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Hiking in Scotland: The TGO Challenge

Philip's 2010 TGO Challenge Coast-to-Coast Route

Warning: Another big adventure in the works. I’ve decided to apply to the 2010 TGO Challenge, an annual, non-competitive, coast to coast hike across Scotland, sponsored by a UK magazine called The Great Outdoors (TGO). The walk is between 180-200 miles, depending on the route taken, and must be completed in 15 …

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Ultralight Mini Grater

Mini Grater

Here’s a must have for the backpacking gourmet: an ultralight mini grater (available on ebay) for grating and adding fresh cheese, ginger, cinnamon, or chocolate shavings to your freezer bag meals and drinks. Weighing only 0.6 oz, this 4 sided box grater can grate, zest, or slice. Now you can …

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Hiking in Aruba

Hooiberg Mountain - Aruba

Hooiberg Mountain, located near the center of Aruba is the 3rd highest peak on the island at 168m and featured on the Aruban flag. When you land at the airport in Aruba, Hooiberg looks very close, but it is about a 20 minute drive inland. Aruba is a pretty flat …

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Cat Crap Glasses Anti-Fogger

Cat Crap Lens Cleaner and Anti-Fog Paste

I’ve tried a lot of different anti-fogging coatings over the years but the one I like best is called Cat Crap. It’s a blue waxy substance that you spread on your glasses, let dry, and then wipe off. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for 40 years. That’s not going to …

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Fear and the Outdoor Experience

  Fear Outdoors I was reading Colin Fletcher's The Man Who Walked through Time this evening and I came across a passage where he describes the unsettling feeling of being in a dark canyon when the sun goes down. Even though he couldn't see the walls around him in the …

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