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Six Moons Lunar Solo and Tarptent Squall 2

Well Ventilated Vestibule of a Tarptent Squall 2

There are two main differences between a tarp tent and a conventional tent: rain flies and ventilation. Tarp tents, like tarps, (hence the name) are really just single walled tents. They don’t have rain flies and I’ve never been in a situation where the absence of a rain fly has …

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Jacks ‘R’ Better (JRB) Hammock Down Nest

JRB Nest Down Underquilt on a Hennessy Hammock

I spent a significant portion of this year experimenting with different insulation options for my Hennessy Hammock in order to extend its season for optimal use into the early spring and late fall, and I must confess that I fell in love with the JRB Nest, Down Under Quilt, shown …

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Asolo 520 TPS – Leather Hiking Boots

Asolo TPS 520 Hiking Boots

Asolo’s 520 TPS boots are fantastic. I bought them after I started to get planar fasciitis in my right foot. I went to REI for a boot fitting with one of their boot experts (these are people are hard to find but priceless). Since buying these boots, my planar fasciitis …

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