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Male Lion Sighted in NY Catskills

Ceasar the Lion on Mt Sugarloaf in the Catskills
Ceasar the Lion on Mt Sugarloaf in the Catskills

Phoenicia, New York

April 1, 2008

A spokesperson with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation announced today that a male lion was sighted over the weekend by backpackers on Peakamoose Mountain. Authorities report that the lion escaped a bedroom in Eastern Massachusetts sometime in the past week. Known as Ceasar, the male lion is extremely lovable but has been known to pin backpackers to the ground and lick their bellybuttons until they pass out from laughter.

Authorities say that there is little danger of the lion harming anyone. Ceasar was raised to eat tofu so as not to intimidate the other stuffed animals that it shares a bed with.

A $100 reward has been posted for any information leading to the return of the lion to the bedroom.

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