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How to Deodorize Smelly Trail Runners

Mirazyme - Odor and Mildew Eliminator
Mirazyme – Odor and Mildew Eliminator

Do your trail runners or trail shoes smell like really bad breath?

Do your housemates make you keep them outside because they smell so overpowering, like Dog-sh*t?

Does the smell remain even after regular rinsing?

Do you own a separate pairs for work and socializing because the trail running/hiking pair can’t be worn in public?

All is not lost.

You can easily deodorize trail runners, trail shoes, hiking boots, or sandals using Mirazyme, a gentle deodorizing fungicide that removes bad smells and mildew without harming your shoes or weakening the glues and fabric that hold them together.

Simply add a 1/4 cap of  Mirazyme to a pail of water and let your footware soak for 15 minutes. Then air dry.

An 8 oz bottle will last for 32 applications.

No more smell.

No more dirty looks on public transportation.

Hard to believe it was that simple.

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