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How to Use LineLock Guy Line Tensioners

The guys at RVOps in the UK publish a lot of really great gear reviews and how-to videos on YouTube. Here’s one that caught my eye last week about how to use LineLocks, an ultralight guy line tensioner. I’ve owned these for a few years and never could figure out how to use them, but this video inspired me to try them out last weekend on a 3-day trip where I used them with a silnylon tarp hung over a Hennessey Hammock. They worked great with Kelty Triptease guy lines.


  1. Hi Earlylite, Great site loads of useful information contained within and nice layout too!
    If you are going lightweight have you considered using a truckers hitch in your guy lines? No tensioning device required. I've included the link below but there are a couple of other ways of tying it which are better if the line is already under load, we use it a lot when sailing to gain purchase without using extra kit.

  2. Great animation. For some reason, I have a hard time remembering knots. For years, I've taken cards and string on airplanes, etc., to spend a few hours learning the minimum set, but I can't remember them for more than a week. Looks like a great knot though.

  3. These are fantastic little things. They work really well with quite thin chord. Very strong.

  4. I think the Nite Ize figure-9's are probably better though more complex in the line routing. They don't require a knot and I'd expect the cord to break before they'd slip, but like Earlylite, I tend to forget how to use them.

  5. Funny you should comment on this today. I bought 20 mini lone lock tensions at quest outfitters for 0.45 cents each. I'm going to use them to retrofit the guyline tensioning systems of some of my tents to see if gives me a tauter pitch-easier setup. It's hard to find the line locs in lots smaller than 1000 so this is a good find.

  6. Thank you! I’ve been fumbling with these trying to figure out how to use them for almost a year now. This video made it crystal clear how to thread tbem and then use them. Thanks again!!!

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