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Hummingbird Single Hammock & Tree Straps Review

Hummingbird Single Hammock and Tree Straps

Ease of Setup

Very Lightweight

The Hummingbird Single Hammock is a 8'8" gathered end hammock that weighs 5.1 ounces and folds up into the size of softball, making it an attractive hammock for international travel or camping. The Hummingbird Tree Straps are very lightweight and easy to use.

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The Hummingbird Single Hammock  is an 8’8″ x 3’11” hammock that weighs just 5.1 ounces and folds up into the size of a softball when packed up, making it an attractive hammock for international travel or camping. It’s made with reserve parachute fabric that’s rated for 300 pounds and includes non-metal button carabiners, also called soft shackles, for securing it to tree straps.

The Hummingbird Single Hammock packs up to the size of a softball, making it very easy topack for travel of ultralight backpacking and camping
The Hummingbird Single Hammock packs up to the size of a softball, making it very easy to pack for travel or ultralight backpacking and camping.

Hummingbird also sells a Tree Strap Suspension System that includes 2 x 5′ tree straps and 2 x 40″ Whoopie Slings. Whoopie Slings are a knotless suspension system, like a Chinese finger trap puzzle, that lets you easily adjust the length of the Dyneema Spectra cord (rated for 400 pounds) connecting your hammock to the tree straps so you get a comfortable pitch angle.

The button style soft shackles on the Single Hammock loop through the ends of the Whoopie Slings, so you can hang your hammock without any carabiners or the fixed length loops you find on webbing-based suspension systems. Weighing just 2.3 ounces, the Tree Strap suspension system is also incredibly lightweight, bringing the combined weight Single Hammock and Tree Strap Suspension System to just 7.4 ounces, which takes up very little volume when packed.

The soft shackle attachment system eliminates the need for heavier metal carabiners
The soft shackle attachment system eliminates the need for heavier metal carabiners

If you’re over 6′ tall or you prefer a longer or wider hammock, Hummingbird also offers a Single+ Hammock, which is additional 12 inches in length and 14 inches wider (9’8″ x 5’3″). The Single+ weighs 7.6 ounces, just 2.5 ounces heavier than the Single Hammock, and costs $5 more. As a rule of thumb, the ideal length of a gathered-end hammock for adults is 4′ longer than one’s height and the Single+ provides a lot more space to lie flat with relatively little weight penalty.

The parachute fabric used in both the Single and Single+ Hummingbird Hammocks is actual FAA certified reserve parachute material (PIA-C-44379) uncoated 1.1 oz. calendared ripstop nylon, only made in the United States of America. While it’s thin and ultralight, it has a tensile strength of 50 lbs per square inch, so you can rest assured that it will support you. The uncoated nature of the fabric also keeps the hammock from feeling clammy against your skin, while the windproof requirement of true parachute fabric helps keeps the cold wind at bay. Subsequent use has resulted however in unraveling at the seams, so the long-term durability is in question.

Whichever Hummingbird Hammock you do choose, the Single Hammock or the Single+ Hammock, they really are quite comfortable hammocks to lie in, although you’ll want some kind of nighttime insulation under your back, like a foam pad or underquilt. Coupled with the Hummingbird Tree Strap System, they make an excellent foundation for an ultralight camping or backpacking hammock system.

Disclosure: Hummingbird Hammocks provided the author with these products for review.

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  1. One thing I noticed in my wife’s Single+ is that the fabric had some stretch to it. This had me “sink” into the hammock, which I liked. But I have heard of people preferring non stretch fabrics. My knees were hyperextending in it, so I had to look elsewhere for better fit.

  2. I was looking at this hammock for myself, but you listed thedurability if the hammock at a 1 with no further details. Did this product fail on you?

  3. I like this hammock. I have not used it enough to notice the fraying mentioned. That may come later. My big complaint is with the button system. It is lightweight. It does take up less space. However it is exceedingly difficult to use when the temps go sub 20 and it only gets worse below 0. Part of the problem is they are very hard to button even in warm conditions. Add the cold and gloves and it is near impossible. If you take your gloves off your fingers get so cold so fast you might as well be trying to bend nails. I ultimately had to go to aluminum carabiners to get around the problem. If you don’t cold weather camp this isn’t an issue, but it is still difficult to button.

  4. I had a an extremely poor customer service experience. I have not received the rainfly nor a refund. I like to support small businesses, but this company needs to listen and support their customers.

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