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Mt Avalon Haiku

Mt Avalon Trail

Absolute Stillness

Snow Blankets Pine Sentinels

Icicles Falling


  1. It is very imaginative.

    It is like Japanese ZEN mind.

  2. It always amazes me how we can be in two different places but be on the same page. Laura and I climbed Tecumseh on Sunday and noticed how still and stoic the mountain was at the top, so we wrote a poem about it on the drive home! Lol great Haiku… totally captured the day… we thought the ambience was pminous maybe evem slightly sinister but we always get that vide on the peaks in the Sandwich Range.

  3. Chris and Laura – you just made my day. Simultaneous poetry – fantastic! I started writing haiku about 3 years ago and find that it freezes the sensory memory far better than photos. I'm glad that you sense the spirits of the mountains. They talk to us if we are willing to listen, and spank us when we ignore them.

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