisture-wicking, and don’t cause painful chafing. It also dries very quickly after being washed.

Other popular day hiking and backing underwear choices include:

All of these backpacking underwear choices are synthetic or wool because they won’t chafe when damp, unlike cotton, which does and takes forever to dry after washing.

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  1. I always take an extra pair of Champion C9 boxer briefs on any trip lasting longer than two days.

    • I always take two pair; wear one, pack one. It does not matter what the length of the trip is: two pair. Depending on the conditions and time of year I bring Patagonian silk weight briefs, under armor boxers or smart wool boxers.

  2. I take two pair of underwear. At the end of the day, I rinse out the pair that I had been wearing (200′ away from any water sources of course) and change into the other pair. I only bring merino wool underwear anymore. I used to bring synthetic, but synthetic underwear became positively foul after about 3 or 4 days. My trail name on my 2013 PCT section hike was “skonk” because I smelled so bad. Switching to merino wool undies has made a huge difference in terms of B.O. Not part of this question, but I’ve now also switch to wool socks (well wool-nylon blend “Smartwool”). I’ve had problems with athlete’s foot. Based on the experience of others, I’m hoping to have better results with wool.

    As for length of trips, my trips range from a single night out to about 8 days max. I bring the same number of underwear for short trips as I do long and rinse/rotate them daily.


  3. I take two pairs on a weekend trip, usually Ex Officio boxer briefs, and sometimes Under Armour.

  4. – Two pair of cotton briefs. Wash one and use the other.

    – Super Thermo base layers (net construction).

    – Up to one week hikes.

  5. One pair reebok boxer briefs for a couple days out.

  6. I choose to take two pairs of SmartWool Microweight Boxer Briefs, one black one blue. They stay warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm and don’t chafe. And Merino Wool doesn’t stank, either. Which I would call a major bonus feature. I use them for day hikes (1 pair only) as well as multiple-day backpacking trips (up to 7 nights).

  7. 1 pair for hiking, 1 pair for sleeping. generic department store nylon compression shorts.
    hikes from 1-2 nights.

  8. I bring two pairs of either Ex Officio give and go boxer briefs or Saxx kinetic boxer briefs on trips longer that 2 days – wash one, wear one. Lately I’m liking the Saxx more than the Ex Officio – they have a better fit.

  9. I only take one pair of undershorts with me whether the trip is just an overnighter or if it is three weeks long. I use a pair of Champion Powertrain compressing shorts. These are completely versatile. They look so good, I can take off my hiking shorts and wear these into a laundromat. More importantly, they absorb sweat like a sponge, do not stink (badly) after a week of desert trekking in 100F. temps and they wash out quickly and cleanly at night when they do need washing. Dry in AM after hanging on line in tent or outside if weather is decent. I know large well known companies have great products but the price I paid for these lasting Champions I save enough for a case of cold beers at a squirreled away dusty backcountry bar. And I like the honeycomb pattern on the shorts. It keeps me looking and smelling sweet.

  10. two pairs for 2-3 days. Loved EMS boyshorts, but they don’t make them anymore – so the lightest “barely there” type undies there are come with me now.

  11. On a 3 day trip, I wear 9″ UA boxer briefs and carry a pair of 6″ boxer briefs for sleeping. Longer than that I bring a second pair of 9″ and wash one, wear one.

  12. I take Icebreaker Everydaywear merino Boxers (2 pairs on Multi week walks) and an Icebreaker 200 merino longsleeved base top layer and a Crane merino shortsleeved base top layer.
    My walks last from 2 to 36 days.
    I find that they magically suppress smelliness, wash and dry quickly, regulate body temp. well and are very comfortable.

  13. i go commando on all but my coldest weekend trips.Then I have a pair of Ebtek polypro longjohns that I bring along.

    • I went commando for several decades but after being assailed by comments from readers of all sorts I gave the new underwear units a try. I now realize that dirty, crusty, slimy and above all, foul-stinky shorts and pants are a thing of the past and could have saved me many an embarrassing moments while meeting the ladies and having camping buddies complain of the stench. I now wear washable and quick drying underwear and of course on those cold below zero nights, long underwear. I did not really realize how much of a party killer the stench was till I rectified the situation with smarter choices. Happy walking.

  14. Two pair of ExOfficio Give-n-Go underwear. One to wear while hiking and one to wear at night. Very lightweight, super quick drying, and very comfortable. They can be rinsed out and dry quickly, even in high humidity. Best underwear purchase ever.

  15. My trips are usually 3-5 days long and I will two pair – one for the trail and a clean pair for sleeping. I have the Ex-Officio Give n Go Boxer Briefs.

  16. Most of my trips are weekend to five day trips. I wear one pair and pack one pair of Patagonia silkweight boxers, the same underwear that I wear 365 days a year. They weigh only 2.7 oz., breathe extremely well and are easy to wash and quick to dry. Stink is not an issue with them because I wash them at least every other day. They are somewhat expensive so I typically buy them when they are on sale. Usually the ugliest patterns are the ones on sale, which matters little to me and which my wife will readily confirm.

  17. Champion C9 Long for 4 days.

  18. Two pairs of Calvin Klein polyester/nylon undies for me. One pair to wear and one to change to. Same underwear I wear everyday hiking or working. Don’t even know they are there. Most of my trips are 1 to 2 nighters.

  19. I always wear 1 pair and carry a second pair of under armour briefs. Gives me one dry pair and one pair I am wearing. Doesn’t matter the length of the trip, generally all I carry is 1 change of everything (clothing wise) :)

  20. For 2 days wked backpacking, I take one set of underwear. Material is wicked one (polyester for bras and panty and wool socks) but it still take a lot of time to dry out after sweat a lot because they are directly touching skins. I just don’t want to wear same underwear again next day, so I bring 2 sets if I do 3 days backpacking. If it’s more than 3 days, I consider wash, dry at the tent site, then use… (I hope it’s not rainy days when I wash…)

  21. I wear one and have one as a spare — light nylon swimming trunks with inserts. They serve me well and are easy to wear and wash. I go out for a week at a time in the Adirondacks with them.

  22. I either wear under armor or Nike pro combat. I like the length that goes to mid thigh. I usually take one extra pair even though they are easy to rinse out I like yo always have a dri pair. My trips are mostly three to five nights

  23. Two pairs of Under Armour boxer briefs. No more than a week.

  24. I bring two for trips up to two weeks and beyond. They’re something from Adidas, moisture wicking. While I’m wearing one, the other one is typically hanging on my pack drying out from being washed.

  25. I bought three pairs of black polyester compression shorts years ago for wearing under soccer shorts when I play ultimate frisbee, and that’s become my standard hiking “lingerie” as well. I bought them at Olympia Sports (the house brand or these is called “Strops”) for about $20 a pair, and they work great: no chafe, no noticeable odor retention, they wick moisture well, they have lasted for years, and the price can’t be beat. I’m sure more expensive undies are better made, but I just bring myself to buy a $60 pair of underwear when I can get three pairs for the same price. I usually bring two pairs with me: one to wear, and one to sleep in. My trips are usually only one or two nights, so two pairs are all I need.

  26. 1 pair Ex Officio w/ 6″ inseam on all my trips no matter what length. I used to wear UA boxer briefs but have found the Ex Officio to be more comfortable and more breathable.

  27. I always bring the same two pears of UA underwear no matter how long my trip is. They are the perfect solution and pack in nicely!

    My trips are typically 2-3 days.

  28. I usually bring only one pair. A UA synthetic that dries exceedingly fast. I rinse this out at night by dumping some water on them before switching to my long johns. They are usually dry by morning, but not always. Good thing they are thin!

  29. -2 pair
    -REI Boxer Briefs featuring moisture wicking fabric
    -up to 8 days

  30. One pair of Ex Officio boxer briefs. I switch to a pair of long johns in camp and for sleeping – the weight of which depends on how cold it is.

  31. I wear one pair and bring a second – Ex Officio boxer briefs (to avoid chafing), wash daily and rotate. My sleepwear until it gets close to freezing is a pair of running shorts with built-in liner, so that is backup.

  32. Ex Officio boxer briefs. Depending on the trip length, if overnight I take just what I’m wearing, anything more than that and I’ll take an extra pair.

  33. Funny, the only place I wear cotton is my underwear. I know, I know… The problem with synthetics is that I seat a lot and they dry too fast, so what I’m left with is a crust of salt at the border of my butt cheeks and a painful rawness from the rubbing! The cotton stays wet and I don’t end up with that problem. Unfortunately I have to bring a pair of undies for each day I plan to be out and change into the clean pair before bedtime.

  34. I meant to say “sweat a lot” not “seat a lot”…

  35. I’ve only done short weekend trips so far. One spare pair per night. They are very lightweight fabric, Patagonia brand.

  36. 2 pairs of cotton boxers. One to wear while the other is begin washed or dried. Usual trip is 3-5 days.

  37. One pair of microfiber boxers to sleep in, and comando for maximum airflow while hiking, regardless of whether I’m on an overnight or a thru-hike.

  38. 1 pair of lycra shorts, they get rinsed in water at the end of each day. This works fr me for anything up to a week.

  39. I carry two pairs of Ex Officio’s—that way I can wash and dry a pair as needed. I add under layer long johns in colder weather—top and bottom. This holds true for any trip 3 days or more. Shorter than that I’ve gotten by with one pair. After all, I can always go commando while washing the one pair if I need to do so!

  40. 2 pair of under armor boxer jocks and hike 35-40 miles.

  41. My backpacking trips are 2 to 5 days and I wear one pair of Under Armor boxer briefs.

  42. I usually don’t take underwear with me, especially on long trips. On shorter trips, like weekend trips, I sometimes bring one pair of Ex Oficio boxers. They work well, dry quick, and can be cleaned easy. However, I often ‘go commando’. My trips range in length, I do frequent weekend trips, a few longer trips a year, and I have also done the A.T. in one go.

  43. Two pairs is enough for me, usually the UA is the best company to buy from, at least for underwear. Double D

  44. I bring only the pair I wear in. But my trips are usually only 1-2 nights.

  45. For the Arizona Trail, I had two pairs of Ex Officio mesh boxers. One was solely a backup in case of disaster. I wore the primary pair every day except for laundry days, when I wore a pair of running shorts.

    For any trips longer than 2 days, I use the same setup.

  46. I take on pair of Ex Officio Give-n-Go boxers for the one pair of regular shorts I wear. More often I’ll wear running shorts. Trips are over nighters to six days.

  47. Exofficio boxers with one spare. A good trip for me is one week

  48. Just the ones I’m wearing. Ibex Woolies boxer brief – Merino wool blend – 4 oz. No odor – no chaffing – no itching. Easy to clean and quick to dry.

    Trips are usually 7 to 14 days.

  49. I usually pack two pairs of underwear, for trips ranging anywhere from one day to a week. I usually use a pair of Ex Officio boxers but have also tried Under Armour Heat Gear pairs before as well. I find that both perform equally well although I prefer the fit of Ex Officio’s a bit more.

    What I like to do is wear a clean pair of sleeping shorts at night to help keep odor and grime down. This lets me wear a pair longer while out on the trail. If I’m going to be out longer than a week I still only bring two pairs and just trail wash the other pair at some point in my trip. Following Leave No Trace rules of course. No one wants to see some grungy hiker hunched over scrubbing a pair of undies on rocks in a pristine stream or lake.

  50. 2 pairs Terramar compression shorts (one to wash and dry while wearing the other). They keep my thighs from jiggling, which makes them red and irritated after a few miles.

  51. Usually two pairs of jockey athletic boxer briefs. I like to do trips three to five days.

  52. I never thought I would be discussing my underwear…but here goes. So far I’ve taken 2 pair of Ex-officio bikini briefs. Trips are generally 3 to 4 days. My find for this year is the moving comfort X-over bra, let’s hope it’s ‘the one’ I have so far not found the sports bra of my dreams although I’m still trying. I know you weren’t asking about bras necessarily but just had to get that in there :)

  53. 2 pair synthetic boxers, something that dries quickly. Usually 3-5 day hikes.

  54. I use two pair, under armor boxer jocks for hiking and lightweight synthetic boxer briefs for sleeping. My trips vary between 1-5 nights. I also stash a 3rd pair with a change of cloths in the car if possible. Changing into clean underwear, shorts, a cotton Tshirt, and a pair of flip flops is a nice option prior to a post hike beer:)

  55. 2 pair Ex Officio boxer breifs. Trips last 3-8 days.

  56. I always take three pair of REI briefs on a long backpacking trip. I know some may say this is overkill – but I want to be comfortable and this issue is as important to me as proper foot care! Since they are polyester and spandex they don’t chafe, wick away moisture and are very comfortable. The fabric dries fast when I wash them and wring them out and don’t always have the opportunity to hang for a long period. Three pair allow me to ‘rotate’ two and keep another in my bag of zero-day/town clothes.

    Long trips for me are anything more than three days – but usually a week+.

  57. In winter, I wear a Hot Chilli Peachskin base layer and no other underwear. The rest of the year I wear Exofficio Give-n-Go Boxers and only carry an extra pair if I think I might go swimming. Most of my trips are only 1 or 2 nights, but I occasionally get out for a week.

  58. I wear exofficio sport briefs everyday. When I hike I usually go out for 3 or 4 days at a time and I usually just take one pair. I wash my underwear and socks when I get to camp and just hand them to let them dry overnight. They seem to work really well as bear repellent.

  59. 2 pairs of ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxers, washing one each day. Trips are usually 2 to 7 days.

  60. I always bring 1 pair of ExOfficio boxer briefs and one pair of Champion synthetic boxer briefs on my trips. I try to always bring 2 different pairs in case one is causing some chaffing, and of course to switch out on longer trips. I know this is totally overkill for shorter weekend trips where I have only ever used one pair, but I definitely use both on most week long trips (or longer!) I still have my 2 pairs from my 2010 PCT hike, and although the elastic waistband is stretched out and there are holes, they still work great!

  61. Underwear? We’re supposed to wear underwear? I take 0. My trips are 3-4 days.

  62. My trips are typically 2 to 5 days. I wear either Exofficio or REI briefs and don’t carry a second pair as they can be wrung almost dry inside my towel and dry completely while being worn or quickly while I am sleeping.

  63. Stephanie Manosh

    I’ve started wearing Nike Pro Combat compression shorts. They dry quickly and I find them to be quite comfortable… I’ll usually go out with 2 at a time (one wearing, one packed). In the wintertime I switch over to SmartWool briefs. They are also “decent” enough to wear as shorts if it comes down to that…

  64. Two, I wear one and wash one. I’ve been wearing Patagonia boxers for over 20 years (not the same pair :-). They easily dry overnight on my ridge line. My backpacking trips are usually 4 days. These shorts are also great for travel.

  65. I Take 2 pairs regardless of trip duration (typical 2-5 days). One to wear, and one for emergencies/back-up. Typically two different brands of wicking boxer-briefs, though I have been known to take a boxer-brief and some briefs depending on heat/chaffing. Exofficio or Champion seem to work for me, YMMV

  66. I always take two pair: Ex Officio boxers for hiking and Icebreaker merino boxers to put on at night. On any trip longer than a simple overnight, I bring a second set of the Ex Officio in case one should get wet (intentionally or unintentionally). This gives me one to wear, one to dry, and a guaranteed “fresh” set each night.

  67. I always take 2 pairs no matter how long I go . Overnight or 20 days. Exofficio boxers my choice .

  68. I take one with me, the one pair I am already wearing. This is for shorter weekend trips (2-3 days max). If I am going car camping with the wife, I’ll bring an extra pair or two along just to mitigate the stink factor. Never more than 3 even for a week though.

    I always wear the REI brand synthetic boxer briefs. They are very similar to the ExOficio brand, but a few dollars cheaper usually. Can’t beat them.

  69. For a 2 day trip I’ll just bring the one pair that I’m wearing. Anything longer (3-4 days max for me) I’ll pack a second pair to change into. I wear regular old Champion synthetic boxer briefs.

  70. I mostly dayhike so just the pair I have on.
    Three Seasons – Reebok synthetic boxer briefs that I get on the cheap at Sam’s Club.
    Winter – Icebreaker Merino Wool long johns

  71. take two in backpack and one already wearing,this has been done walking the pennine way over 14 days.i always use under armour heatgear for summer hikes and the coldgear for winter hikes

  72. I always take two pairs Champion boxer briefs whether my trips last two days to 7 days. Can always wash a pair in the stream and hang from my pack for drying purposes. If I’m a little “gamey” I don’t care, helps to smell natural to keep the bugs at bay.

  73. Martin Desjardins

    I take 2 to 3 pairs of UnderArmour HeatGear Performance, they are really comfortable and well adapted to hiking. My hiking trips are between 3 to 5 days of backpacking.

  74. 1) Zero. 2) Zero. 3) Usually a day or a weekend.

  75. My trips typically are 3-10 days. On all, I always bring three pairs of undies: one to wear, one clean and drying, and one dirty. There can always be a storm that prohibits laundry and I cannot stand hiker butt. Ex Officio women’s briefs are my faves. If you haven’t guessed, underwear is my one backcountry luxury item.

  76. 1 in the bag, 1 on the hips. Ex-officio. Anywhere from 3 to 9 days. On the longer trips, I may have a dead drop with an extra pair.

  77. So far I’m only day hiking, but hoping to go on an overnight trip before the season is out. I always wear my women’s Stoic boy shorts on the trail. When I backpack, I will put a second pair in the pack. Total of two pair, no matter how long the trip might get.

  78. One to two pairs of 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane boxer shorts of random brands – whichever happen to be on the top of the clean laundry stack. One pair of underwear for 1-2 days, two pairs for any longer trips, usually up to 2 weeks.

  79. Inside, outside, front, back. So one pair.

  80. Two pair of nylon briefs bought on clearance from Campmor. I wear one and keep another packed with my clothing. My trips range anywhere from two to five days. I change into the clean(er) pair and wash the other daily.

  81. I typically take two pair of quick-dry non-cotton boxer briefs on my hiking trips, which may last three to eight days. One pair to wear and the other gets washed and dried in the evenings.

  82. Typically, for a trip of 3 days or longer, I will bring three pairs of synthetic fiber boxer briefs.(including the pair I am wearing). I usually get them at walmart as they run about $10 a pair.

  83. I will wear one pair and carry another pair of Exofficio Boxer Briefs. On longer trips without opportunities to rinse them out I might add another pair.

  84. I typically take two pair of non-cotton boxer briefs. My hikes are usually 3-5 days Wear one pair and the other gets washed and dried in the evenings. I have a few different brands, but all are good.

  85. Hi all
    I only wear my time to run pace shorts underneath my trousers and don’t take any spare.Most of my trips are over a long weekend normally Fri to sun.

  86. 2pair of polyester briefs. Not sure of brand. Bought 10 on Sierra trading post. Usually gone for a week. One for sleeping in and one to wear. Wash when needed

  87. I wear a pair of Exoficio. I don’t bring another pair. May carry running shorts to hike/swim in or wear while I wash/dry my Exoficios.

  88. I’m usually backpacking for between 2-5 days. I normally take 2 pair of Exoffico boxer briefs – 1 for hiking & 1 for camp/emergency backup

  89. I take one pair of Ex-Officio boxer briefs to hike in and one pair of 3/4 length UNIQLO non-cotton underwear to sleep in. It’s always nice to have something clean and slightly warmer to sleep in. I generally take trips between 3 and 5 nights.

  90. On anything more than a day hike, two pair. Right now I’m alternating between ExOfficio’s Give-n-Go boxer brief, and Stoic’s merino wool boxer brief.

  91. Matthew Nethercott

    I bring one pair of running shorts with built-in underwear and my trips are usually two to three days in length. I also bring a gallon zip-lock bag and a small dropper of bleach to do “laundry” if needed.

  92. Zero. I dispensed with them as a teenager and never looked back. Trip length doesn’t matter.

  93. For a multi-day, summertime, Sierra trek, I wear one pair of Under Armour or Nike nylon/spandex athletic compression boxer briefs. Addresses chafing and keeps everything in its place. Wicking and quick dry. Doubles as a swimsuit. Wash every couple of days. I also carry a pair of silk long-johns for sleeping and a contingency layer in case of cold.

  94. Standard brief load is two; one to wear and one as spare. Works so far for trips up to four days. Rinse and dry as possible.

  95. I use two pairs of Ex officio nylon briefs; one to wear and one in the pack. My backpacking trips are usually 3 to 9 days.

  96. The only pair of underwear I bring is the pair I wear. The trip could be 1 night or 10 nights and I’m still going to rock only a single pair.

  97. For a weekend trip just one and if more than 2 nights I will bring an extra pair. I have always worn Russell Athletic boxer briefs synthetic that are a under armour knock off and considerably less expensive but durable and wicking.

  98. I usually take 1 generic pair of synthetic boxer briefs and there is usually another pair in the backpack no matter the length of the trip. I’ve been caught in a few storms that drenched me to the bone so it was nice to have at least something dry. Same thing with socks

  99. I take one pair of ExOfficio boxer briefs and wash them if I need to. It’s usually pretty dry in the Cascades, so I can rinse them off and let them hang in camp and they dry out pretty quick. I’m usually only out 3-5 days and I don’t have to deal with rain, so 1 pair is fine for me.

  100. I wear standard boxer-briefs, the cotton variety. I know im committing a sin when I do this, but I haven’t had any chafing problem yet (knock on wood). I’m planning to get moisture wicking underarmor briefs in the near future.

    My trips vary from daylong trips to 3 day backpacks. I usually will bring 2 or 3 pairs for the longer ones.

  101. Terramar Body Sensors Thermolator ll boxer briefs (Maybe 1 extra pair ) for 2 or 3 days out .

  102. Does commando count?

  103. Great raffle!

    With two season backpacking I take one pair with me. An Icebreaker merino. I wear a pair of Patagonia Baggies light shorts with an inner mesh lining so boxers are not necessary.

    My trips usually go from daytrip or a overnighter.

  104. Synthetic Boxer briefs. 2 pairs for 3-7 days and third for anything longer

  105. I take 2 pair of exoffico mesh briefs on a 3-7 day trip

  106. Who wears underwear. My average trip is 4 days and I go commando

  107. I always take one extra pair of underwear for every three days of full backpacking. So for a trip of 6 days, I will take one pair in my backpack because I am wearing one. For 9 days, it will be two packed.

    I like underwear with spandex built in and that are a longer cut as it helps to prevent ‘between the leg’ chaffing. My current favorite are Nike Core Compression Underwear with 6″ legs.

    Trip length is anywhere from 3 days to 9.

  108. I take two pair of Ex Officio briefs, which is really 4 pair if you count the inside and outside. Average trip 4 days.

  109. Weekend trips only: one pair ex-officio women’s briefs

  110. I take two pairs of ExOfficio, one that I wear the whole time and one I keep as a dry backup. Right now I’m doing 2-5 day backpacking trips and this combination seems to be just right. I’m planning a 100 mile wilderness trip in the fall and I may up consider adding a third pair. ExOfficio is the only underwear I’ve ever worn while backpacking and can’t image using anything else.


  111. Depends a little. 2-3 days I usually go with just one pair of boxer briefs (ex officio or under armor) but will usually have light base layers for sleeping. On longer trips it can be nice to have an extra pair so that I can wash and dry one and wear the other.

  112. I wear Ex Officio briefs – synthetic for quick drying. I take 1 pair for weekends and 2 pair for anything over 2-3 nights.

  113. Joshua Rousselow

    I consistently wear Under Armor Heat Gear Mesh boxer briefs (the same kind you posted a discount on a few weeks ago. So far I have only taken one short with my as a standard. They are really easy to wash and dry quickly. I use them for hiking, biking, and this past year for hunting. I am preparing for a PCT thru hike so I may need to integrate one more boxer jock into that rotation. Thanks!

  114. 2 – I wear one pair, and carry one spare pair.
    Both are 85 % poly 15% cotton boxer jocks made by jockey, and sell for about $20 for 3 pairs :)

    My trips are 3 days to 3 weeks long.
    I wash them every couple of days.

    I bring 1 spare pair even on 3 day trips in case it rained all day and I want dry clothes in camp.

  115. I wear a hiking kilt…the proper way.

  116. I always take 2-3 pairs – 1 pair of boxer briefs for hiking, mesh for warm weather and wool/mesh blend in winter. My 2nd pair is typically a rayon or cotton boxer for sleeping. If it’s a weekend trip then 2 pairs total, if it’s 4 nights or more I’ll take 2 pairs of hiking underwear, but I rarely do trips this long.

  117. Been wearing some synthetic MEC boxer briefs lately. I usually just bring two pairs – alternating and washing when dirty. Usually go on hikes for 4+ days – hard to get my friends together for any hikes that take more than a week though.

  118. Two pairs of Terramar high performance boxer briefs regardless of length of trip (also my daily wear).

  119. Mchael Brouillette

    I take two pairs of Ex-officio on my long distance thru hike the ones I’m wearing and one in my pack. The hikes are four to six months at a time…. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  120. I mostly day hike but will stay over one night once or twice a year. In either case I only have the pair I’m wearing. They are Jockey Life boxer briefs.

  121. jennifer kirkman

    One to sleep in one to hike in. Ex Officio always. Rinses well and dries fast. Usually out for 4 to 14 days.

  122. My trips last 3-6 days and bring only what i can wear. Usually a Merino wool brief, either Patagonia or Ibex Wear. They wear out fast but love the breathability.

  123. I don’t always wear underwear while backpacking but when I do, I wear exofficio, 1 pair for 3 days. 2 days if its real hot.

  124. You guys are way beyond me. Tightie whities, two pair.

  125. freedom =>
    pairs= 0!
    days/nights = any!

  126. Wear 1, carry one. Cheapo holeproof hero briefs. Anywhere up to 7 days, after that I take another pair

  127. Target C-9 synthetic
    Always just one pair.
    My backpacking trips last from just 24 hour adventures to over a week

  128. I usually take two pair of poly type for a week trip. One pair is kept for sleeping, the other is washed periodically.

  129. 2 pairs of Terramar mesh briefs (85% poly; 15% spandex; dry quick). My trips are 1-5 days. If I was to hike longer, I think I’d take 3 pairs.

  130. I’m a big fan of the Under Armor mesh boxer jocks. They help prevent chafing, dry super fast and are very comfortable. Two pair for my usual five to seven day trips is all I need.

  131. No name brand, just lightweight micro-fiber briefs
    wear one and two in the pack
    same for any length, just wash as needed.

  132. Depends on the trip but for most short trips (a week or less) 2 boxer type work. I usually use performance underwear like BCG. Easy to wash and dry very fast.

  133. Two pair of exofficio give-n-go boxer briefs. Usually 3 days to two weeks

  134. Nike running shorts with built in liner. Light and durable. Two or three pair depending on trip.

  135. Two pair of synthetic (nylon/polyester) boxer briefs. Backpack trips are usually 3-4 days. If I’m hunting I’m base-camping so I afford the luxury of 1 pair/day.

  136. I take 2 pair of Patagonia synthetic undies–one to wear and one to wash. I prefer four- or five-day or longer trips; why gear up for only one or two nights?

  137. I take one extra pair of champion C9 boxer briefs. My trips are typically one night or two nights long.

  138. Synthetic underwear is so light and compressible, I usually carry one pair for each day out on the trail. After hiking all day and sometimes with no shower to look forward to, a fresh pair is like fresh air. My favorites are Exofficio Give-n-Go and Jockey Microfiber. The Jockeys are a little tight though. I have been satisfied with these two so I have yet to try others like Under Armour, Adidas Climalite, and Calvin Klein Micro Modal.

  139. I wear 1 and pack 1. I have a few different brands of compression shorts that I wear and majority of my trips are just overnights with the Boy Scouts.

  140. Ex-officio. Wear one and have in the bag. Same on short or long trips. Rotate and wash every couple of days.

  141. I started thinking about what to write then read your second example. You pretty much nailed it.

    Any trip longer than 2 nights I’ll have 2 pair of ExOfficio Give N Go boxer briefs: one on and one packed.

  142. My husband likes the ExOfficio brand. He has slowly been building up a collection of these for non-hiking days as well. He is on the trail a lot, leads a lot of hikes and backpacking trips. The hikes can be anywhere from a few miles to 10-12 miles a day.

  143. Two, usually. One pair compression shorts for hiking and one pair boxers or long johns for sleeping.

  144. The easy answer is 2 (not including long underwear in the winter).
    Generally speaking I hike in one pair, then like to change them for sleeping in. My trips are usually 1 to 4 nights. This year I have some longer trips planned.
    I started out wearing cotton, which proved to be a HORRID idea. Hiking out west got me in big trouble. I switched to some really expensive underarmor and they were good. As they wore out or I just needed more, I starting wearing synthetic Starter brand that you can get at Wal-Mart.
    Honestly, the Wal-Mart Starter brand have proven to be my favorite. They are cheap, comfortable and can take a beating.

  145. One pair non cotton boxer briefs. I switch between trips from ex officio boxer briefs to Adidas nylon boxer briefs. If I need to wash them, I’ll go for a swim. I usually go from two to four day trips. Needing to change underwear normally isn’t that big of a deal, to me, if I’m hiking

  146. Generally on a 5+/- day trip I will have the pair I wear and two extras. Under Armor, ex officio or Target Champion synthetic boxer briefs.

  147. As a rule, I take one more pair of underwear than the number of days I’ll be traveling, but on hikes I take two. I wear some off brand I bought at Target that is similar to UA Boxerjocks.

    Most of my hikes are 2-3 days.

  148. If it’s above freezing then zero.

  149. I bring one pair of Ex Officio Give & Go boxers and a pair of Mountain Hardwear’s Refueler Running shorts. The running shorts are light and thin enough to double as both underwear and a swimsuit. Both dry extremely fast so washing them and swaping them out as needed is quick and easy on any length trip! :-)

  150. Will always take 2 pairs, one to hike in, and a dry/clean pair for sleeping, with Ziplock bag washing on the trail as necessary in line with LNT best practices. In warmer weather I hike in REI mesh poly briefs, using Icebreaker merino wool boxers in cooler weather and/or when there is a chance of getting soaked by rain. Most overnight trips run 3-5 days, with the occasional 2-3 week section hike.

  151. I wear Adidas mesh boxer briefs. They provide ample support, breathe exceedingly well, and we’re on sale at a discount store. Two pair works well, so I always have a clean dry pair while the other is airing out.

    Most of my trips range 3-7 days.

  152. I wear Ex Officio panties. One pair worn, one to sleep in. Clean the worn pair each night…or just swim in them! My average trips are 3-5 nights. Never chafe, never smelly!

  153. Underwear??? It is a nice watch…

    On shorter trips of a few days, one pair. On trips of several days, I wear one, take one. Icebreaker wool briefs which they used to call something silly and manly like “The Beast” but which they now call “Anatomical Briefs”, since, I suppose, they have expanded their line for the ladies.

    But in answer to the general question of boxers or briefs? Why, boxers, of course. Thank you for asking.

  154. Hello Hanson Lifa. 2 pairs and faultless kit. On the TGO Challenge 2015 for two weeks they were dry and comfortable.

  155. None unless expected temp below freezing, then I take one pair long silkweights

  156. I bring a pair for each day, but my trips are usually only 3 days at the most. If my trips were longer, I’d probably rotate.

    I have a bunch of older mesh boxer briefs from REI or Ems. At home I wear boxers, but on long hikes I wear boxer briefs because they stay in place better, and cover more of the leg.

  157. 3, 2 briefs I alternate on days and wash when needed made by ex officio, and one pair of wool boxers.

  158. exofficio – trips from 2 days to 2 weeks

  159. I wear compression type underwear while out and if its 1-4/5ish days then I only bring what I am wearing. Anything longer and I will bring a spare and alternate while the other is being washed/dried.

  160. I always take a pair of SmartWool Lightweight Boxer

  161. I wear Under Armour panties. We have an outlet at the factory near us. They are pretty well made and not expensive. Pre-baby the trips were 3 to 7 days hoping in a year or two be back up there again with him.

  162. Lately, REI boxerbriefs. On a weend trip, just one pair will do.. For the 3-5 day outings, two pair.

  163. None, or whatever was cheapest at the store that day. Not a fancy lady, me. My trips are generally only 2 or maybe 3 days. As my kids get older, hoping to extend that.

  164. Boxer/briefs by under armour, generally I always bring at least 2 pairs (one on and one extra) most trips are 2-3 days.

  165. I bring 2 pair of jockey synthetic boxers. I have a daytime and nighttime pair. I have done this for trips last a weekend to 2 weeks. For the longer trips I do some trail wash about 5-7 days in….

  166. I hike in shorts with integrated mesh underwear, so technically I don’t wear any underwear when I’m hiking so I don’t bring any. I do this whether I’m out for the weekend or for several weeks.

  167. I ususally choose going commando on most overnight trips. Anything longer than 2 nights and I will carry some lightweight synthetic undies(just in case).

  168. 2 cotton pairs – normally only the weekend. Thanks for the chance!

  169. Day hike to multi day backpack trips I wear a pair of spandex/compression shorts as underwear.

  170. Two pairs of Ex Officio briefs – one I’m wearing and the other dry one for camp. Generally, most of my trips are just overnighters.

  171. Seems like 2 pair is the sweet spot (that sounds weird). Ex officio Give and Go are the most comfortable so far.

  172. 1 Pair of boxerbriefs underwear /1 pair of running shorts per trip to sleep in (which can double as a second pair in a pinch if needed).

    Trips are usually 3 to 4 days. And that’s a nice watch!

  173. At least a few pair for trips even a weekend in length, which is what most trips are. They don’t add much weight, after all…

  174. My current passion is hiking the various Caminos in Spain and I use either the ex-officio boxers or the REI equivalents — three pair usually, though I can get by with two. The REI versions are ever so slightly lighter than Ex-officio, but not quite as sturdy. These are typically 400+ mile hikes, but with hand-washing facilities at the end of each day (usually). They work fine, though being a tall person (6’6″), I wish the rise were another inch longer!

  175. I have two Smartwool briefs that I try to reserve for backpacking trips only. I usually take trips between three and seven days (between 50 and 150 miles). They work great for me and I have no complaints! :)

  176. Regardless of number of days out (usually 5-10) 2 pairs of compression shorts. They dry fast and double as a swimming suit should a lake look inviting. I have bad chafing problems on inner thighs and a little bit north :/ (tried multiple solutions until I stumbled on this one), so I pull the leg material up and scrunch the material in the groin region. This has stopped chaffing. It also worked for one of my buddies so I now recommend it regularly.

  177. 3 pairs ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxers — blue, gray, and green — keep me going a week without washing, forever when a sink is available. Cool and comfortable, they double-up as stream-crossing shorts.

  178. Steve McAllister

    I like to bring two pairs of Ex Officio nylon boxers.
    like many others I can wash and dry one pair while I wear the clean(er) ones. I do this on any trip no matter the length.

  179. Usually I wear one of these underwear designed for travel, which are washed in the evening and are dry in the morning. Usually plenty of streams to do that. My trip are usually 2 or 3 nights, will extend with experience.

  180. If I plan to hike any significant distance, I go with 2 pairs of Adidas Climalite boxer briefs. My trips are typically weekend or extended weekend trips, 3-5 days.

  181. I bring Two extra pair of synthetic (no cotton) boxer briefs for a 3 day Hike

  182. I only use exofficio boxer briefs for backpacking. They are light, dry fast, have insect shield and can be washed very easy. I bring one extra pair and usually go on 2-4 day trips.

  183. I use the built-in webbing of my hiking shorts or wind breaker pants for one or two night trips. Sleep in silk

  184. I tyically wear cotton boxers unless I know it’s going to be hot out, then I wear synthetic boxer briefs, usually Champion brand, during the day and cotton at night.
    My trips are anywhere from 3-6 days with a change of underwear for every 2 days of the trip unless I can wash them along the trail.
    Yes, I know, cotton is bad, but it wears more comfortably especially at night.

  185. Jennifer Tislerics

    One pair of Patagonia briefs for every 2-3 days on the trail, with a fresh pantyliner for each day (keeps them much fresher). The briefs protect my bum from chafing on my pants seams, wick moisture nicely and are soft.

    My trips typically go for 7-11 days, unless I’m taking my 9 year old niece along – she’s not ready for a whole week, yet. :)

  186. I wear Under Armor compression boxers when I backpack. I usually bring those and one other pair of my normal cotton boxers. My trips are normally only for the weekend or extended weekend.

  187. I typically wear running shorts as underwear on backpacking trips. They work great, don’t chafe and don’t look weird if you want to walk around camp in them. I splurge on underwear and bring a fresh pair for every day. my trips range from 1 night to 5 nights. I think if you are going to add in a luxury item this should be it!

  188. I wear 1 and take one. Both are 100% nylon with fly seen closed so they can be worn as swimsuit and as temp shorts on laundry day!

  189. Hanes boxers or commando with a baithing suit and 8+ miles

  190. I wear Russell Sport Performance boxer briefs. For a typical 3 day trip, I’ll bring two pair. For a week long trip, I bring 3. They’re cheap and can be found at Wal-Mart, but they’re 90% poly/ 10% spandex and do the job.

  191. I do not wear underwear. This prevents chaffing for me. Have you ever worn rain soakef pants after a huge downpour? Not fun.

    My trips are from day trips to muti-overnights.

  192. Ex officio boxers. Wear one take one. Usually 2 to 3 is all i can take once a month if I’m lucky. Feeding the family and keeping the lights on takes overtime hours. Very nice watch.

  193. Two pairs of Exoficcio boxers no matter how long the trip. Mostly I do weekends but have done a couple 2 week trips. Always 2 pair. Have tries several other brands and styles but come back to these.

  194. None. I wear water cargo shorts with built in mesh. Lately I’ve added one pair cotton briefs for sleeping after I’ve cleaned the funk off. Most trips or section hikes are 70-100 miles

  195. ExOfficio briefs; two-three day trips

  196. 2 pair Road Runner black briefs 88% coolmax polyester, 12% Lycra spandex. Quick drying, odor resistant, no chafing, comfortable. Three day to two week outings.

  197. ExOfficio briefs. Usually 2-3 pair depending on the length of the trip. Great support and wick moisture nicely. The trips last from 3 – 15 days.

  198. Spandex boxers for women. For weekend trips, 2 pares, if it’s going to be much longer I prefer to have 3 to be safe. They don’t chafe and are easy to wash. I don’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable in hot or cold temperatures.

  199. I wear a pair plus I carry one pair of Underamor underwear.

  200. I always wear one pair and have a spare pair of ExOfficio mesh boxers on any trip of 2 days to 1 week. They are very comfortable and dry easily over every night after washing.

  201. Margaret Hutchinson

    Ex Officio panties, 2 pairs just like my socks. Wash a pair of each every day. That’s been my routine for all trips of about 5 – 7 days. On a shorter trip I might bring a pair per day. I have an upcoming trip of 9 days and might bring 3 pairs of undies and socks to reduce the washing chore….

  202. I usually take a single pair of Ex Officio boxer briefs. My trips are usually two to three nights so washing isn’t normally an issue.

  203. I bring 2 pair of ExOfficio ExGive-N-Go Boxers for Summer backpacking
    5-60 day trips. I wash one pair and within 2.5 hours in sun & wind I have a
    clean dry underwear. They are breathable, lightweight, odor resistant and no
    chafing even when damp or wet. In Winter backpacking 5-30 day trips I
    bring 2 pair of SmartWool NTS Light 195 Boxer Briefs they are warm, feel
    good, fit great and wear great! Again no chafing, moisture wicking, excellent
    in 20-70 degree weather. The waist band doesn’t dig in with layers of
    long johns, pants, and pack waist belt all pressing inward. They are little
    tight in the crotch but is manageable.

  204. Most of the times I wear Under Armour boxers, but almost any synthetic boxers are fine. Sometimes I carry an extra pair but usually I’ll just wash the ones I’m wearing. Never really had any chafing problems so I haven’t thought about underwear that much.

  205. I hiked the first two-thirds of the Appalachian Trail (in 2.5 months) in one pair of generic cotton boxers, and in the next year when doing the second one-third (1.5 months) I switched to a pair of ExOfficio boxers (not the briefs). Since then I always take them on every hike and I never take more than the one pair I wear. I washed them about once every week in town when also I washed every other piece of my clothing.

    My hikes have shortened since finishing the AT, a ton of dayhikes and a couple of 2-3-4 night backpacking trips. Still the same underwear!

  206. I bring 3 pairs of exofficois bikinis. One to wear, one to wash, and one for when I get to town. They are so light weight, it feel I can afford to take the 3.

  207. I usually ear one pair and bring a second pain of the thin Starter Compression shorts as underwear. They give great support, don’t chafe and can serve as a quickpair of swim trunks if needed. My trips usually last between three to five days.

  208. I wear one and bring one since my trips are only a few days. I’ve never chaffed, so I just wear Under Armour that I wear every day.

  209. Patagonia Active Hipster because they dry extremely quickly and the waist band sits comfortably and doesn’t roll up or cut into my hips. I typically go on long weekend trips but sometimes go on week long excursions. No matter how long my trip, I take two pairs and try to wash the spare pair daily. The waist band on my ExOfficio doesn’t dry as quickly as my Patagonias, which causes discomfort and chaffing on my hips.

  210. haha, is this REALLY any of your business? Just kidding ;)

    I take long hikes (month-long) and take two Jockey bikinis…and – the Goddess forbid – they are a cotton blend. Yup, dry super fast, feel awesome and keep my seat from blemishes and chafing.

  211. Three pair of REI MTS briefs for trips longer than three days. I wash socks and underwear every couple of days. I take a basin cut from the bottom of a milk jug. It is also handy for dipping water out of streams where a bottle doesn’t really work. Or if you carry collapsible bottles.

    I change socks and underwear when going to bed. I learned to do that as a Boy Scout in Louisiana. It greatly reduced the number of chigger bites.

  212. I only take the pair I am wearing and then have a swimsuit that also doubles as a night pair. I then wear swimsuit and rain jacket while doing laundry. Average trip a 7-10 days.

  213. Skip the grundies, go commando. Just make sure to bring your Goldbond

  214. I take 3 pairs of Under Armour boxers. 2 pairs to hike in and 1 pair for sleeping.

  215. I take 2 pairs with me – every day I wash the used one. So far my trips haven’t been longer than 7 days and two pair system was working fine for this duration.

  216. 2 pairs of Under Armour Boxerjock – everyday I wash the used one. Great for hiking and never had any issues

  217. I generally take 2 pair of Ex Officio mesh boxer briefs, washing the used pair and letting it dry as we hike/camp. They’ve held up well. My trips last from 2 days to a week.

  218. For 2-3 day trips just one. Longer than that I bring a spare. I use Smart wool 150 merino boxers in all weather. They are light, comfortable, and last a long time.

  219. I take two pair: REI boxer briefs and Ex Officio briefs. Wash one, wear one, every other day. Some trips will include a pair of REI mid-weight long underwear for sleeping in to keep my bag clean and for warmth. Trips lately have only been weekend trips of less than 15 miles.

  220. I take three pairs. 2 sets of ExOfficio boxer briefs and one pair of glorious soft silk boxers to wear at camp. That will take care of me for anywhere from 2 to 7 days,

  221. I’m typically a weekend guy (1-2 nights) and wear 1 pair of box store polypro compression boxers. I’ll rinse out and/or line dry when I reach camp where I put on a pair of cotton (GASP) boxers for comfort sake until morning. Thinking of switching over to mesh though.

  222. During the warm weather I wear Denver Hayes Active shorts feature driWear and antimicrobial and anti-odour treatments.
    During the winter I wear wool icebreakers.
    I do backpacking from 2 to 5 nights out.

  223. typically i my trips last for 3 – 6 days, I take around 3 pairs usually. Hanes Men’s Xtemp is my brand. it’s relatively cheap and comfy. It’s good enough for me!

  224. I always take 3, one to wear, one that is drying (after rinsing) and one just in case I need it.

  225. I take one pair of smartwool merino boxers on typical trips for 1-3 nights. For longer trips I’ll add another pair.

  226. depending on the length of the trip, I typically take 2 – 3 ExOfficio sport boxers . One to wear and one to wash.

  227. 2 or even 3 on longer trips (2 weeks or more). Mostly just UA compression shorts.

  228. I take one extra pair of synthetic underwear that I found at Target. Don’t know the brand

  229. What’s underwear? I typically bring a pair of running shorts and a skirt when hiking during summer for a week or so.

  230. I usually take two pair of Russell Athletic polyester briefs on most of my trips that last three or more days

  231. If I’m leaving for more than a day, I’ll take two pairs. I’ll never take more than that. After a more strenuous stretch of hiking, once my camp is set up, I’ll often swap to the clean pair, throw the worn pair into a Ziploc with some soapy water, and knead them clean. Hang them up to dry overnight, and the next morning, you’ve got a fresh clean pair for next time.

    That said, I sweat a lot in any kind of warm weather, and it STINKS. I wouldn’t skip out on clean underwear, socks, or deodorant on any trip. If I did, I’d never find anyone to hike with.

  232. I Only wear 1 for About a week

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