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10 Best Ventilated (Suspended Mesh) Backpacks of 2023

10 Best Ventilated Backpacks

Ventilated backpacks, also called suspended-mesh backpacks, have a large gap behind the mesh that encourages airflow to help your shirt dry faster if you perspire. They’re much more comfortable than conventional backpacks when you’re hiking in hot and humid weather or when …

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10 Best Hiking Shoes and Trail Runners of 2023

10 Best Hiking Shoes and Trail Runners

Hiking shoes and trail runners are the most popular footwear used by hikers and backpackers today. The biggest difference between the two is that hiking shoes, which tend to be heavier and more durable, can only be used for walking while trail …

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10 Best Trekking Poles of 2023

10 Best Trekking Poles

Trekking poles provide many benefits to hikers and backpackers from added stability and balance on rough trails to less wear and tear on knees and hips, especially when hiking downhill. The most popular trekking poles used by hikers and backpacks are adjustable …

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Granite Gear Virga3 26L Backpack Review

Granite Gear Virga3 26 Backpack Review

The new Granite Gear Virga3 26L is a frameless ultralight backpack weighing 1.26 lbs that will appeal to day hikers and backpackers alike. Weighing 20.2 oz (572g), it has an adjustable torso length so you can dial in a personalized fit with …

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