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Ultralight Backpacking Gear Makeovers: Three Examples

Ultralight Backpacking Gear List Examples

Ultralight backpacking gear lets you hike farther, faster, and with less of a physical impact so you can enjoy yourself more. While you can spend an arm and a leg to switch to ultralight backpacking gear, the cost of doing is probably less than you realize. As an example, I’ve …

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Climbing Mt Eisenhower in Winter Conditions

Front to rear - Eisenhower, Franklin, Monroe, Washington, Clay, Jefferson

Most winter hikers in the White Mountains check the weather a few times ever day, so they can grab a good weather window to climb the more challenging above-timberline peaks and enjoy the view. With temperatures forecast in the 30’s and a calm wind, I knew this would be a …

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10 Best Hiking Boots and Trail Shoes of 2019

10 Best Hiking Boots and Trail Shoes

While there are hundreds of hiking boots, trail shoes, and trail runners available, most hikers and backpackers choose from a small set of common makes and models. We surveyed 2,700 hikers in 2019 to ask them what hiking boots, mids, and trail shoes they use. We found that 42% of …

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NEMO Equipment Rocket 2 Tent Review

NEMO Rocket 2 Tent Review

The NEMO Rocket 2 is a three-season, two person single-wall tent that can be set up with trekking poles or the pair of interlocking tent poles included with the tent. Weighing only 22 oz (18.2 oz without poles), the Rocket 2 has two asymmetric peaks, two doors, and two vestibules …

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