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Middle Sister and the Carter Ledge Trail

Self Portrait below Mt Chocorua

Middle Sister (3340′) is a sub-peak of Mt Chocorua, one of three sub-peaks known as the Three Sisters that are situated just below that famous summit. The remains of an old fire tower, in operation from 1927-1948, can be found on the summit …

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Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Trail Runners

The Altra 2.5 Lone Peak Trail Runner has a very large toe box that provides exceptional comfort.

If you’re on the fence about whether to switch to trail runners for hiking and backpacking, Altra’s Lone Peak 2.5 running shoes might make a believer out of you. Although they look like clown shoes with an oversized toe box, they are very comfortable …

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Winter Hydration Systems and Water Bottles

While there will always be a heated debate about what the best water bottles or hydration system required for winter hiking is, I think we’d all agree that the minimum requirements for winter use are as follows: The water you bring on …

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