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Climbing Mt Cube and North Cube

View from North Cube

Few White Mountain hikers realize that there are sections of the White Mountain National Forest far to the west of Mt Moosilauke, as far west as Hannover, New Hampshire on the border with Vermont. Mt Cube is one of these western sections …

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9 Campsite Selection Tips

Two tents protected from the wind by a small embankment

Good campsite selection is an important backpacking skill. Here are some tips to pick a safe and comfortable campsite that will enhance your enjoyment of the backcountry. 1. Plan campsites in advance If backcountry regulations require that you camp at designated campsites, …

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Backpacking Quilt Adoption Rate – Survey Results

21% of backpackers surveyed use a quilt, while 66% use a mummy sleeping bag

Have you ever considered switching from a sleeping bag to a backpacking quilt? Backpacking quilts are lighter weight than sleeping bags, they pack up smaller, and they’re much more comfortable for side sleepers since they don’t have a hood. We recently surveyed …

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Good To-Go Dehydrated Backpacking Meals

Good To-Go Pad Thai Dehydrated Backpacking Meal

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get take-out asian food delivered to your campsite on backpacking trips that has some kick to it and tastes fresh? Now you can. The gourmet dehydrated backpacking food company Good To-Go has added two more gluten-free …

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