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Long Trail Gear List: Section One

The Old Montclair Shelter, Camels Hump, The Long Trail

Here’s the gear list that I’m planning to take on my first Long Trail Section hike over the Memorial Day weekend. It comes out to a base weight of 12.5 lbs which is a respectable lightweight load. With water, food, and fuel, I expect my total pack will weigh in …

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Photon Freedom Micro-light Review

The Photon Freedom Microlight is an ultralight LED light weighs a mere 6 grams (0.2 oz) and can easily replace that clunker of a head lamp you are wearing today. It comes with a detachable hat clip that you can wear on a baseball style cap or clip to a …

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Section Hiking The Long Trail

Map of Vermont's Long Trail

The Long Trail is a 272 mile trail that runs from the Massachusetts-Vermont state border through Vermont to the Canadian Border. It was established before the Appalachian Trail and is said to have been the model upon which the AT was based. The first 100 miles of the Long Trail coincide with the Appalachian Trail, but the LT keeps going north at White River Junction as the AT breaks east and heads into New Hampshire.

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Trip Report: Mass AT, Lee to Dalton

Appalachian Trail near October Mt. Shelter

This weekend I took another section hike on the Appalachian Trail from Lee, MA to Dalton, MA, a distance of 20 miles. Unlike my last trip, this section was infinitely easier. The snow had all melted and the daytime temperatures were a lot higher. I was also joined by several …

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Fixing a Leaky Hydration Reservoir

Wrap plumbers tape around hydration reservoir threads to get a tight connection

When I started using the Platypus hydration system (collapsible bladder and hose), I periodically had leaks where water would seep out of the system and get the contents of my pack wet. The source of these leaks was the connection between the hose adapter and the threads of the bladder …

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