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Blister Prevention and Treatment for Hikers


No one is immune to blisters. However, blisters are preventable if you understand the conditions that cause them and they will heal faster if you know how to treat them properly. In the following article I begin by explaining what blisters are and why they occur. I then discuss techniques …

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Best Convertible Hiking Pants

I’ve tried hiking pants from a number of different manufacturers like REI and RailRiders, but the ones I like best are EMS’ cargo zip off hiking pants. The price for these pants is $55, but EMS often has them on sale.  At 16 oz they are not the lightest hiking …

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Backpacking Gear Repair Kit

My murphy bag contains a lightweight first aid kit (4.6 oz.) and a emergency gear repair kit listed below (4.0 oz). I store both kits in a small stuff sack which I tuck into the bottom of my pack under my sleeping bag to keep it out of the way. …

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Integral Designs Hot Socks

I am a cold sleeper and except in very hot and humid weather, my feet are often cold in my sleeping bag. If my second pair of wool hiking socks are dry I’ll wear them in my bag, but when it’s colder I like to augment my socks with Hot …

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Seam Sealing a Tent or Tarp

Seam Seal Products

Seam Sealing is the process of treating the stitch holes and seams in gear made from waterproof fabric to prevent them from leaking when it rains or snows to achieve maximum waterproofness. Tents and tarps of all types and ages often require some degree of seam sealing to prevent moisture from …

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