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LL Bean Primaloft Superlight Jacket Review

The chest only insulation in the LL Primaloft Superlight Jacket is perfect for highly aerobic activities like cross country skiing and snowshoeing

The LL Bean Primaloft Superlight Jacket is a lightweight hooded insulated jacket, perfect for winter hiking, cross-country skiing, and other highly aerobic winter sports. Insulated just over the front chest and sides, and not on the back or arms, it’s a kind of a …

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Hiking the Black Mountain Ledges

View from the Ledges on Black Mountain

Black Mountain is popular peak on the New Hampshire 52-With-a-View list on the west side of the White Mountain National Forest. Noted for its open ledges, it’s a great place to observe the glory of autumn or bask in the summer sunshine. There …

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Montane Volt Pull-on Shirt Review

The Montane Volt Pull-on is so warm I can hike in it alone without my shell jacket in quite cold weather

I carry a fleece pullover year round on day hikes and backpacking trips. Fleece is warm, it wicks extremely well, it doesn’t shrink in the wash, and needs no special care. A fleece pullover will keep you warm when it’s wet, it …

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What Do You Think About Waterproof Down Now?

DriDown Banner

It’s just been three years since waterproof down became available in sleeping bags and jackets, but in that short time it’s become a defacto standard across the outdoor industry. The big gear and clothing companies and most mid-sized manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon with the …

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