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Winter Hydration Systems and Water Bottles

While there will always be a heated debate about what the best water bottles or hydration system required for winter hiking is, I think we’d all agree that the minimum requirements for winter use are as follows: The water you bring on …

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What is an Ultralight Backpack? Blast 32 Backpack

Ultralight backpacks tend to be a lot lighter than more mainstream backpacks with internal or external frames and generally fall under 2 pounds in weight. There are exceptions to this and some UL packs are heavier than two pounds, but it’s a …

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear Factory Tour

Hyperlite Mountain Gear CEO, Mike St. Pierre

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is an ultralight backpacking gear manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine, a short drive from my favorite hiking and backpacking haunts in New Hampshire. I paid them a visit last month to check out their operation and to talk to Mike St. …

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The PowerPot Review

The Power Pot has a Thermocouple Built into its base that transforms heat into electricity

The PowerPot is an anodized aluminum cook pot that has a built-in thermocouple in its base that is capable of generating electricity from heat. The PowerPot blows the Biolite away in terms of power generation efficiency and speed. Not only that, it’s completely …

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