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Outdoor Research Cornice Gore-tex Mittens

If you go winter backpacking, snowshoeing, or mountaineering, you are going to want to bring at least one pair of mittens. Some people will even bring two pairs in case one gets wet. Personally, I bring a pair of mittens for warmth and a pair of gloves for added dexterity. …

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How to Use Crampons

Crampons for Leather Hiking Boots

If you’re not familiar with crampons, here are a few videos which will help you to understand how to attach them to your boots and the basic techniques required to use them on ice. If you think that using crampons for winter hiking or climbing might be  exciting to try, …

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The Honey Stove: Not Just a Wood Stove

Bringing a wood stove proved to be a good choice.

? Here’s a nifty new ultralight wood stove that I found on London Backpacker’s blog over the weekend that is manufactured and sold by, (which has no affiliation with I recommend that you visit their site. They have some cool gear that is not available in the US …

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Wilderness First Aid Certification

I just got back from an inspiring certification course on Wilderness First Aid taught by SOLO and sponsored by the Green Mountain Club in Vermont. SOLO is one of the leading wilderness medicine education groups in the US and has trained over 100,000 students since 1976. Hands On Rescue Simulations …

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Backcountry Survival and Rescue Skills 101

Learn how to survive and treat others by taking a wilderness medicine class

I hope you never have to deal with a life and death situation in the wilderness. But the odds are good that you will, sooner or later, if you spend significant time in the backcountry by yourself or with groups of backpackers, hikers, climbers, skiers or whitewater kayakers. I’ve dealt …

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