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Ice Axe Insulation Hack for the CAMP Corsa

Remove the masking tape to reveal the insulated axe.

The CAMP Corsa Ice Axe (8.8 oz) is one of the lightest weight walking ice axes available today, which explains its popularity with thru-hikers, ultralight backpackers, and ski mountaineers. It’s a straight-shafted walking axe designed to stop uncontrolled slides down snow and …

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Winter Navigation and Escape Route Planning

When bad weather rolls in above treeline, you want to have a pre-planned escape route that provides better cover

Whenever you plan hikes in exposed terrain, it’s useful to plan out escape routes in case an unexpected thunderstorm storm or blizzard blows in, you encounter white-out conditions, avalanche conditions, flash floods, forest fires, or you need to evacuate a companion. I …

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Dachstein Extreme Warm Wool Mittens Review

Dachstein Extreme Warm Wool Mittens are very warm boiled wool mittens popular with mountaineers. Made with very dense boiled wool (more on this below), they’re windproof and virtually waterproof. When the mercury drops near zero or below, these are the mittens you …

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Featherstone Backbone 2P Ultralight Tent Review

The Featherstone Backbone 2P Trekking Pole Tent is an affordable ultralight single-wall tent for two people that requires two trekking poles to set up. Weighing 2 lbs 11.5 oz, it’s relatively inexpensive, but has many features found on much more expensive ultralight …

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