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Hammocks: Continuous Ridgelines or Not?

In the Two Line Suspension, the line is connected to the tarp using a Dutchware Stingerz. The line is looped around the tree and then secured to the Stingerz antenna.

Many hammock hangers choose a continuous ridgeline for suspending their tarps between two trees. I used this technique after buying a Warbonnet Blackbird hammock and Superfly tarp from a friend who’d set up his tarp suspension system this way, but quickly discarded …

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Backpacking Gear Recommendations for Short Women

Which is the Right Pack for Me?

I’m helping a small (dare I say short) 5′ 2″, 110 pound female day-hiker named Lisa gear up for backpacking. Lisa knows she has to go lightweight in order to enjoy backpacking. There’s no way she can carry anything heavier than a 25 …

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Do You Use The Tent Stakes That Came With Your Tent?

Old School Tent Stakes

I usually replace the factory-supplied tent stakes that come with backpacking tents because they’re too heavy, too short, or they hurt my hands when I pull them out of the ground. My goto tent stakes are: MSR Mini-Groundhog Tent Stakes because the have …

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Solo Hiking and Backpacking

Chipmunk in a Tree

I do my share of solo hiking and backpacking. It’s not for everyone, but I enjoy the added self-reliance required. All of the decisions are mine alone to make. There are no social distractions, enabling a deeper connection to the forest and …

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