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Tippet Rings for Tenkara Fly Fishing

Traditional Tenkara braided line with black tippet ring

A tippet ring is a very small metal loop that you tie in between a line and a tippet that lets you change tippets frequently without having to shorten the length of your line or leader, something that inevitably happens whenever you tie …

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How to Hike Across Peat Bogs: Fear No Moor

Crossing a Scottish Peat Bog

There aren’t many peat bogs in the continental United States and it’s difficult to learn the skills for safely hiking across them in Scotland, England, and other parts of the world without first-hand experience. While you can avoid peat bogs and stay …

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SunJack Portable 20W Solar Charger and Battery Review

Recharging our batteries with the Sunjack Portable Solar Charger

While I’ve given up on using solar chargers to recharge my batteries on east coast backpacking trips because there are too many trees in the way, they’re still a great portable energy solution for car camping trips and stationary camp sites. My …

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Mt Livermore and the Squam Lake Association Trails

Squam Lake and Red Hill from the top of Mt Livermore

Overlooking Squam Lake, Mt Livermore is at the heart of a small trail system managed by the Squam Lakes Association which maintains over 50 miles of near Holderness, New Hampshire, on the southwestern corner of White Mountains. Mt Livermore is well worth the …

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