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Sierra Designs Flashlight 1 UL Tent Review

New Gear Vestibule (open)

The new updated version of the Flashlight 1 UL is now available commercially and significant improvements have been made to the ventilation, which is now on par with that found in many single wall ultralight tents. In addition to shaving the weight of the tent, Sierra …

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Mount Parker and the Mt Stanton Trail

Mt Washington and the Rocky Branch watershed seen from the summit of Mt Parker

The Doberman started barking when I rounded the corner and I hoped his owner was nearby. When he charged my legs, I stuck my hiking pole in his face and he backed off. That’s the first time I’ve felt seriously threatened by an …

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Trail Tested – Justin Lichter’s Backpacking Gear Book

Trail Tested by Justin Lichter

Wow! Justin Lichter, uber long-distance hiker, has published a book called Trail Tested which is a must-add gear guide for your backpacking book collection. It’s super readable and an excellent reference for beginners backpackers who are trying to figure out what gear …

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