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Return to Big Attitash Mountain

The Big Attitash Canister was full of water when I found it

I am hiking all 1400+ miles listed in the White Mountain Guide, (kind of like Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail), although I’m not in any rush to finish them. Quite the opposite, since I have no idea what I’ll hike when I …

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Backwoods Ethics: A Guide to Low-Impact Camping and Hiking

Backwoods Ethics by Laura and Guy Waterman

Backwoods Ethics is one of my favorite hiking and outdoor conservation books. Written by two legendary New England hikers, Laura and the late Guy Waterman, it was first published in 1979 and is still considered a cornerstone of the outdoor conservation and Leave No …

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Forest and Crag by Laura and Guy Waterman

Forest and Crag by Guy and Laura Waterman is considered to be the definitive history of hiking trail development in New England. It chronicles the development of the trail systems we have today in the White Mountains, The Adirondacks, Catskills and Vermont …

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In Search of Trout Water on Flat Pond Brook

Tenkara Fly Fishing along the lower Sawyer River, White Mountains

If you were a trout, you’d know that the current or water speed of a stream or river is not uniform as it flows downstream. Bends in the river, rocks, drops, and depressions in the stream bottom create micro-currents which can be …

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