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Interview with a Black Bear

Black Bear

Human-bear interactions and how to prevent them are a topic of intense debate on the Internet, but I’ve always found such discussions lopsided because we only hear from humans and not from bears. Therefore, I invited a dominant black bear from New Hampshire’s …

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GaiaGPS App Setup and Battery Management Tips

It's important to make sure that your map, compass, and GAIA app settings are in synch with one another.

GaiaGPS is the smartphone navigation app that I teach students how to use, in addition to map and compass, in the Backcountry Navigation classes I teach. GaiaGPS works on iPhone and Android smartphones, which makes it easy to use in groups that use a …

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How to Use the Gaia GPS Smartphone App in Offline Mode

Resize the pink box to include the portion of the map you want to use offline, save it, and name it.

I’m often asked whether Smartphone GPS Navigation Apps like Gaia GPS can work when they’re not connected to a cell phone network. Most Apple and Android Smartphones purchased in the past 3-4 years can operate in what’s called offline mode without access to …

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Acteon Ridge Traverse

The Distant Knob of Jennings Peak from Sachem Peak

The Acteon Ridge is a sequence of trail-less peaks in the Sandwich Range Wilderness of the White Mountains. I climbed one of the peaks on the ridge, named Sachem Peak a few years ago, but have always wanted to go back and hike …

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