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Tarptent: Squall 2 Single-Walled Tent

Well Ventilated Vestibule of a Tarptent Squall 2

The Squall 2 is a classic ultralight tarptent, suitable for one or two people, that only weighs 34 oz, including a bathtub floor, collapsible rear pole, and stuff stack. Note: The Squall 2 has been discontinued.  The Squall 2 requires just 4 stakes and can be set up with your …

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Long Trail Hiker Shuttles

Trail Shuttle Van

Finding reliable shuttles has probably been the biggest planning challenge I’ve had as a solo section hiker on the Long Trail. Public transportation in rural Vermont is virtually non-existent and so my strategy has been to find taxi services that are familiar with the Long Trail trail heads and are …

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Big Agnes Clearview Sleeping Pad

I just bought another sleeping pad: the Clearview Air Mattress from Big Agnes. The Clearview is a summer pad that provides 2.5 inches of padding when inflated but is not a good enough insulator for other seasons. I bought it because I’ve been sleeping on a lot of wooden floors …

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Setting Up a Tarp

Ultralight Bivy Sack under a floorless Silnylon Square Tarp

When hiking on a long trail, it is important to bring along a fall back shelter system in case a shelter or hut is already full or if you run out of gas between between shelters. I address this by bringing a tarp, which lets me shave some additional weight …

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