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How to Get Backpacking Gear Sponsorships

Packit Gourmet Sponsorship Application

Backpacking and outdoor gear companies sponsor hikers and other athletes because it’s a very inexpensive form of advertising. The basic formula goes like this: they give you a piece of free gear or a steep discount on purchases you make through them, …

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Hiking the Brook Path

Wonalancet Falls

The Brook Path is one of the most beautiful trails in the Sandwich Range and an excellent place to take a cool summer dip at one of the many swimming holes along its banks. Not to be confused with the Brook Trail which …

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Insulated Jackets: Hood or No Hood?

Should you get an insulated jacket with a hood or without one?

When purchasing an insulated jacket for backpacking, should you buy one with a hood or without? I think it really depends on how you plan to use it with the other clothing you carry. In three-season weather, I bring a hoodless insulated …

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Bushwhacking Mt Bemis

Bushwhacks are like jungle gyms. Type II fun for hikers who enjoy off-trail hiking the way it used to be before people cut trails in the mountains.

Mt Bemis is a 3725′ mountain located in the White Mountain’s Crawford Notch, named for Dr Samuel Bemis, who built the stone house at its base which is now the popular Notchland B&B. Bemis was an interesting character: a denture maker turned …

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