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Backpacking Meals and Cooking Preferences

Dehydrating Backpacking Food

What’s your cooking style on backpacking trips? Do you prefer to mix up your own freezer bag meals using store ingredients or ingredients you’ve dehydrated at home? Or do you like eating soupy, one-pot meals that easy to heat and clean up? …

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Katabatic Gear Helios 55 Backpack Review

The Katabatic Gear Helios 55 is a cuben fiber roll top backpack with a rear stretch pocket

Katabatic Gear is best known for their quilts, but they also make backpacks, including the Helios 55 cuben fiber pack, what I jokingly refer to as “the other white backpack.” I’ve been using the 32 ounce Helios 55 for backpacking and winter alpine ascents …

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RailRiders Eco Mesh Pants: A Love Affiar

RailRiders EcoMesh Pants

I just bought another pair of Railrider’s Eco Mesh Pants. This will be my tenth pair and the 9th year in a row that I plan on wearing them for hiking and backpacking trips. Going through one pair of hiking pants per …

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