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How to Make a $40 Backpacking Quilt

How to make your own $40 backpacking quilt

The Double Black Diamond Down Throw is a 60″ x 70″ down comforter with a nylon cover that weighs 15 oz. It’s insulated with 700 fill power down and you can usually buy them on Amazon for under $40. I bought two when I saw them on sale at Bed …

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10 Best Adjustable Length Backpacks of 2019

10 Best Adjustable Length Backpacks

Adjustable length backpacks let you change the torso length of a backpack so it does a better job of transferring weight from the shoulders to the hips. Traditionally, backpack companies have dealt with torso length by forcing you to choose between small, medium, or large frame heights which may or not …

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5 Best Leave No Trace Trowels of 2019

5 Best Leave No Trace Trowels

Using a Leave No Trace trowel is one of the most responsible things you can do to preserve the backcountry for others to enjoy. While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a good bowel movement outdoors in the crisp morning air, surrounded by white-capped mountains and wild flowers, it’s …

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Cloth Mesh Rock Sack for Bear Bagging

Small mesh bags make good rock sacks for bear bagging kits

The most challenging thing about hanging a bear bag is throwing a rock attached to a bear bag line over a tree limb, so you can pull your bag up into the air. Many people tie their slippery Dynaglide line to a rock using a crude knot and pray it …

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