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Ray-Way Tarp Kit Review

Ray-way Tarp Kit Review

The Ray-Way Tarp Kit is an excellent introduction to MYOG (make-your-own-gear) and for a reasonable price, makes a lightweight and highly-packable shelter which is flexible for many situations. I have used a Ray-Way Tarp as my primary solo and 2-person shelter since …

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Osprey Packs Volt 75 Backpack Review

Osprey Packs Volt 75 Sleeping Bag Compartment

The Osprey Packs Volt 75 Backpack is a large multi-day backpack that features a highly adjustable torso and hip belt system. Also available in a smaller 60-liter version, the Volt 75 provides the standard features found on most Osprey Packs including a …

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MassDrop x Granite Gear x60 Backpack Review

MassDrop Granite Gear X60 Backpack Review

The MassDrop x Granite Gear x60 is a roll top backpack with an optional top lid and an adjustable length hip belt. Weighing 23.2 to 40.2 ounces (depending on the configuration), it has a max load of 30-35 pounds. The X60 is …

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