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Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants

Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants

It was Thanksgiving day and the weather was a bit chilly so I decided to test out a pair a Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pants for showshoeing this winter in Vermont. I put on a pair of Patagonia 1 Capilene long underwear underneath the Cohesion Pants and took a two mile walk through our local forest area. These are the layers that I’ll be wearing for snowshoeing in a few weeks.

I had originally bought the MH Cohesion pants as a rain layer earlier this year, but decided that they were too heavy at 11.4 oz. for that purpose. But I was pleasantly surprised today at how comfortable they are in colder temperatures.

The Cohesion Pants are made with a waterproof breathable fabric named Conduit DT that has been shown to be quite breathable in lab tests. They have an elastic waist, gusseted crotch, taped seams, and zippers that start at the upper hip and go all the way down the leg so you can get them over boots if you need to. Stretch panels cover the knees, resulting in a slimmer leg that doesn’t bunch or make a lot of noise when you walk. An elastic waistband and adjustable belt are provided that fit comfortably and prevent ride down when wearing a backpack with a hip belt. The pants also sport a zipper, making it easy to pee and stay dry (if you are a boy) when you are wearing lots of layers during winter excursions.

I was carrying a day pack full of showshoeing gear and water today and when I started to warm up, I cracked the leg zips to vent some of the perspiration buildup below my waist. Regulating my temperature and sweat level after that just required adjusting the side zipper levels and my speed. I think these pants are keepers.

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  1. I own a Montane "Atomic DT" rain pant which weighs in size L 5.7oz. It is very similar to the Golite Reed but with ankle zips. The manufacturer uses his own breathable membrane, stating a minimum of 10,000mm hydrostatic head and a minimum MVTR of 8,000g/m²/24hrs. The pant works great but with intense hiking – like always – that breathability is something more working in a lab than in reality.

  2. I've been very tempted to buy some Montane gear to check it out. I'm surprised they aren't marketed more widely in the US given their rave reviews in Europe.

  3. I gotta be honest. In my ongoing gear-up process, I've found nothing more difficult than figuring out what to use for a good shell layer. So many choices, so many price points…and prior to now, I've never thought twice about a rainjacket. These reviews help a TON. Keep 'em up!

  4. It's mind boggling. The best advice I can give is not to trust any product marketing you read. Test everything.

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