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Greeley Ponds Snowshoe Adventure

Upper Greeley Pond (frozen) in Mad River Notch

While I haven’t completely given up on hiking 4,000 footers since finishing the White Mountain 4000 footers (in winter) last year, the main reason I hike the higher peaks is social, to hang out with my friends who are working on their …

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Sierra Designs Elite DriDown Baffled Parka Review

A smiling Section Hiker melting snow in camp wearing the Sierra Designs DriDown Baffled Parka

The Sierra Designs Elite DriDown Baffled Parka is the quintessential puffy down jacket that’s equally appropriate for winter camping in subzero temperatures or standing on a windy subway platform. This is a seriously warm down jacket made to keep you toasty in the coldest conditions imaginable, above …

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Winter Fire Building Practice – Twice Makes Right

A winter fire made from batoned wood

I headed back into the winter woods to practice building a winter fire, a survival skill that I want to master in case I ever need an emergency fire. (see Winter Survival Fire Lighting Skills – Why Don’t We Teach Them? and  Winter …

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