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Hiker Foreplay: The Tick Check

The Tick Check Position

It’s widely known that day hikers have the best sex lives in the hiking community, followed by section hikers, and lastly thru-hikers who smell so bad and are so exhausted after hiking 20-25 miles per day, week in and week out, that …

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Cold River Camp in Evans Notch

South Baldface Summit

Cold River Camp is a rustic, family style camp run by the Appalachian Mountain Club in the Evans Notch on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. It’s unique among the AMC lodging facilities because it’s managed entirely by volunteers, although there is paid …

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The Problem with Pyramid Shelters

MLD TrailStar Pitched Low

The problem with many pyramid-style shelters (such as the MLD Duomid, the Solomid, and the Trailstar to name a few) is that they suffer from low angled walls which reduce the amount of usable interior space inside. Granted, all lightweight backpacking shelters …

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