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The ULA Circuit as a Winter Backpack

ULA Circuit as a Winter Backpack

The ULA Circuit is one of the most popular thru-hiking and backpacking packs available today. It’s a conventional ultralight style pack with an open front mesh pocket, a roll-top closure, a spacer mesh back panel behind the shoulder straps, and large side …

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Grivel G1 Crampons Review

Grivel G1 Crampon Review

Grivel’s G1 Crampons are 10-point steel crampons with a universal binding and flexible center bar, called a leaf spring, that makes them compatible for use with all types of boots including ones with soft soles that flex (like most insulated winter hiking …

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Winter Hiking Blister Prevention and Footcare

Hiking Foot care Products

I go the extra mile to avoid blisters when winter day hiking and backpacking because I don’t want to sit on the bench for 2-3 weeks while they heal.  Everyone has a different system for winter blister prevention because everyone has different …

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