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Golite Trek Backpack

Do you still long for the old days when Golite made a backpack that had mesh pockets? Those were the days of the Golite Trek, a multi-day backpack with an internal volume of just under 3950 in3 with a 700 in3 inch extension collar. Weighing just under 30 oz. (in …

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Black Diamond Sabretooth Crampons

Black Diamond Sabertooth Pro Crampon

Step-in Crampons After much consideration, I decided to buy a pair of Black Diamond Sabertooth Pro step-in crampons last week that require front and toe boot welts, rather than strap-on ones that can be used with a wider variety of boots. The fact is, I really only intend to use …

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Wicking Underwear

Hiking and Lyme Disease Last year, I switched to wearing long pants for all of my day hiking and backpacking trips to lower my risk of Lymes disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I have an alarming number of friends who’ve contracted Lymes at least once, and it’s something to …

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Forty Below’s Winter Water Bottle Insulation System

You need to insulate your water bottles in winter or your drinking water will freeze. The best way to do this is with a neoprene overcover that you can open without taking off your gloves. The overcover and bottle can be attached to the outside of your backpack for easy …

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Scarpa Omega Mountaineering Boots Review

Scarpa Omega Mountaineering Boots are lightweight plastic mountaineering boots that weighs just 5.2 lbs per pair in a size 9.5 US. They retail for $360/pair. The level of ankle flex in the boot is fantastic: almost like a leather boot instead of a cinder block. Heel rocker was good, making …

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