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Climbing the Madison Gulf and Buttress Trails

The Madison Gulf Trail climbs the the Mt Madison headwall from the Great Gulf

The Madison Gulf Trail is the hardest route up to Mt Madison in the White Mountain’s Northern Presidential Range. It ascends a narrow but very steep ravine ending at an alpine tarn known as Star Lake. It’s a magnificent trail, but seldom …

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Hummingbird Single Hammock & Tree Straps Review

Hummingbird Hammock Single Hammock Review

The Hummingbird Single Hammock  is an 8’8″ x 3’11” hammock that weighs just 5.1 ounces and folds up into the size of a softball when packed up, making it an attractive hammock for international travel or camping. It’s made with reserve parachute …

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Hiking King Ravine and Castle Ravine

Floor and headwall of King Ravine

King Ravine and Castle Ravine are two glacial cirques on the north side of the White Mountain’s Presidential Range. Cirques are amphitheater-like valleys with steep side ridges and a headwall. Many of the high peaks in the White’s Presidential Range are surrounded …

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