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Mt Monadnock – Southwest New Hampshire

On Sunday, I finally got to climb Mt Monadnock (3,165) in New Hampshire or Grand Monadnock, as it is also known. This mountain is the second most climbed peak in the world with 125,000 visitors a year, second only to Mt. Fuji with 200,000. For that reason, I've always avoided …

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Ultralight Snowshoes: Northern Lites

I purchased a pair of ultralight snowshoes this winter designed for mountaineering and winter backpacking that are manufactured by a company called Northern Lites. Weighing just 43 oz per pair, these 30″ snowshoes are 57 oz lighter than 30″ MSR Lightning Ascents which weigh 100 oz per pair. I got …

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Mt. Major – Central New Hampshire

I got out Sunday for a hike up Mt. Major (~2,100) in Southern New Hampshire about 90 miles north of my house. We had a pleasant 3 hour, 5 mile hike up to the summit and down on a snow-packed treadway with patches of ice near the rocky summit. Our …

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Camping Pillows

As a side sleeper, I have a hard time getting to sleep outdoors when my head is not propped up. This is not an problem during the winter when I have enough extra down or synthetic clothing to bunch up as a pillow, but the rest of the year it’s an …

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The Hundred Mile Wilderness

Hundred Mile Wilderness I've spent the past two weeks, heads down, planning my section hikes for this year starting in late April and running through November. This year, I'll be shooting to finish the remaining 400 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) that I have left in Vermont, New Hampshire …

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