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10 Best Backpack Accessory Pockets of 2022

10 Best Backpack Accessory Pockets

Many hikers and backpackers like to attach extra accessory pockets to their shoulder straps and hip belts to provide extra storage and help organize their gear so it can be accessed quickly without removing their backpack. Extra water bottle sleeves, camera bags, …

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How Much Can You Fit in a 60-Liter Backpack?

How much can you fit in a 60 liter backpack?

A 60-liter backpack is the sweet spot for backpacking trips 5 days in length or less, including packs in the 55-liter to 65-liter range. This backpack volume is large enough to hold a sleeping bag, a one or two-person tent (or a …

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10 Best Camp Shoes of 2022

10 Best Camp Shoes and Stream Crossing Shoes

Many hikers and backpackers carry camp shoes to help their feet recover after a hot day of hiking or to change into for stream crossings to keep their socks and hiking footwear dry. Sandals, water shoes, slides, clogs, and minimalist footwear are …

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