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Outdoor Industry Job Openings

Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School, New Hampshire
Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School, New Hampshire

Looking for work? Sick of your existing job? Hate what you’re doing? The outdoor industry is hiring, so if you’re looking for work and you like the outdoors, maybe you should consider working for an outdoor manufacturer or retailer. I know many people who work in the industry and really enjoy their jobs and the people they work with.

So give it a shot! You might land a fun job with some outdoor perks that help make up for the fact that it’s work.

Help Wanted

There are hundreds of job openings with the following companies, mostly in the United States. All of the links below, go directly to each company’s job listings page.



Industry Groups

Non-Profits / Education

If you are an outdoor retailer, manufacturer, or non-profit with open positions and would like to be listed above, please leave your company name and a hyperlink to your careers web page in a comment below.


  1. Philip,

    Thanks for the great post. As a person that has been out of work for almost a year and has been considering these opportunities, your listing is helpful. I have spent a great part of my life hiking, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing, XCskiing, biking, canoeing, fishing and hunting.

    Knowing that the chances of matching what I used to make to todays realities has had me thinking of getting into the field by any door possible. I have been searching, but this puts a lot of the places right at my finger tips.

    Not being "young" anymore at first kept me back as employment in an outdoor industry related field as it always seemed more geared to younger people.

    I worked at a RV and camping retailer many years ago and enjoyed it.

    So before I go off on a search, thanks again.

  2. You're welcome Bruce – I pulled this post together on Christmas Day because I wanted to do something meaningful for all of my friends, family members, and readers who are out of work and looking for opportunities. It's not much, but I figured there was some value in simply pulling together the listings since they take so much effort to research individually.

    All my best.

  3. That's the best freaking post I've ever seen! :)

  4. I don't think so. Just trying to help out friends in need.

  5. Hey great post! I remember the day when I stumbled across all those amazing links.

    Just throwing it out there that Outward Bound is hiring for field instructors this time of year, every year. I would love to see some more enthusiastic and qualified applicants!

    Get a hold of me [email protected] for Baltimore/Philly area!

    Thanks – shameless plug, but moderator- How do I get on your list? Care to do a feature piece with me ;) ?

  6. I know this is only somewhat related but we are longtime instructors in the outdoor industry turned organic farmers and we are looking to fill two full time, full season apprenticeship positions for this season.
    We LOVE all of the people that we have worked with in the outdoor industry and are really looking for folks with outdoor experience much more than those who have done any farming.
    If you’re open to posting this here, the complete listing is on our website, on the Apprenticeship page.

    Thanks so much!
    Be well.

  7. Namesty, I’m Ravi Sharma from Himalaya region India. I have done ‘BMC’,’AMC’,’MOI,’Search and rescue operation’ courses from ‘ABVIMS’ India. I have 2 year experience in outdoor activity. I want a job in abroad in this field. SO I want to know can I get a job in USA or any other country where i can earn better living. Please guide me, will they hire me if have some certification from Indian Mountaineering Federation??? or i have to do some other course in order to get a job. I’m waiting for your reply eagerly.Thank you.

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