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Lightweight First Aid Gear List

Hiking First Aid Kit
Hiking First Aid Kit

Here’s my homemade first-aid gear list. It’s a little on the heavy side because I use 1/2 oz. ointment tubes instead of disposable packets. I do that for convenience, so I don’t have to replenish it after every trip I take.

1/2 oz. tube, CVS zinc oxide cream0.5 oz.
1/2 oz. tube, Walgreens triple antibiotic ointment0.6 oz.
1/2 oz. tube, Cortaid, 1% hydrocortisone anti-itch cream0.6 oz.
16 benedryl tablets in easy dose pill pouch0.1 oz.
20 ibuprofen tablets in easy dose pill pouch0.4 oz.
6 immodium tablets in easy dose pill pouch 0.1 oz
1 sheet moleskin 2 0.2 oz.
plastic syringe for flushing wounds 0.6 oz
assorted gauze bandages, butterflies, bandaids, loose 0.3 oz.
small role surgical tape 1.2 oz.
 Total, including ziploc sandwich bag 4.6 oz.

I highly recommend that you purchase the NOLS Wilderness Medicine. NOLS believes that the most effective emergency treatment for a serious open wound is to flush it with sterilized (treated) water using a plastic syringe. I had the opportunity to test this last winter with a moderately severe hand wound and I’m now a believer.

Easy dose pill pouches are very small zip lock bags that you can find at large pharmacies. They’re great for keeping your pills dry and clean and weigh virtually nothing.

Zinc oxide is a backpacker essential and is used to cure monkey butt. That’s a technical term for diaper rash.

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  1. You should add a roll or two of vet wrap. It's light, usable in lots of situations such as bandaging and splinting and reusable. Plus, it's light.