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Backpacking with Earplugs

Backpacking with Ear Plugs

Whenever, I go backpacking I always bring along earplugs. If I’m sleeping near someone in a tent or a shelter, who snores, it helps cut down or eliminate the noise level. They also let me block out the sounds of the forest …

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Best Mid-Layer Insulation Apparel

Patagonia R1 - 100 Weight Fleece

What is the best mid-layer insulation apparel for hikers and backpackers? It depends, of course, on where you hike and the weather conditions you expect to encounter. But first lets define what a mid-layer is to avoid confusion. A mid-layer insulation top …

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Alcohol Stove Boil Time Videos: Theater of the Absurd?

Homemade Photon Alcohol Stove

What do alcohol stove boil time test videos done in peoples’ kitchens, basements, and backyards tell you about the real world performance of your alcohol stove? PRECIOUS LITTLE You can’t measure stove performance indoors unless you take into account all of the …

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