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Climbing to Mahoosuc Arm and Old Speck Pond

Speck Pond on the Maine Appalachian Trai

I never expected to revisit Speck Pond after hiking the section of the Appalachian Trail from Grafton Notch down to Gentian Pond in 2009. Speck¬†Pond is on the south side of Old Speck Mountain, a huge 4000 footer with a fire tower …

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Thermarest Slacker Hammock Sleeping Pad Review

The self-inflating Slacker Hammock Sleeping Pad will work with any gathered end hammock. Shown here with a Hummingbird Hammocks Single

The Thermarest Slacker Hammock Sleeping pad is a 26-ounce self-inflating pad with an R-value of 2.1. Given its weight and size when rolled up, it’s best used for hammock car camping rather than backpacking. While not as sexy as a underquilt, it’s …

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Backpacking Footwear Selection for Spring Conditions

April 22, 2017 - Spring backpacking trip where I chose to wear insulated boots and gaiters

What is the right footwear for spring hiking: winter hiking boots or trail runners? When can you switch between the two? There is a point where avoiding frostbite trumps lightweight footwear and wearing insulated boots still makes sense. Knowing when to choose …

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