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Lowepro Dashpoint 20 Backpack Camera Case Review

Lowepro Dashpoint 20 Camera Case
Lowepro Dashpoint 20 Camera Case

What’s the best way to carry a point-and-shoot camera when you’re backpacking so that your camera is easily accessible when you want it, it doesn’t get in the way of normal activity, it’s in a waterproof compartment to protect it from rain, and it won’t slip off a hip-belt or shoulder strap and disappear forever.

This problem has vexed me for several years but I’ve found a solution – the Lowepro Dashpoint 20 Camera Case – which I used quite successfully on my recent backpacking trip across Scotland in the TGO Challenge. Priced under $20, the Dashpoint Camera Case is a bargain.

The Dashpoint 20 is large enough to fit my Panasonic Lumix LX5 digital camera, but also comes in slightly smaller and larger sizes (Dashpoint 10 and Dashpoint 30) and can be used for carrying other electronic devices such as a cell phone or a GPS. Depending on your needs, it can be carried using a strap (supplied), attached to your belt, or attached to a backpack shoulder strap. I prefer the latter because it places the camera within easy reach of my hand when I want to take a picture and because it doesn’t interfere with the operation of my shoulder straps.

Horizontal Attachment
Horizontal Attachment

But the most important consideration for me is in knowing that the camera case is not going to accidentally fall off my backpack’s shoulder strap. This is because the Dashpoint 20 has a two-way horizontal and vertical attachment system that can be used at the same time to secure the case to the strap. For instance, the Dashpoint has a pair of wings that can be wrapped around the back of your shoulder pad and are secured together using velcro.

Vertical Strap Loops over Keeper Strap and secures with Velcro
Vertical Strap Loops over Keeper Strap and Secures with Velcro

Before you secure these behind the shoulder straps, it’s best to thread the vertical strap around a horizontal keeper strap, if your backpack’s shoulder pad has one, to prevent the case from sliding below the sternum strap. Once the vertical strap is secured with velcro, wrap the horizontal wings around the strap for complete security.

Interior Zipper Guards
Interior Zipper Guards

Rain Protection

The Dashpoint 20 is made using ripstop nylon that has been treated with a DWR coating so that rain beads on its surface and rolls off without wetting out the external fabric. The DWR works well – I hiked through days and days of rain in Scotland and the case never leaked – but you should also reapply the DWR periodically because it will wear off. Even so, the inside of the Dashpoint 20 is also lined with 200 denier polyester fabric providing even more moisture protection and includes interior flaps over the zippers to help prevent snags and rain from leaking in.

Interior Storage

The Dashpoint’s large lid case makes it easy to unzip the case and pull out your camera even if you are wearing thin gloves, but the interior of the case has been kept very simple, on purpose, because it is designed for self-contained point-and-shoot cameras. There is however, one small pocket on the inside if the top lid that is big enough to store an extra memory card or battery if required.


When I was in Scotland last month, I met someone who lost their camera during a stream crossing because it slipped off their hip belt and dropped into the water. I felt really bad for the guy because he lost all of the photos he’d taken on a bucket list hike. Don’t let this happen to you. Get yourself a backpack camera case that you can count on to be there when you finish your trip.

Written 2015. Updated 2018.

Disclosure: Philip Werner owns the Dashpoint 20 camera case and purchased it using his own funds. 
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  1. Interesting. what’s the weight? ( claims same weight for all 3 models!?)
    Also could it double as a water bottle holder?

  2. I have been looking for something to carry small electronics ( cell phone, mp3 player, etc) within easy reach but safe from the elements. This seems like a great option, so I just went to Amazon to buy one. To my pleasant surprise, they had it in two colors ( grey and red) on sale for $9.60 including shipping. No brainer at that price.

  3. I had just picked up a Dashpoint 30 on the weekend for my Nikon V1 mirorless, so far works very nicely on the one short hike i took it on. Also found that the Dashpoint 20 is good for carrying extra lenses as needed.

  4. Is it big enough to carry a point and shoot and a thin cell phone? Or would they clobber each other in the case?

  5. I just bought a couple on Amazon. I’ll get all the answers to my questions in a few days.

  6. A Dashpoint 10 just arrived today. It is a good fit for a small point&shot (sony cyber-shot wx300 in my case).

    One thing to be aware of with that smaller model … while the horizontal attachment flaps are large enough to reach around thin straps found on packs like Golite’s Ion, REI’s Flash 18 or Golite’s Pinnacle (now renamed Jam 70), it won’t reach around cushier straps.

    I think I see an MYOG project to make an externder.

  7. I am seriously going to look into getting one of these. I found them for $10 at Best Buy. I have an Olympus EPL-1 and I think the 20 will work…looking at the 30 too.

  8. If you are using one of the pancake type lenses then yes the 20 should work. If you are using any of the other lenses then you would probably want to check out the 30.

  9. Thanks for this. Been looking for a good way to carry my camera on my backpack for a couple years. I had jimmy-rigged an old case & it was far from ideal. I ordered the dashpoint 20 & found that was small for my camera. So I’m gonna send that one back. Went to Best Buy yesterday, and found a Dashpoint 30 on clearance for super cheap. It fits my camera & I’m looking forward to testing it on a backpacking trip soon

  10. hi first of all great bag if youare using it i wonder if a slim cellphone like samsung s4 or xperia Zcan fit in if yes that will be great and i will buy it for sure

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