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Out of Date Maps in Digital Mapping Software

The Bonds from The Map Adventures Waterproof Map

The first thing I do when I evaluate digital mapping software is to look at the accuracy of the maps provided or available with the software. You can have the best user interface or software features in the world, but if the …

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AMC HutMan Diet Plan

This is a spoof….. The Appalachian Mountain Club has just announced a breakthrough diet and exercise plan guaranteed to help you shed weight and get ripped. Called the Hutman Diet, it melds the latest in nutritional science and sport medicine with mountain …

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Hiking the Jesus Trail by David Landis

Arbel Cliffs

I left Nazareth for Capernaum on the first exploratory trip with a loaded backpack and sense of the uncharted, heading north from the Old City spring over the hill that follows goat paths to the ruins of an ancient Roman city. Little …

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