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Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket Review

The Patagonia Torrenshell Jacket on a very wet day at the Black Angel river crossing on the Wild River

The Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket is an affordable and fully featured rain jacket with an excellent hood and pit zip ventilation. While nearly twice the weight of minimalist lightweight rain jackets like the OR Helium Jacket, it’s warmer and much more durable, making …

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Sierra Designs Elite Rain Chaps

Sierra Designs Rain Chaps

If you’re going to buy Sierra Design’s Elite Rain Chaps, you’re going to want to use them with a rain poncho that completely covers your crotch. Chaps are leggings without a crotch or seat that horseback riders wear to protect themselves when riding …

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Ancient Lakes Backpack

Looking northwest into the Columbia River Gorge from the top of the wall

Ancient Lakes is a popular east-side backpacking destination in Washington State, especially early in the season when the Cascades and Olympics are snowed under. The area consists of two 1.5-mile-long coulees (box canyons formed by eroding basalt) separated by a 300-foot-tall “rib” …

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