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LightHeart Gear Rain Jacket Review

Lightheart Gear Rain Jacket Review 2021

The LightHeart Gear Rain Jacket (MSRP $115) is a lightweight silpoly waterproof rain jacket made the old-fashioned way, without any so-called waterproof/breathable fabric. Coated on the outside with silicone and on the inside with polyurethane (PU), this maintenance-free rain jacket won’t wet …

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Hiking Clothes for Hikers: Rethinking Rain Jackets

Hiking Clothes for Hikers Rain Jackets

The vast majority of hiking clothes, including rain jackets, used by hikers and backpackers aren’t actually made for hiking or by people familiar with hikers’ needs, but for skiers, climbers, runners, and suburban dads and moms. So it’s no wonder that most …

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Hiking and Fishing the Little River (NH)

Hiking and Fishing the Little River

The Little River is a mountain stream that drains the narrow valley between Mts Hale, Zealand, and North Twin, three 4000 footers on the north side of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. It’s a freezing cold, boulder-choked river with miles of continuous pools, pour-overs, …

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