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Bay Circuit Trail Section 1: Plum Island to Rowley

The Northern Terminus of the Bay Circuit Trail, at The Atlantic Ocean

Plum Island Date: 1-21-15 Starting Location: Joppa Flats Wildlife Refuge Destination: Newbury Lower Green BCT Map: Section 1, A to D Distance: 6.6 miles; 14.2 miles RT back to car When I got to the beach and stood on the sand, I was filled with a …

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Packing the Unpackable: Backpack Loading Tips

This Backpack is Too Small for Winter Hiking

One of my readers, a guy named Tim, is having problems getting all of his backpacking gear into his backpack. This is something I’ve wrestled with too. I had a few breakthroughs this year though, based on some advice from a more …

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