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What is a 4 Season Tent?

Tarptent Scarp 1 in Winter

  “What is the difference between a four-season tent and a three-season tent?” It’s a good question because the distinction is blurry. Moreover the phrase “four-season tent” is a misnomer since it refers to winter tents, which you might not use the …

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Tips and Tricks: How to Pack a Food Bag

One of the secrets of successful backpacking is learning how to become extremely organized and to stay organized throughout your trip. That might sound obvious but it’s actually a skill that requires a lot of practice and the development of a set …

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Twelve Ultralight Tents and Shelters: Part 2

Hennessey Hammock Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic with a Down Underquit at Lost Pond, New Hampshire

This is a continuation of Monday’s post about the dozen ultralight tents and shelters I’ve owned over the past six years that explains why I bought them and why I eventually sold most of them. Here’s the entire list. I cover shelters …

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