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Trekking Poles: Pros and Cons

Bending Forward Over Trekking Poles Wastes Energy

I’m a big fan of trekking poles for hiking because they help reduce the strain on my knees when I walk downhill, they improve my balance when I’m hiking over rough ground or crossing streams, and they are useful for establishing a …

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Fly Fishing in Dublin, Ireland

SectionHiker visits the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin Ireland

My girlfriend and I spent a week in Dublin, Ireland this month. While we have very different tastes in vacation destinations (I like the outdoors, she likes history and great restaurants), we’ve found common ground by vacationing in “walking” cities, like London, …

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Hiking to Lord Hill and the Evans Notch Mica Mine

Mica flakes from the Mica Mine on Lord Hill in Evans Notch

Evans Notch is on the easternmost border of the White Mountain National Forest straddling¬†New Hampshire and Maine. While it doesn’t boast any 4000 footers, the hiking trails and smaller peaks here are wonderfully scenic and well worth a visit with wide open …

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