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Good To-Go Bibimbap and Mexican Quinoa Bowl Dehydrated Dinners

Good To-Go Dehydrated Gourmet Backpacking and Camping Meals

Good To-Go to go is a gourmet backpacking and camping meal company that makes really tasty dehydrated foods. They’ve been in business a few years and have been slowly adding meals to their menu, including two new ethnic meals, a spicy Korean dish called Bibimbap and a smokey Mexican Quinoa Bowl …

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Mt Resolution and the South Knob

South Knob of Mt Resolution (lower right ledge)

Mt Resolution (3415′) is an open summit at the south end of the Montablan Range, just off the Davis Path, one of the main thoroughfares to Mt Isolation. There are several different ways to approach the peak: from the south on the Mt Parker Trail, from the west over Mt …

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Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle Review

The Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle is a leak-proof soft bottle that you can roll up and use anywhere

The Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle is a soft bottle with a locking cap that designed to prevent leaks and lost caps. The DuoLock bottle also comes with a carabiner that you can hook around your finger, use as a pour handle, or attach to your backpack so it can’t pop out of …

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Backpacking the Oakes Gulf Headwall

Top of the Dry River Trail above Oakes Gulf. Mt Washington towers in the distance

Oakes Gulf is the least known of Mt Washington’s great ravines and the most remote. You get to it by hiking up the Dry River Trail 9.6 miles from Rt 302, past the last remaining Dry River lean-to. It’s not an easy hike, particularly in spring when snow lingers below the …

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Hilleberg Niak Tent Review

The Hilleberg Niak is a lightweight, two person with an inner tent that can be hung under the fly so it doesn't get wet in rainy weather

The Hilleberg Niak is a bomber, 2 person, lightweight tent designed for three-season use in remote wilderness conditions. Weighing 3 lbs. 5 oz. it has a dome style architecture with two cross-poles that slot into sleeves, not clips, making it much more wind and weather worthy than most lightweight and ultralight …

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