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NEMO Strato Loft 25 Sleeping Bag Review

With a shoulder girth of 76", the NEMO Strato Loft 25 is more of a bed than a sleeping bag and great for side sleepers or people who move around a lot at night.
With a shoulder girth of 76″, the NEMO Strato Loft 25 is more of a bed than a sleeping bag and great for side sleepers or people who move around a lot at night.

The NEMO Strato Loft 25 sleeping bag is about as close to sleeping on a twin bed as you can get in a car camping sleeping bag. Weighing 3 pounds and 4 ounces, the Strato Loft is too heavy for use as a backpacking sleeping bag, but it’s ideal for three-season car camping, especially for side sleepers or anyone who moves around a lot at night and can’t sleep in a mummy-bag-style straight jacket.

Technically speaking, the Strato Loft 25 is more of a quilt than a sleeping bag since it’s not insulated underneath. Instead, you need to slip a 25 inch sleeping pad into a compartment under the bag to use it. The compartment closes at the end with a zipper and has an opening at the top so you can pull your pad into it. This works best with NEMO’s 25L Cosmo inflatable sleeping pad, but not all 25 inch pads fit. For example, my Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream sleeping pad is too thick to fit into the Strato Loft 25’s pad sleeve, even though it’s the same thickness (4″) as the NEMO Cosmo 25L on paper.

The Strato Loft 25 also doesn’t have a mummy style hood although it is insulated and you can drape it over your head for added warmth. I like to bring my pillow from home car camping and slip it inside the hood, which holds it in place, with plenty of space for my head underneath.

The Strato Loft 25 doesn't have a standard mummy hood, but it is fully insulated and wide enough to hold a conventional sleeping pillow.
The Strato Loft 25 doesn’t have a standard mummy hood, but it is fully insulated and wide enough to hold a conventional sleeping pillow.

Insulation and Heat Management

The NEMO Strato Loft 25 is insulated with 700 fill power down which has been treated with Downtek’s waterproof technology to resist getting wet. The top of the bag is sewn using a a box stitch pattern which keeps the down in place and prevents it from shifting, just like a sleeping quilt that you’d use at home.

Like many of NEMO’s other sleeping bags, the Strato Loft 25 comes with a blanket fold, which you can position between the top of the sleeping bag and your chest to prevent hot air from escaping from your bag in cold weather. It’s very similar to a draft collar that you find cold weather mummy sleeping bags, except it’s optional whether you use it or not. In warm weather, you can fold it over so that it lies on top your sleeping bag instead of on your chest, so hot air can escape.

The Strato Loft 25 also has two side zippers one on the right and one on the left of the bag that you can open at night to cool off as well. The zippers are two-way, so you can just open them next to your feet, or from the top down to cool off your torso. Both zipper tracks have down filled draft tubes which prevent cold air from leaking through the zippers onto you, and they’re lined inside with an extra strip of fabric that prevents snagging on the sleeping bag lining.

The generous blue blanket fold can be tucked over your chest to keep in warmth or folded over to vent excess heat.
The generous blue blanket fold can be tucked over your chest to keep in warmth or folded over to vent excess heat.

Waterproof Foot Box

The Strato Loft 25 has a waterproof/breathable foot box that repels tent condensation from wetting the end of your sleeping bag at night. If you’ve ever woken up with a wet sleeping bag in the morning where it’s rubbed against a tent wall, you can understand what a great feature this is. The interior fabric of the foot box is a waterproof breathable nylon which prevents the down in the bag from getting wet. The outside of the foot box is nylon coated with a DWR layer that will resist getting wet and can be wiped off in the morning with a cloth to help it dry.


I’ve been using the NEMO Strato Loft 25 sleeping bag for nearly a year and love sleeping in it on car camping trips. I move around a lot of night and it’s wide enough that I can sleep in many different positions without feeling trapped like I do in a narrow mummy bag. I also really like the venting options which let me use it across a wide range of temperatures. If you want to get the most comfort out of your Strato Loft 25, I recommend you get a cushy sleeping pad with a high R-value, to go with it. Car camping is supposed to be decadent and that’s an unbeatable combination that will transform the way you sleep in a tent!


  • 76″ inch shoulder girth provides lots of room to move around in
  • Dual zippers and blanket fold provide excellent venting
  • Hood is wide enough that I can use my pillow from home on car camping trips
  • 700 fill power Downtek waterproof down


  • Some 25 inch pads won’t fit into sleeping pad compartment

Manufacturer Specs

  • Temperature Rating: 25F / – 4C
  • Fill Type: 700 Fill Power Down with DownTek nanotechnology
  • Fill Weight: 20 oz / 565 g
  • Minimum Weight: 3 lbs, 4 oz / 1.5 kg
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Capacity: 1P
  • Pad Sleeve Dimension: 25 x 76 in / 64 x 193 cm
  • Packed Size: 17 x 9 in / 43 x 23 cm
  • Compressed Volume: 7.2 L
  • Zipper Location: Both Sides

Disclosure: Captain Mouse (Philip Werner’s wife) purchased the NEMO Strato Loft 25 sleeping bag reviewed here with her own funds. 
Written 2014.

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  1. That looks like the single most comfortable thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. 3 lbs 4 ounces isn’t too bad for a basecamp a few miles from the trailhead – say inside the Pemi. Is it enough comfort to “nudge” Captain Mouse over the transition from car camping to backpacking?

    • Not a chance! All campsites have to be within easy driving distance of the fine cuisine we have in the White Mountain area: Munroe’s, the Wagon Wheel. Salt, Libby’s, G&H Pizza, The Woodstock, The Moat, White Mountain Cafe. She also hates to sweat.

  3. I don’t hate to sweat. I hate to huff and puff. What I like about car camping is having a fire and sleeping outside with the outdoors sounds. My limbs especially do not like to be confined. I wear sandels (with socks when needed) for most of the year and when fingerless gloves won’t do I wear mittens. So, this sleeping bag which provides leg room and lets my feet escape is wonderful. When it is warmer I do use a quilt, but this bag lets me go car camping well into November.

  4. It’s a very comfortable sleeping bag, but the temperature rating doesn’t seem to be accurate. I have slept down to just above 0° celcius, but was very cold. I ended up adding a Katabatic quilt oner the top of me on the inside and was much warmer. Overall a great bag just not accurate temperature wise.

  5. We love ours, it’s a sleeping bag that feels and acts like a real bed. They sleeping mat fits it like a glove! Used 17 weeks from Cape Town to Cairo bush camping.

  6. Just to add that I simply love the Nemo Strato after being imprisoned in mummies prior to owning this. I also don’t find the temperature rating to be off at all. I slept like a babe down to 0C in Iceland in basic underwear (all ratings assume you will not be sleeping naked) and in fact was even too warm at times.

    However I’ll be using it down to -15C on the Great Wall by the addition of a thermal liner which can easily be added to the size of the interior, and wearing thermals when sleeping and doubling up on the pads and wrapping them in space blankets.

  7. Nice review (love your site) but one thing I can’t agree on is it not being suitable for backpacking. I’ve taken it to Iceland, Nepal – up to 5,800m and to the Tibetan Plateau in China. It’s an awesome bag and being maybe 1lb (400g) heavier than your average ‘light’ bag can be compensated for by other means. To each his / her own of course but for me getting a good night’s sleep is the basis for enjoying the whole trek rather than feeling fatigued/ grumpy by a restless night confined in a mummy !

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