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Hiking to the Catskills Aqueduct in the Mohonk Preserve

Catskills Aqueduct

Over the past few summers, I’ve tried to find the Catskills Aqueduct where it flows through the Shawangunks (Gunks), near New Paltz. This aqueduct, which still supplies about 40% of New York City’s water supply, was completed in 1917 after 9 years of construction for $177 million dollars. It is …

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Backpacking for Beginners: Join a Club

Hiking on Vermonts Long Trail with the Appalachian Mountain Club

This post is for people who are interested in overnight backpacking as an adventure sport for themselves or their families but are still in the beginner stages trying to figure out what gear to buy or where to go one their first trip. If you’re at this stage, I have …

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Long Trail Trip Report: Jonesville to Johnston

I just got back from what many say is the hardest section of the Long Trail: up and over Bolton Mountain (3,690 ft.), Mount Mansfield (4,393 ft.), Spruce Peak (3,320 ft.), Madonna Peak (3,668 ft.), and Whiteface Mountain (3,714 ft.) My hike this weekend was epic, but I have mixed …

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A History of the Gunk’s Carriageways

I love hiking in the Shawangunks (also known as the Gunks) in eastern New York State, near the Mohonk Mountain House and Preserve. This entire area is a hiking and rock climbing paradise. One of the unique features of the Gunks are the stone and gravel carriageways that snake though …

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Ex Officio Amphi Convertible Pant

When I’m backpacking, I usually hike 9+ hours a day with a 25 lb pack, pretty much non-stop, and it’s not unusual for me to complete a half-marathon of mileage per day. So, when I’m shopping of new hiking pants, I looking for pants that are comfortable even when I’m …

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