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What is the Rest Step?

The Rest Step

  There’s a hiking technique called the rest step that is used by winter hikers and mountain climbers to preserve their energy during a climb. It takes a little practice getting used to it, but after that, it’s a charm. It’s particularly …

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Climbing South Carter in December

We had to crawl under many blowdowns on the way to South Carter

South Carter Mountain (4430′) is a White Mountain 4000 footer located in the Carter Moriah Range, almost due east from Mount Washington. It’s one of the more moderate 4000 footers to climb and a good peak to start the winter hiking season …

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MSR Revo Ascent Snowshoes Review


The MSR Revo Ascent¬†is a mountaineering-style snowshoe that has lightweight plastic decking, a saw-toothed crampon-style frame, televators, and MSR’s ski-strap style lay-flat binding. It shares many of the same features as the pricier MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoe, but has one less rear …

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